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RUSH: Last weekend, an earthquake hit California, but it wasn’t physical. It was political.

The California Democrat Party told their senior Senator, Dianne Feinstein, to pack it in. They endorsed a younger progressive, Los Angeles State Senator Kevin León. That’s his real name. He calls himself Kevin de León.

Anyway, Kevin de León outflanked DiFi by running kook-left. He wants to abolish ICE. He wants to impeach Trump. He wants to support single-payer healthcare. He wrote the sanctuary state legislation that Governor Moonbeam Brown has signed. He’s as far left as you can get, and it looks like California’s Democrat Party is going over the liberal cliff with him.

The Party endorsement means that de León can get money from the DNC and be featured in party mailers. Meanwhile, pistol-packing 85-year-old Di-Fi‘s message is: “seniority matters.” And she’s got plenty of that, as the oldest member of the Senate.

Now, despite the endorsement, Kevin de León is still the underdog, according to conventional wisdom. But kook lefties are all about “out with the old, in with the new.” So conventional wisdom may go out the window too and over the cliff. Either way this is bad news. It doesn’t matter who wins, it’s bad news.

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