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RUSH: I don’t want you to repeat this to too many people ’cause I don’t want the deep state to learn from this. So, you know, talk to your friends about this, but don’t call other shows and start saying you thought of this. Just keep it to yourselves, okay?

These people from the media, to the Republican and Democrat parties, to the Never Trumpers — the whole Washington complex — they have no earthly idea how many people they are pushing toward the Donald Trump campaign. I’m talking voters. They have no idea. They haven’t the foggiest idea what they’re doing.

They haven’t the foggiest idea how they are taking people that don’t pay much attention to this stuff every day and acting like hysterical little children, saying the most amazing things, that this is akin to Kristallnacht, that this is akin to Hitler wiping out the Jews in World War II? There’s a former female Watergate prosecutor on MSNBC claiming that this is as bad as Kristallnacht was. It’s so over the top that it kind of ticks me off I even have to deal with it and address it, because it discredits itself.

But voters do not see in this Putin meeting what they are seeing reported by the media. They don’t see a president trying to undermine his own country. They don’t see a president trying to harm his own country. They don’t see a president, Donald Trump, trying to make Russia the biggest country in the world. They see a president who’s telling other allies not to do deals with Russia, not to strengthen Russia, like Trump did with Merkel in Germany and Theresa May with Brexit!

The average American voter does not have the innate suspicions and hatred for Trump that the media left does and they see this irrational hatred. Here’s the key to this, folks. The deep state — which, by the way, has now been acknowledged to exist. Former CIA analyst Philip Mudd on CNN, acknowledged a shadow government, its existence. He said it needs to rise, surface, and drive Donald Trump out of office. That sound bite’s coming up.

The deep state has never been in touch with the people because that’s the point of the deep state. The very reason for the deep state is to be above the general population, to be immune from what the general population thinks, from what the general population wants, because the general population is a bunch of collective ignoramuses. They simply don’t know enough. We don’t have to listen to them. That’s what the deep state is.

The point of the deep state is to be above and beyond and unreachable by average Americans, being arrogantly dismissive of the general population. Governing against the will of the people is a perk and a requirement of deep state membership. Because of that, they have no idea who really makes this country work.

They have no idea about the thought processes and the lives and how they’re lived of your average American citizen. Because they don’t care. They’re above it. They don’t have to care what you think or I think. What you think or what I think doesn’t have a smidgen to do with what they’re gonna do or what they’re gonna try to make happen. It all happens without you noticing, you’re not qualified to care, qualified to judge, qualified to have an opinion.

Just go do your job and pay your taxes, and when it comes to time to vote, vote the right way. But outside of that, you don’t matter. That’s the deep state attitude toward us. They have no idea the vast numbers of people they’re driving into the arms of Donald Trump.


RUSH: St. Louis, Greg. Great to have you. Glad you called. What’s shaking? What’s happening?

CALLER: Thank you very much for taking my call. Mega Maha Rushie ditto! I am so proud of you. Your perception is dead-on correct. This was a gotcha moment. I smelled this from the beginning. The media would have had a heyday with this statement if he would have admitted Russia collusion.

RUSH: Yeah, of course. No, meddling! All he would have to do was acknowledge Russian meddling, and that would have become “Trump admits collusion! Trump admits Russians may have affected outcome of his election.” There’s no question that’s what’s gonna happen.


RUSH: That’s what they wanted to happen. That’s why Trump is not gonna go there. Look, he’s not gonna have this taken away from him! This is the single greatest achievement of his life in many ways. He did it on his own. He didn’t do it with a lot of help, by the way. He it with an entire professional political class arrayed against him, and he still won. He’s not gonna have this taken away.

CALLER: I’m so happy you brought this out.

RUSH: He’s not gonna give them a quarter of an inch.

CALLER: I am so happy you brought this out. I wear an American flag shirt every day to work. I am so proud of President Trump for finding this out, smelling it out, and stopping it cold.

RUSH: Did you vote for Trump in 2016?

CALLER: Yes, I did, sir.

RUSH: Are you gonna vote for Trump in 2020?

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: Yeah? They’re not creating any doubt with you? You’re not afraid that Trump is actually a sleeper agent that the Russians may have some financial hold on Trump?

CALLER: The only problem we have is the media. They are making everything terrible.

RUSH: That’s Greg in St. Louis.


RUSH: Back to the phones we go. I do want to hear from a lot of you today to find out what’s on your mind with all this, because I have a theory also that while these people are totally unaware of it, that they are driving more people to Donald Trump each and every day. There’s no way that you can recommend this kind of behavior unless you’re one of these people and you’re into one-upsmanship and you’re looking for the most outrageous, extreme expression of your own personal hatred, and that’s what this is.

But in terms of rational, pervasive, communication, that’s not what this. I don’t think they have the ability — and this is key, by the way. Being a successful public figure, you have to be able to empathize with the audience. You have to be able to see or hear yourself the way they do, if you’re ever to establish a bond with them, and I don’t think these people care a whit. You can’t tell me that CNN gives a rotten rear end about their audience in terms of anything. That’s not who they’re doing the news for. They’re doing the news for other news people in Washington. More on that as time goes on.

Jerry in Flagler Beach, Florida. You’re next. I’m glad you waited, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Hey, I’ll tell you, yesterday I thought Trump’s greatest moment was when he pointed out the missing servers. It was just like a light went on with me that he was absolutely playing ’em like a fiddle. He redirected the whole argument and the blame away from him and back towards the FBI’s inability to go after that, seize it for far more reasons than they did to his own attorney’s office and seizing all kinds of stuff. It’s the smoking gun. I mean, it’s literally… It’s where we’ll have the forensic evidence to be able to prove exactly who was hacking who. I think the majority of it comes from Democrats, and that’s why the singing of the phony narrative about him being —

RUSH: Well, as I understand it, that server is long gone. Actually, the network… Like 32 servers, a hundred-some-odd computers and four separate servers over here somewhere, they’re all gone, they’re all torn down and thrown apart. The Pakistani brothers had a lot to do with that. So whatever evidence is on them probably isn’t gonna be found. But Trump, they think that they’re smarter than the guy and that they’re running rings around him intelligence-wise. And bringing the server into this and the DNC and focusing on, “Well, that’s where the hacking took place. If you guys are so concerned about that, not with me. What’s on that server?”

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