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RUSH: This is Sarah, Upper East Side, New York. Great to have you. You’re in Manhattan and we don’t get many from the Upper East Side. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Yes. And not only that, but an Ivy League liberal whose eyes and ears were opened forever by listening to you. So many thanks. And the reason I’m calling is that today, President Trump was right to say “no” when asked about meddling. And he must keep saying no, because it is simply not true. What has happened since 2008, and has been reported, is that Russians and others have been meddling in campaigns.

But the sinister change in language that the media has done for the 2016 campaign is to switch it and say that the Russians hacked and meddled with the election. And they say it that way instead of saying the campaign, in order to say that his election was illegitimate.

Now, if I may just make one quick point, Obama made the point in 2016 of saying that yes, they are hacking, but they cannot hack the election. They can meddle in the campaign, but they can’t interfere with the election. And all President Trump has to do is continue to make the same distinction that Obama made. Yes, Russians, either the Russian government or Russian citizens can interfere with campaigns. They can hack servers. But they did not interfere with the election. They did not meddle, and they will not meddle in this one either.

RUSH: This is brilliant.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: You are decidedly, profoundly brilliant. And, you know, you’re —

CALLER: Because I’ve listened to you.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. But you have reminded me of a point that we should not forget, and I thank you for that, and it is this: You’re right about everything you said, and Obama has admitted they cannot affect the outcome of an election. Rod Rosenstein announcing the indictments, not one vote was changed by what these Russians did, not one election outcome was changed. But who’s doing greater damage to our elections, the Russians or the Democrat Party and the media?

CALLER: Media, Democrat Party.

RUSH: Exactly. They are calling into question every election outcome they lose by claiming the Russians are doing it and Trump is helping them.

CALLER: Precisely.

RUSH: It’s destructive, and people need to be reminded that the greatest damage being done to the integrity of our electoral process is being done by the Democrat Party and their allies in the United States media. They’re the ones questioning the results when everybody knows, as you just pointed out, it’s impossible for anybody to change the legitimate result of a U.S. presidential election. Yeah, they may be able to muck up a couple campaigns, but they can’t change enough votes, or any, to affect the outcome.

And yet look what the media will not let go of. Trump’s election’s illegitimate. George W. Bush’s was illegitimate because the Supreme Court stopping the count. That was then. This is now. Now it’s the Russians. This is why they will not let go of this narrative because they need the standby to explain when they lose.

CALLER: Well, they will only see that they stop meddling when Democrats win.

RUSH: Well, that’s my point. When Democrats win —

CALLER: Yeah, exactly.

RUSH: — there isn’t any meddling and there’s nothing that went wrong and there’s nothing to be suspicious of when the Democrats win. That’s exactly right. This is why I have gone way out on a ledge and predicted that maybe in our lifetimes some Looney Toon like this Ocasio-Cortez woman, somebody like this is gonna suggest that we get rid of elections, because they’re the last thing in the equation the Democrats have no control over, in their mind.

And why should they, those who are entitled to all power at all times, why should they have their birthright to power subjected to the votes of a bunch of ignoramuses that live in the country? How smart is that? Why should they work this hard, arrange as much as they can to secure their power, and then have it all tossed up for these dummkopfs, the American people, to decide? It won’t be long before they figure this out.

But Sarah — she’s so, so, so right. The Russians, Vladimir Putin, I’ll tell you this right now. When Vladimir Putin goes back to the Kremlin and opens his 14th bottle of vodka of the day and starts consuming it with some of his generals and people, you know what they do? They start slapping each other on the back, and they tell each other, “No matter what we plan, no matter what we did, we can’t compare to what the Democrat Party is doing in destroying the integrity of American democracy.”

If you look at elections as the foundation or part of the foundation of American democracy, who is it that’s calling that and the legitimacy of that into question? It’s not the Russians; it’s not Putin; it’s the Democrat Party and the American media! The damage they are doing — you want to talk treason? You want to talk traitorous? Let me give you another example. Sarah, thank you ever so much for calling.

This is how propaganda starts like wildfire. Searches for the word “treason” on the internet have increased by 2,900 percent since Trump was accused of it. By Tuesday afternoon, the word “traitor” had been used on Twitter 800,000 times. The word “treason,” 1.2 million times. All this documented by dictionary.com, which put out the stats. Accuse Trump of it, this is what gets searched, this is what gets used, what gets commented on. It’s the American left doing the damage to the integrity of our electoral process.


RUSH: Another thing Sarah said that I think is right on the money, she says that President Trump should continue to say “no” when the media asks if the Russians are still meddling in our elections. The answer is “no.” If they say “campaigns,” maybe.

We know the Russians meddled in Barack Obama’s campaigns, the campaigns of 2008. But since Obama won, it wasn’t any big deal. Nobody made a big story about it. But they certainly didn’t make a big deal when Obama told his own cyber people to stand down and let the Russians do whatever they were doing. Why didn’t that make anybody mad? Well, the answer is because Obama’s infallible.

Obama’s so much smarter than all the rest of us that he must have had a reason we’re just not smart enough to comprehend. But no anger. John Brennan. I’m just gonna go through some of these news stories really quickly just to give you a flavor for what’s out there. MSNBC. Brennan… He’s a former Communist Party voter, by the way. Did you know that? John Brennan, Obama’s CIA director was a Communist Party voter. John Brennan, who voted for the Communist Party earlier in his life, was Obama CIA director.

“What Mr. Trump did yesterday was to betray the women and men of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and others and to betray the American public. And that’s why I use the term that this was nothing short of treasonous. Because it is a betrayal of the nation. … He’s giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and it needs to stop.” Mr. Brennan, who’s actually giving aid and comfort to the enemy? You, the Democrat Party, the American media, challenging the integrity of American elections.

Telling us the intelligence community never lies, never gets anything wrong, that whatever they say goes. Whatever they say is the last word and the final word. Who is giving more aid and comfort to the enemy than John Brennan? The intelligence community is unanimous in their agreement that what Russia really wants is to undermine the faith in our elections. And guess what? They’re getting it!

Not because of what they’re doing but because of what people like Brennan and the Democrats and the media are doing. Who has done more to undermine the faith in our electoral process than John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, and all these other people trying to tell you that Trump did not win this election legitimately, that he cheated and colluded with the Russians? “Former CIA Director John Brennan Warns Intelligence Community May Start Withholding info From Trump —

“Former CIA Director John Brennan continued Tuesday to criticize President Trump’s performance at the Helsinki summit, saying Mr. Trump could have potentially risked intelligence capabilities during his private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin,” even though he has no idea what went on there. “He’s now suggesting that the current crop of intelligence officials might withhold information from President Trump on the basis that he can’t be trusted with it.”

Really? Does the intelligence community run the United States? You know, folks, when you get down to it, this is what apparently a lot of people want you to believe. Like Chuck Schumer said (paraphrased), “You better not cross them. You cross the intelligence people; they can make your life hell!” How many of you were taught when you started learning about government and civics that the president of the United States reports to the director of the CIA?

How many of you were taught that the director of the CIA, the Director of National Intelligence, and the NSA are in charge of running the country? Because this is what Brennan is saying. Let’s see. “Despite Clarification, Trump’s Russia Remarks Put Intel Chiefs in Tough Spot.” Aw ho-ho! (sobbing) No! Really? From TheHill.com by Olivia Beavers: “U.S. intelligence chiefs found themselves in a precarious position twice this week — first when President Trump sided with Russia over the intel community’s conclusion about election meddling…”

There wasn’t any election meddling. The Mueller indictments make it clear that it had no effect whatsoever. But, anyway, you see, Trump didn’t side with Russia. Trump has not been siding with Russia. He’s been siding with NATO. He’s been siding with the U.K. and with Germany. Trump didn’t cast doubt over their findings in his remarks. But now we’re supposed to be worried. We are supposed to be petrified that the intelligence chiefs are in a precarious position.

So now all of a sudden the Drive-Bys are trying to make the CIA — which they have loathed, which they have hated and tried to destroy for decades. Now the CIA and the intelligence community is sacrosanct? This story goes on with typical BS, and it just is becoming crystal clear that the real damage being done to public opinion on the integrity of American elections is being perpetrated not by Donald Trump and not even Vladimir Putin, but rather the American media.

John Brennan, James Clapper, and whoever else is trying to still carry the water on this idea that this election was illegitimate and that the next one is gonna be. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. The next one’s gonna be, right? ‘Cause we got a blue wave coming! Democrats are gonna win the House and are gonna impeach Trump. But what if they don’t? “Russian meddling! Trump didn’t stop them. Trump knew.” We’re gonna get new collusion stories all over again! ‘Cause the polling data’s gonna show the Democrats are gonna sweep the House.

Except when they don’t, something must have happened, and it can’t be the polls are wrong so it has to be the Russians once again meddling. Here is that CNN piece. David Love is the writer. He is a writer and commentator, lives in Philadelphia, contributes to a number of publications, including Al Jazeera. The headline to his story: “Russian Bots Are Using #Walkaway to Try to Wound the Democrats in the Midterms.”

So you see, this piece sets up the idea that if the Democrats lose in the midterms, ’cause everybody knows they’re gonna win because everybody hates Trump, and everybody’s embarrassed of Trump, and everybody voted for Trump wishes they hadn’t. And this election they’re gonna get a chance to correct their mistake, and he need’s gonna vote for Democrats starting with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and whoever else, and we’re gonna have a giant utopia party. Except when it doesn’t happen.

Ah, the Russians did it again!

“The recent announcement that 12 Russian nationals have been indicted by Robert Mueller for hacking the Democratic National Committee during the 2016 election is another reminder of how vulnerable our democracy is to such breaches.” Wait a minute, Mr. Love. Maybe you should get the Democrats to turn over their server to we could find out exactly what happened. What was on your server that they got?

What were you Democrats trafficking in that the Russians might have got? Hmm? They wouldn’t let the FBI see it. We know what was going on. You Democrats were rigging your primary — well, Hillary was — against Crazy Bernie. Now, he writes, Now, in this 2018-midterm election season, as some predict a blue wave of resistance to Trump … Republicans want to split up the Democratic political opposition and divide black and Latino voters.” You don’t say!

This is news, that the Republicans would love to bust up the Democrat coalition? Do you realize what a crime that is? Do you realize what traitorous activity that is? The Republicans actually want to siphon off some African-American voters away from the Democrats? That’s treason! That is traitorous behavior, and we can impeach somebody for it. This is actually written as though this is an outrage. Who do the Republicans think they are, taking our African-American and Hispanic voters?

And then he says, “And Russia looks like it wants to help here, too. But this time it won’t work.” So you see, ladies and gentlemen, CNN: Republicans want to split up the Democrat political opposition. They want to divide black and Latino voters. And guess who’s helping the Republicans? Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da, the Russians.

“The most recent example of this strategy,” writes David A. Love, “is the #WalkAway hashtag, which is presented as a grassroots effort by former Democrats who are critical of the party’s alleged intimidation, confrontation and lack of civility.”

So this guy, that couldn’t be real, there couldn’t be any Democrats upset at the way the Democrats are standing in the way of free speech. There couldn’t be any Democrats upset at the way some Democrats are intimidating other people. There couldn’t be any Democrats who don’t like the party’s new confrontation and lack of civility. This has to be made up. There wouldn’t be any Democrats that would create an effort to walk away from the Democrat Party. So this has to be the Russians. ‘Cause no Democrat would do this, writes Mr. Love.

“However,” he writes, “#walkaway has also now been connected to Kremlin-linked Russian bots, and it is now the seventh most popular Russia-influenced hashtag as of this writing, according to the website Hamilton 68, which tracks Russian influence on Twitter as part of the Alliance for Securing Democracy, an initiative of the nonpartisan German Marshall Fund. The purpose of this now-astroturf campaign is to manipulate public opinion by creating the illusion that this is a popular movement.”

You see, this isn’t supposed to happen. The Democrats get to do this. The Democrats get to run bots. The Democrats get to run programs designed to take advertisers away from conservatives. The Democrats get to run bots to make it look like nobody likes conservatives, but, damn it, the Republicans and the conservatives, they better not try it themselves, we’re not gonna put up with it. That is traitorous. That is treasonous. And we’re gonna get an investigation.

So now they’re convinced that the Russians are running a bot program to make it look like this walk away from the Democrat Party movement is big and popular. Mr. Love writes, “In reality, #WalkAway has become pure propaganda, a psychological operation. Some of the tweets using the hashtag condemn illegal immigration.” Because you know there’s not a single Democrat out there opposed to illegal immigration. Every Democrat in America wants to violate the law. Every Democrat is lawless. And to contend otherwise is treason!

“The walkaway hashtag claims ‘Blacks were sold a false bill of goods,’ and proclaim ‘the African-American community is leaving the Democrat plantation in droves.'” Well, that can’t be. Democrats would never lose black voters. It’s never gonna happen. The Russians have to be behind that with the help of the Republicans.

And then he writes, “Candace Owens, an African-American conservative and communications director of Turning Point USA — a pro-Trump student political group with a ‘Professor Watchlist” database that tracks professors who ‘discriminate against conservative students’ — has promoted the #WalkAway hashtag. Owens, who has called police brutality a myth and said ‘unlimited illegal immigration has harmed the black community for decades,’ claims black voters are walking away from the Democratic Party.”

They may be, and she may be one of the reasons why. But it’s the Russians, a Russian bot program. So it looks like the Democrats are having their own tables turned against them and they don’t quite know how to deal with it. But the point of this is setting up the first of what will be many excuses if the Democrats do not produce this blue wave victory in November: Russian election meddling.

And that’s why they’re never gonna let go of it, and that’s why they’re never gonna let Donald Trump mollify them or anybody else. They can’t let go of it. You know what it really is? All of this is the Democrat Party and the media’s attempt to actually gain control over elections! When you get right down to it, that’s what this is an attempt at. By damaging the integrity, by damaging the reputation of the American electoral process, it’s an attempt to get control of it as best they can.


RUSH: This is Larry in Deer Park, New York. Larry, you’re up. Your turn. Make it count.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. Amplitude modulation dittos to you. I loved your dissertation on AM and FM and radio waves when you did that a while ago, so that’s why I said that.

RUSH: And I’m one of the few in America who understand what you mean by that.


RUSH: Highly trained broadcast specialist —

CALLER: You already touched on some of the subject matter of my call, but I want to submit to you that if there was any actual hacking by the Russians or anyone such as WikiLeaks on the DNC servers that they would have laid that out on the table for everyone to see and say this is why we lost the election, they hacked in, we had to reboot and do everything over again. Even if — and you mentioned this, there is all this criminal activity, election rigging going all the way back to 1960, even if that was on there, they would have said the Russians put that on there, they reprogrammed our computers. What do you think of that?

RUSH: You think — let me see if I understand what you just said here. You think that the Russians had indeed hacked the DNC server that they would have gone public with it?

CALLER: Yeah, they would have gone public with it, they would have put that out and said, “Look, the Russian hacked. It caused us to reboot our whole campaign, and that’s why we lost the election.”

RUSH: Why would they have done that? To acknowledge the reason why they lost?

CALLER: Exactly. Yeah.

RUSH: They got a better one than that. They’re saying the Russians cheated with Trump. They’ve sided with Trump colluding with Russia instead of the Russians hacking their server.

CALLER: Correct. But if the Russians were meddling in our elections, they would have got in on both sides if they thought — why wouldn’t the Russians meddle and go with the DNC computers in order to back off and jam them up.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Look. This misses a very, very important point, and that is that the Russians tried to get into the RNC network as well, and even Mueller leaves that out. Mueller didn’t even include that in his indictment. But the Russians were trying to get in everywhere, supposedly. The Russians were trying to hack anywhere they could. Look. Here’s the best explanation for Russian attempted influence, and that is the destabilization of the country.


RUSH: Here is Fred in Cleveland. Fred, it’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How you doing?

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: I have a slight disagreement, very slight. You say that the topics and events that will determine the November election are still to be seen. I think that the topics and events that are gonna determine the election are unfolding before us every minute of every day. The free advertising that the Republican Party is getting is unbelievable. Ten hours of the Strzok testimony? That was 10 hours of free advertising for the GOP.

RUSH: Yeah, but how many people saw it? Now, this business with the media melting down over Trump and Putin? I think you’ve gotta point. I think this has already started to backfired on the Democrats. They don’t know it yet.

CALLER: Yeah. I couldn’t agree more. Every tactic they try backfires, and they continue to keep trying and continue to keep backfiring. I find it —

RUSH: Have you heard the latest? They now want… The Democrats want the translator that was in the meeting between Trump and Putin to come before Congress to officially testify to what Trump told Putin in the private meeting. They want the stenographer, the translator to come up. They don’t want to find out what Putin said. They want to know what Trump gave away to Russia.

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