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Jul 18, 2018


“It’s not as bad as you think out there. There are still two or three different Americas, and the deep state part of America really doesn’t have any idea what’s happening in much of the rest of the country.”

“We’re dealing with sheer hatred for Donald Trump for a lot of reasons and on a lot of levels. It’s not just enough to say that Trump is hated because he’s an outsider. That’s clearly an element, but there’s much more to it than that. It’s deep, and it’s visceral.”

“I could go to Google and I could produce a list five pages long of intel community failures since 2011. But we’re being told the intelligence community is above and beyond reproach and they never make mistakes and they are untouchable, you can’t talk about ’em. When did that start?”

“I enjoy coming here and poking holes in the conventional wisdom every day, folks. Or at least giving it a shot.

National Review: The President’s Do-Over – Andrew McCarthy
Snopes: If the President Is Impeached for Treason, Is Everyone Else Removed from Office as Well?
Breitbart: Donald Trump: ‘Haters’ Infected with ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’
Washington Free Beacon: Obama Cyber Chief Confirms ‘Stand Down’ Order Against Russian Cyberattacks
CNN: Russian Bots are Using #WalkAway to Try to Wound Dems in Midterms
The Hill: Trump is Winning the Trade War Because China has More to Lose – Liz Peek
The Federalist: Just Like Obama, Trump’s Russia Policy Speaks Louder Than His Words
Politico: Trump Supreme Court Nominee Faces Widest Partisan Divide in Recent History
YahooNews: Obama Cyber Chief Confirms ‘Stand Down’ Order Against Russian Cyberattacks in Summer 2016 – Michael Isikoff
RealClearPolitcs: Brennan: Press Conference Performance Meets Threshold Of “High Crimes And Misdemeanors”
Washington Times: Former CIA Director John Brennan Warns Intelligence Community May Start Withholding Info from Trump
The Hill: Trump’s Russia Remarks Put Intel Chiefs in Tough Spot – Morgan Chalfant and Olivia Beavers
Daily Caller: Democratic Lawmakers Already Getting Frustrated With New Socialist Darling
Washington Examiner: John Brennan, Famous for Lying and Spying on the Senate, Baselessly Accuses Trump of Treason
American Spectator: Everyone Is Smart Except Trump. That’s Why They All Are Billionaires and All Got Elected President
Business Insider: Chicago Could Soon Become the Biggest US City to Trial a Universal Basic Income
Daily Signal: Citizenship Is No Longer Required to Vote in San Francisco School Board Elections
American Greatness: Trump Will Win This Round With the Deep State – Conrad Black


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