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RUSH: Four liberal states, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Maryland, are suing the Trump administration. They’re demanding more tax cuts.

I kid you not.

In the old days, not that long ago, people could deduct their high state and local taxes on their federal tax forms and it was an unlimited deduction. But the new tax law from Trump caps the deduction at 10 thousand dollars. And many in these states pay way more than 10K in local and state taxes.

Now, these states are really mad that the Feds won’t subsidize their high taxes any more.

The lawsuit claims that Trump’s change will hurt property values and hurt job creation. Worse, it will hurt state budgets. Because these taxpayers are starting to pay attention to state spending — which, they can’t have that.

And they’re really, really mad because they say Republicans did all this on purpose to hurt Democrat-run, high-tax states.

Legally, it’s hard to see how they expect to win this one. The Feds make federal law, except for immigration. Well, they make it, but everybody breaks it. So until they cut their own taxes, these liberals are gonna be singing the Blue State Blues for a long time to come. I guess it’s what happens when the Russians meddle in the elections.

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