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RUSH: You know, in addition to all of the stuff going on that the Democrats are trying to do to paralyze Trump and his presidency and to disqualify it, to cast aspersions and clouds over it, and in the process really do great damage to the overall integrity, do you realize, as far as many Americans are concerned, every election going forward is now gonna be tainted, depending on who wins and loses it?

If the Democrats win, everything’s gonna be fine, you’ll never hear a word about tainted elections. In fact, the next time the Democrats win the House or win the Senate, pray tell the White House, you’re probably gonna hear one of two things. “Yeah, the Russians were still trying to help the Republicans, but we found out about it this time, and we were able to overcome it. And the Russians are gonna be trying in every election. But we Democrats have found a way to beat ’em back. Vote for us. We can control the Russians. We’re not in bed with ’em,” blah, blah.

The other possibility is that the Democrats win an election then that’s gonna be it; there won’t be any talk of the Russians meddling or colluding whatsoever. We won’t even hear a word about it. But when they lose, when they lose, it can’t be because they have been rejected by voters. No, there has to be some nefarious reason. There has to be tampering. There has to be meddling. There has to be collusion. And in the process, they have done a great job of making so many millions of Americans question the integrity of elections now.

And of course when you add up the number of brain-dead mind-numbed robots that are the Democrat base who will just repeat like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez running around talking about the Israelis occupying the Palestinians. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She just hears Israel, occupy, settlements. She has no idea. She has no clue. She responds to cliches and slogans and considers it to be knowledge. And she’s apparently one of the smart ones.

The rest of the Democrat base, believe me, combined IQ of less than that of a pencil eraser. And I’ll guaran-damn-tee you that every one of those people, every election they lose, now gonna believe that it was rigged even though it’s the Democrats that rig elections. Hillary Clinton versus Crazy Bernie. But even outside the Democrat base, people that are not particularly partisan or aligned partisan way with either party, they’ve heard enough of this that every election, particularly this one coming up, the 2018, no matter how they turn out, whether anybody publicly says anything or not, whether the Democrats or the media says anything, people are still gonna wonder, was the election legit?

They’re slowing turning Russian collusion in elections into the same kind of psychology behind climate change. You’ve got a bunch of people that have no idea what it is who are convinced it’s happening because they’ve heard it in their classrooms, they’ve seen it on Saturday morning cartoon shows, they hear late-night comedians talking about it, they hear their favorite actors and actresses talking about it, “Climate change, it’s just happening.” “Really? What is it?” “I don’t know, but it’s happening. Everything’s getting hotter out there. And it’s gonna get really hot, and we’re gonna die, maybe, in a hundred years ’cause New York’s gonna be underwater.”

They believe all this garbage. So look how easy it’s going to be — probably on the way — to making them think that every election that matters is somehow tainted. They actually got started with this in 2000, the Florida recount, Bush versus Gore. And I believe this all has a very long-term purpose, and that is to eventually get rid of elections.

Now, you can snicker and you can smirk and you can say, “Come on, Rush. You say things like that, it makes it really hard for us to support.” Well, maybe so. But I’m telling you, don’t laugh, and be very careful in criticizing me because I’m here to tell you that if they could, they would. Elections are the only thing standing in the bay to what they consider to be a birthright entitlement, and that’s power.

And you can’t deny, you cannot deny they are working overtime to make everybody think the presidential race in 2016 is invalid, that it’s illegitimate, that the Russians were involved and that somehow Trump really didn’t win. That’s what all of this has been about, in addition to paralyzing the Trump agenda, the Trump presidency, and standing in the way of Trump succeeding.

But they’re off to a rolling start on this. You may say, “Rush, come on. That’s the heartbeat of democracy, is elections. They’re never gonna be able to get –” Maybe not. What I’m telling you is they would if they could. What I’m telling you is they’re very frustrated every time they lose. It’s not for anything legit.

You notice, start paying attention, when they lose it’s because somebody cheated, some meddled, somebody whatever. But in addition to that, Trump is up against other obstacles. Let me read you a headline here from TheHill.com. “White House ‘Concerned’ That House Bill Doesn’t Cut EPA Funding Enough.”

Donald Trump wants the Republican Congress to cut a bunch of funding at the National Institute for Health, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Environmental Protection Agency, and they won’t do it!

“The White House is expressing concerns that a funding bill set for a vote Thursday in the House does not make deep enough cuts for agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The House is debating a package of two spending bills, one for Financial Services and the other for Interior and Environment.

“The bills, which advanced through committees along partisan lines, conform to a bipartisan budget cap deal that President Trump signed into law earlier this year. But Trump’s proposed budget called for slashing government programs by billions of dollars. The White House on Wednesday issued a Statement of Administration Policy expressing dismay that such cuts were not taken into account.”

What are the Republicans ostensibly known for? What is the party known for? Cutting taxes, cutting government, lowering the size of government, reducing government spending and so forth, and they won’t do it when they run the show. They will not do it.

“For example, while Trump wanted the EPA’s budget cut by $2.2 billion, the House bill only lopped $100 million off its budget. Likewise, the House bill funded the Interior Department at $2.4 billion more than Trump requested. The White House on Wednesday also expressed disappointment that the bills did not eliminate initiatives such as the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).”

Trump campaigned on all of these premises. Getting rid of NEA and the National Endowment for the Humanities and taking a huge knife to the EPA, and here are the Republicans in the House, and it might be better stated saying the lobbyists for the Republicans in the House are refusing to cut to Trump’s expressed wishes. So cutting government, taking money away from bureaucracies that write endless regulations without the power of having anybody elected, Trump has vowed to get rid of this, he’s vowed to stop this, he’s vowed to downsize a lot of this bureaucracy.

And you would think that when the Republicans win, that that’s what would happen. But it isn’t, is it. Because whoever is running the Republicans does not want government getting any smaller because those people don’t want government dealing with less money. The less money government is dealing with, the less of an opportunity there is for ancillary people to get their hands on some of it.

So if you’re gonna cut the EPA budget, if you’re gonna get rid of the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities, if you’re just gonna get rid of those, why, that’s a whole lot of money not in circulation anymore where people can’t dip their hands in and take a portion of it, however that is done. And that’s expressly why.

And yet Trump remains the problem. Trump remains the out-of-control, loaded gun, we can’t count on him, we can’t depend on him, yet Trump is doing everything he said he was gonna do. He’s keeping every promise. And that’s another reason they don’t like him. It’s giving politicians a bad name. It’s creating an impossible standard for other politicians to meet. You never keep your promises. People don’t expect you to. That’s the thinking in Washington. They expect you to break your promises.

A campaign is one thing, and people give you a wide berth. They know you have to exaggerate and say some things that aren’t true in a campaign, but they don’t hold you to it once you get elected. But Trump’s not playing by those rules. He promised to do this and he promised to do that, and he’s trying to do it, and members of his own party are thwarting the effort.

But in this case, to reduce the size of government, to reduce government spending? I mean, it’s natural the Democrats would stand in the way. But this is members of Trump’s own party.

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