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RUSH: Have you seen the Democrat Party’s new slogan? See, folks, the Democrat Party needs something to win the midterms. Wait. Why? I thought there was a blue wave coming. Rachel, you remember that, right, the blue wave, the Democrats six weeks ago, two months ago, it was over.

All the polling, the general electoral ballot way back last January, December, the Democrats had a 15-point lead. It was gonna be a big, big, big blue wave. Now the Democrats have to come up with a slogan. Why do they need a slogan? Well, because Trump has one: “Make America Great Again.” “Keep America Great.” The Democrats think that’s just so insulting. Patriotism is so cheap. Anybody can do that, anybody can say “Make America Great Again.”

So they need their own slogan. Why do they need a slogan? Why don’t their policies sweep them to victory? Why won’t a guaranteed universal income sweep them to victory? Why won’t abolishing ICE sweep them to victory? Why won’t registering illegal aliens to vote, why won’t that sweep them to victory? Why won’t opening the borders and let anybody into the country who wants in the country as our immigration policy, why won’t that sweep them to victory?

It seems to me that no matter what policy the Democrats make the mistake of announcing, it’s not enough to propel them to victory. I wonder why that is. So now they need a slogan. That’s it. They need a slogan, just like Trump has “Make America Great Again,” they need a slogan. This is like every cell phone manufacturer out there copying Apple. So now the Democrats are gonna copy Trump, but they’re gonna do it smarter, and they’re gonna do it better.

You know what their slogan is? “For the People.” “For the People.” You know what that sounds like? It sounds like the slogan for advertisements for a personal injury law firm. There’s a personal injury law firm where we live down here, and they advertise everywhere, benches at bus stops, they advertise on the light rail trains, they advertise on buses, they paint the entire bus, “For the Injured.”

And it’s people in hospitals with broken legs and on crunches and heads being all bandaged up and then the lawyers are decked out in their three-piece suits. “For the Injured.” And the telephone number is the same number, eight different digits because they figure their clientele’s too stupid to remember a real phone number, so they paid whatever it is to get a phone number of the same number, just however many times you need, what, eight times for a phone number.

For the Injured, For the People. You could see that on a billboard advertising a used car lot. “For the People.” Which, of course, the great irony there is Democrats do nothing For the People. Unemployment news comes out and it’s the greatest it’s been in 25 or 30 years, and Nancy Pelosi says it’s a trick and it’s actually gonna be harmful to the American people. They’re looking good economic news square in the eyes and they’re threatened by it.


RUSH. So “For the People,” which is a great slogan for a used car lot or a personal injury law firm, it’s actually — you may not know this my friends — it is the fourth slogan that the Democrats have cycled this year. The 2018 election cycle. The House Democrats originally went with a slogan called “A Better Deal.”

And then they tried a new motto by branding Trump as self-dealing. And then they went with “Draining the Swamp.” They actual co-opted that from Trump. “Draining the Swamp” meant get rid of him. Those three have fallen by the wayside, and the Democrats have now settled on “For the People.”

And this magic new motto, which is no doubt the result of tens of thousands of dollars of market research, focus groups, polling, they debuted this at a private meeting with members of the Democrat National Committee yesterday.

They actually had a big party or an event to unveil their fourth slogan of the 2018 campaign year, “For the People.” I want you to start paying attention as you drive around town, folks, all the places you see that. “For the People,” “For the Injured,” for the whatever, and take a look. Just notice where you see the slogan. And I think it won’t be long before the Democrats drop this.

Of course, the great contradiction here is, Democrats are not for the people. Just like the North Koreans and the ChiComs, you know, the People’s Republic of China. It’s not the People’s Republic of Anything but political prisoners. Same thing in North Korea, same thing in Cuba.


RUSH: “House Democrats Bet on the ‘For the People’ Slogan to Counter Trump’s Tweet Machine.”

That’s what they’re trying to do, is counter Trump’s tweet machine with a slogan, “For the People.” Which people would that be? Not me. I don’t care what they do, the Democrats are not for me. You know what’s For the People? Tax cuts are For the People, and the Democrats oppose them, unanimously.

The Democrats oppose tax cuts. That’s For the People. Unemployment rate, record low unemployment rate, especially for minorities, African-Americans, Hispanics, massive job growth, that is For the People. The Democrats oppose policies that trigger job growth For the People.

The Democrats rig their own primaries to guarantee Hillary Clinton would defeat Bernie Sanders. Is that For the People? Or was that for Hillary Clinton? Barack Obama’s intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice tried to rig the 2016 general election to favor Hillary Clinton. Is that For the People? Or was that for Hillary?

Slogans are words, and words are nothing if there isn’t any substance, if there isn’t any deeds behind them. Look what the Democrats say they’re gonna run on. “They say it sums up the party’s position on three core issues: health care costs, infrastructure projects and efforts to expose corruption.”

“For the People.” Health care costs? These are the people that gave us Obamacare. These are the people that have been promising to fix health care for as long as I’ve been alive. Infrastructure projects. I thought Obama fixed that. Remember the gigantic Porkulus program, nearly a trillion dollars in 2009? That was for roads, bridges, new schools, infrastructure. I guess nothing happened much, because we still have to fix it all. “For the People.” Efforts to expose corruption. “For the People.”

So the Democrats created Obamacare. They shut down free markets with regard to health care. Their last shovel-ready infrastructure bill was nothing more than a money-laundering scheme for the Democrats via the unions. Trump’s talking about a real infrastructure deal. And, by the way, “Make America Great Again” has real meaning, substantive meaning, and it also has progress. Trump is on the road to making America great again.

By the way, just the fact that somebody would oppose that, doesn’t that tell you everything about them you’d like to know? So Rachel, you’re out there and you’re getting some new typewriter ribbons for the office, and somebody comes up and they’re wearing their Make America Great hat, you say, “What’s that?”

“I want to make America great again,” and you oppose it, what would that say? You are against making America great again. That’s where the Democrats are. Well, not typewriter ribbons, of course. Maybe computer ink cartridges. But the point is wherever you go, and you run into people that say they want to make America great again and they are your enemy? Because making America great again means bad things for minorities and people of color and socialists and so forth?

So I’m up for this. Let’s have an election. “For the People” — by the way, “the people,” a nameless blob, “the people,” versus “Make America Great Again.” “For the People” is included and implied.

By the way, folks, the Drive-By Media is beside itself — well, they’re beside themselves every day. As far as the Republican Party is concerned, President Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin went flawlessly. Axios, a Millennial news outfit, and SurveyMonkey — this is the survey unit that’s associated with the Monkey Bar — they have released a joint poll showing 79% of conservatives approve of how Trump handled the press conference with Putin in Helsinki.

Sixty-two percent of independents said they disapprove of it, and 91% of Democrats disapprove. So why is the media unhappy? Because they’re desperate to separate Trump’s voters from Trump. And they are failing to do so.

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