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RUSH: Bill in Marietta, Georgia. Welcome, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Well, if I can just get right into my comment, to steal a line from another conservative talk show host, “I can’t tell the two parties apart anymore,” and all of this talk about the Steele dossier being fake and it’s just Never Trumpers? It just sounds like the same thing. It used to be for eight years, I was racist if I didn’t agree with the president, and now I’m a Never Trumper.

RUSH: To what, specifically, are you either referring or reacting to?

CALLER: Well, the Steele dossier, seems as if you’re saying it’s just all, like you say about everything, it’s fake, it’s not real, it’s just the left —

RUSH: It’s all made up. It is. It’s confirmed to be all made up. It’s confirmed to be uncorroborated and unverified, even by the FBI and James Comey.

CALLER: With all due respect, I’ve been reading articles all morning, and neither side disagrees that what’s in the dossier is real.

RUSH: No. (chuckles) Both sides do not agree that what’s in the dossier is real. Everybody knows that what’s in the dossier is not real. That is the whole point. Hillary Clinton knows what’s in it is not real. She commissioned it to be written. Bill, where are you getting this? Where are you…? What are you reading that’s telling you that the dossier is factual and I am incorrect in calling it fake?

CALLER: I’m reading sources from both Russian and American intelligence.

RUSH: Well, can you name them? I mean, just a couple.

CALLER: Sure. RT, Washington Post, Vanity Fair.

RUSH: Vanity Fair? Vanity Fair wouldn’t know fake unless it was Botox if it looked ’em in the face.

CALLER: Okay. Well (chuckles), that seems to be the answer on everything in regards to Trump is my overall point. The bigger picture is, I think we need to start doing what we expected liberals to do under Obama. We expected them to see how clearly the guy was so mistaken and everything he did was a failure. But they wouldn’t. They just continued to say we’re all racist if we don’t like him and we should just support it and it’s the law of the land, and you’re an obstructionist if you do anything about it. now the Republicans are saying the exact same things. Every time Donald Trump is stepping on his you-know-what —

RUSH: No. I don’t know what. Stepping on what?

CALLER: Everything he says. I mean, you want me to go down the line? (chuckles) I don’t think that would be helpful, but —

RUSH: No, I want you to stick with the dossier because you claim that you’re reading… Russia Today, by the way? (chuckles) I don’t know how to today tell you. The dossier? Even James Comey told Trump and everybody it was unverified, uncorroborated. There isn’t anything in that dossier that’s true! The most salacious element in it — the golden showers story, where Trump supposedly hired some prostitutes to urinate on Obama’s bed, ’cause Trump was tired of be called a racist for not agreeing with Obama?

It didn’t happen. That’s the only part of the dossier that Comey told Trump about. This is instructive. We have a guy here who has found a way, found someplace — and he’s accepted it — that I’m wrong in calling the dossier fake and why can’t we own up to. And I don’t think the guy’s a seminar caller. I think he’s definitely upset. I think he’s aggrieved at all of this back-and-forth and that there can’t be anything in common that we have anymore. I think Bill is terribly distressed by this. But, Bill, look.

The fact of the matter is, we get up every day and mind our own business, and we see what we believe in — we see people that we believe in and love and admire — attacked, attempted to be destroyed. We have to defend ’em. We have to defend people that we love who we know are being maligned. We have to defend the institutions in America that are under assault and under attack. This war that’s going on in America right now is serious, and there isn’t much common ground between the two sides.

That’s what makes it so serious. You can’t wish it away, but you do have to pick sides. It’s not enough to say, “Well, both sides are equally as bad. There’s not a bit difference in ’em,” and so you wring your hands. There clearly is a difference. There is a side here that is posing the single greatest threat to the founding of this country since we have been at world war in my lifetime — and they have stated that that’s their objective! I’m not making this up.

The left has made it very clear what their objective here is, and they’ve made it clear how they intend to pull it off, primarily with open borders and massive illegal immigration, as step No. 1. So as distressing as it is, you gotta choose a side. This is a time for choosing, not a time for wishing or hand-wringing — and it’s a time that you must admit what is, is. And you can start by acknowledging that that dossier is not intelligence.

It was written, made up for the express intent of driving Donald Trump’s supporters away from him by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrat National Committee. It’s time to admit that there was collusion with Russia on the part of Hillary and the people that worked to put together the dossier. It’s time to admit there was collusion and rigging elections. The Democrats rigged it against Crazy Bernie. All those people are not even being investigated. That’s a problem!

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