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RUSH: Over the weekend, Bernie Sanders joined the hysterical liberals still frothing at the mouth over President Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

Sanders unloaded on CBS News’s Disgrace the Nation alongside his protegee, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She’s the new socialist star.

Crazy Bernie said he was outraged by Trump’s behavior in Helsinki. He said Trump didn’t understand what Putin and Russia did to our elections. He accused the president of selling out the country. Crazy Bernie floated the conspiracy theory that Russia has something on Trump; that Putin must be holding some deep, dark, secret — compromising information — over Trump’s head.

Now, clearly, it’s Bernie Sanders who still doesn’t understand what happened in the election. The crooked, corrupt force that he oughta be complaining about is not Putin. It’s Hillary Clinton! She was in cahoots with the DNC to make sure Bernie Sanders couldn’t win the Democrat nomination — and he knows it.

Putin and the Russians didn’t do one thing that turned the election sideways. Hillary and the DNC did.

Why won’t Bernie talk about that? He’s the one who got shafted in this. Does she have something on him, maybe? Maybe he owns more than two $1 million homes?

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