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RUSH: Dudley, Massachusetts, this is Steven. Great to have you, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: Very good, Rush. Long time since The Loser.

RUSH: (laughing) Talking about Dukakis.

CALLER: Yes. Yes. I knew you’d know that. I told Bo that I think President Trump is gonna declassify the FISA and a lot of the other documents after all the primaries are done so that he can have all the Trump derangement candidates on the Democratic Party and then they won’t have nothing to do, after everything gets declassified.

RUSH: You mean in 2020?

CALLER: No, right now.

RUSH: Oh, you mean the midterms?

CALLER: Yeah, the midterms. It’s imperative that he holds onto the House.

RUSH: You mean after the Democrats have done their primaries, so they’ve got their congressional candidate —

CALLER: The congressional primaries. Most of them will be all done by September.

RUSH: Yeah. So after that, then Trump declassifies everything, take the issue away from ’em?


RUSH: Huh. Okay. Let me ask you this, since you’re thinking this. Are you familiar with the recent news we know that Trump’s so-called fixer lawyer, Michael Cohen, recorded meetings that he had with Trump?


RUSH: Something like 12 tapes. Are you aware that Trump, on the first tape and maybe all of them, has gone ahead and allowed their release? He has not invoked attorney-client privilege. He’s gone ahead said, “Yeah, release the tape.” He and Rudy. “We don’t care. Release the tape.” Do you have any thoughts on that?

CALLER: He’s got the biggest pair of brass you-know-what. He’s not afraid of anybody.

RUSH: (laughing) Biggest pair of brass — (laughing) I think Trump’s are liquid metal.

CALLER: He’s not afraid of anything. You know, he’s not gonna cower from the press. He’s not gonna cower from anybody.

RUSH: Yeah, but, look. I don’t mean to put you on the spot with this. I just thought you might be zeroed in on this since you’re already thinking about declassifying this DOJ document, the FISA stuff on when the investigation to Trump collusion actually began.

But this stuff with Cohen is really kind of fascinating because there is an attorney-client relationship there. And they’ve been looking all this evidence that they Hoovered up from his office under the guise of attorney-client. They have a special master looking at all the stuff they chose and then telling the judge what’s protected and what isn’t. And we find out that this Cohen guy recorded meetings with Trump, I think 12 of them. Lawyers don’t do that.

Now, some are saying, “Well, Rush, he wasn’t really a lawyer. He was a fixer.” Yeah, but he was a lawyer. So he did it. That’s not done. But these tapes have been in the possession of the special master. Special master determines what of this evidence gets thrown to the court, permissible as evidence at a trial. And that’s when Trump and his lawyers said, “Go ahead. Release the contents of that tape.” I think one of them. “Don’t care.”

So the thinking is there must not be anything incriminating on it. And if there’s nothing incriminating on it, and if the special master is gonna release this anyway, get out in front of it. Even if there is something incriminating on it, get out in front of it, and whatever you do, don’t appear to be hiding anything. Don’t invoke privilege.

I think it’s a fascinating precedent, and I’m trying to figure out what is behind this. There’s a reason they’re doing this. And a lot of legal beagles — trust me on this — can’t figure this out. There are many people who think that Trump and Rudy are making a tactical error here by giving up the privilege on these tapes, but they’re trying to figure out why. And so that’s why all the analysis is going back and forth.


RUSH: Let me go back to this attorney-client privilege business, because during the break I checked into something. I think Trump has waived all privilege on all the tapes, not just the first one. To me, there’s only one answer for this. It’s because the tapes… They must exonerate him. Now, I know people want to get deep in the woods analyzing all this, making wild speculative predictions and speculative answers just to fill pages on a blog post. But I don’t think it’s that complicated.

The reason he would waive privilege primarily is because he knows the tapes are gonna exonerate him. And if there’s something on the tape that doesn’t exonerate him, getting out in front of it so as to be on offense the whole time is also a preferred position. Now, there is a tape of Trump and Cohen and a Playboy bunny. This is not Stormy. Oh, have you heard that Stormy’s husband is divorcing her? Did you hear why? (interruption)

Stormy can’t… (interruption) No, no. Stormy’s husband can’t believe that she would cheat on him. He can’t believe that a woman who takes her clothes off in front of a bunch of pawing men at cheap little bars would ever cheat on him. I’m not making it up. That’s what the husband is quoted as saying. He’s devastated. He found out that Stormy’s been cheating — and this is not Trump. This is something else.

Anyway, the Playboy bunny story on one of these tapes is not Stormy. It’s less than two minutes long. It shows that Trump did not try to buy her off and did not offer to pay for her story. There’s no crime there, and there’s not even a crime alleged in this particular instance. The only possible crimes are blackmail by the Playboy model and Stormy. But it isn’t against the law to pay a blackmailer — or, if you want to give them the benefit of the doubt, a nuisance claim.

That’s still not against the law. Now, Stormy is getting divorced, and she is asking for of people to “respect her privacy out of respect for her family.” Isn’t irony ironic? Here is Stormy Daniels, who has been as public as she can be with that lawyer of hers, Avenatti, who now is asking for privacy for her and her family, and her husband’s devastated that she would cheat on him.

There’s one more thing, too, and that is that Giuliani is saying that Trump would agree to an interview with Mueller if there were no questions about obstruction. Now, prosecutors have at least 12 recordings by Cohen. Stormy Daniels is getting divorced. Trump is offering to be interviewed by Mueller but no questions on obstruction. Who seems to be in charge of this? Who seems to be in control of this? Is any of this working out the way the left dreamed it would be working out?

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