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RUSH: As I said earlier, happy to see my analysis and acknowledged brilliance finding its way, worming its way into Drive-By Media coverage in the U.K. I have a story here from the U.K. Guardian. Here’s the headline: “What Liberals (Still) Get Wrong About Trump’s Support,” and the subheadline is: “After each outrage, progressives believe supporters will drain away [from Trump]. On the contrary: he is giving them what they want.”

I could have written the story.

You’ve heard it.

You’ve heard me explain it, and you already know it.

You know why you’re hanging in with Trump. You know why your support for Trump increases with each faux attack and phony controversy, manufactured crisis. I’ve made the point, these people don’t. They’re not making a single effort to find out who you are or any other Trump supporter is, making no effort to understand; they just want to hold you in contempt and impugn you. This guy, Henry Olsen — “a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center” over there — has delved into it. I want to share some of this with you just to show you how the tentacles here are spreading.


RUSH: Now, I have been pointing this out for I don’t know how long and now finally it shows up in the U.K. Now, let me give you some pull quotes from the piece. Pull quote number 1. “To quote Ronald Reagan: ‘The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.’ They presume that because Trump is so unconventional in style, his coalition must be equally unconventional.

“But it’s not. The data clearly shows that Trump’s political coalition is pretty much the traditional Republican coalition. And the often virulent behavior of anti-Trump partisans has made partisan Republicans especially unwilling to abandon their leader even when he stumbles.”

Bingo! It is the traditional Republican coalition that has even been abandoned by the Republican Party in Washington. That’s what these people are all missing! They believe that Trump voters are a bunch of people that have never voted, or haven’t voted in a long time. They think they’re not very well educated. They’re mostly people that can’t speak English very well. They’re hicks. They have guns. Their women never leave the kitchen and their kids never leave the house. They’re constantly fed up because they’re losing money, they’re losing their jobs, they’re unable to modernize, and their last-gasp effort to stand up for themselves is to vote for this bigot. That’s who they think the Trump coalition is.

I mean, there are stories today in the U.S. media about how this coalition cannot hold together, that it’s very temporary, and it’s totally oriented based on Trump. And it can’t and it won’t survive Trump. They’ve got it totally backwards. Trump came after all of this. Trump is a beneficiary of all of this.

I’m not trying to be critical of Trump at all, don’t misunderstand. I’m just trying to tell you it’s the same thing with this program. This program didn’t create a bunch of people who had never thought this way before. You are always there. You just never had any place in the media that reflected what you think. Well, it’s the same thing with Trump. The Republican Party was not providing the Republican base with what it was promising during campaigns and what the Republican base is oriented toward, and Trump is.

And so the Democrats, the left, has got a totally skewed idea of who the Trump coalition is and how temporary it is. And the one thing that they think is that most Trump supporters are not very bright, and they think you’re super patriots. I mean, unreasonable super patriots.

They think you’re “my country right or wrong — and really wrong, my country.” They think you’ll back your country when it’s racist, when it’s sexist, when it’s homophobic, when it’s anti-people of color. That’s who they think you are. As such, because they think that you’re stupid, they think that you’ll be able to be separated from Trump. They don’t have the slightest idea what it is. They don’t have the slightest idea how what they say and what they do solidifies Trump’s support. Now, this guy in the U.K. starts to figure it out.

Next pull quote: “Nor are Trump’s voters united by racism and sexism, as many on the left presume. Analysis by the … Cato Institute’s Emily Ekins found that Trump’s general election support broke into five groups. Only one, the American Preservationists, contained a large number of voters who could be said to be generally hostile to racial and ethnic minorities per se. They were outnumbered by another group, the Free Marketeers, whose attitudes towards racial and ethnic minorities were as or more tolerant than the attitudes of Hillary Clinton supporters.”

A big key.

Trump supporters are far more tolerant than leftist Democrats are. The genuine intolerance in our culture, in fact, resides on the left, in the Democrat Party, in its enclaves like universities. Trump supporters are far more accepting, they are far more tolerant, and they’re far more open-minded. But the Democrats and the media think the exact opposite. They’re closed-minded, dumb, unsophisticated, uneducated, unaware. Life experiences are very slim and narrow.

You basically segregate yourselves away from people that don’t think like you and don’t think like. That’s what they think you are, and they think Trump has found a way to appeal to you. They couldn’t be more wrong, and they are never gonna be persuaded that they are wrong. “That doesn’t mean Trump backers are blind. Polls show an unusually high share of Republicans do not say they ‘strongly’ approve of his performance; they are well aware of his many foibles and flaws.”

In other words, they’re not mind-numbed robots. They are thinking and thoughtful people, but they are united more by their opposition to liberalism and the media. They are repulsed — you are repulsed — by the kinds of things being said and being done to Trump and it solidifies his support and grows it. As we pointed out yesterday and happened all last week, Trump’s numbers edged up even in that faux crisis of the Helsinki summit.


RUSH: Now, there’s one more aspect of this story in the U.K. Guardian that I want to highlight to you. Never mentioned is that this is exactly what happened in the primary. The truth is there are no candidates on either side anymore. And stop and think. Every candidate… Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Pick your candidate. Every one of them is gonna look dull and boring when compared to Trump.

Every one of them. Just like during the Republican primary, it looked like a bunch of Ken doll TV news anchors against a guy who is living life and wasn’t afraid to be who he was. So what is it gonna come town to? It’s gonna come down to policies. Trump got elected on policy, and the left cannot admit this! They refused to admit that Trump was elected on policy. A pull quote from the story: “The 2016 exit poll showed that Trump won because he decisively beat Clinton among the 18% of Americans who did not like either candidate.

“These voters tended to be suburban, college-educated, Republican-leaning men. These ‘reluctant Trump voters’ were undecided until the very end of the race, but ultimately decided that the devil whose policies they liked was better than the devil whose policies they didn’t.” So let me translate. You had 18%, according to exit polls — we’ll live with it ’cause that’s all we got. You had 18% of people that voted didn’t like either Trump or Hillary.

They wanted to vote, though. What was it that determined their vote? Policies. The 18% that didn’t like either candidate, decided on policies. You know the fact of the matter is that most elections do come down to policy. Except when the left loses, it never is chalked up to policy. When the left loses, there’s some other explanation. Last time it was the Russians meddling, screwing with the election outcome, unfairly treating Mrs. Clinton or what have you.

Other times, it’s the Supreme Court with their bogus Florida recount in 2000. In 2004, when John Kerry lost, “Yeah, I just needed 50,000 more votes in Ohio and then I would have won.” Somehow, somebody screwed him out of 50,000 votes in Ohio. They never lose because of policy, and yet they always lose because of policy. Obama, on the other hand, did not win because of policy. Obama couldn’t be honest about what he was gonna do.

Obama won for purely surface reasons. A, people were fed up and hated the Republicans ’cause of Bush, and then Obama was the first African-American so they can vote for the African-American, hopefully end racism and show that they’re not racist. They didn’t vote for Obama’s policies. Democrats never win on policy. They can’t. Big lesson there.


RUSH: Now, by the way, in light of what you just heard, the Democrats stepped right into it again. “House Democrats Pass Resolution Denouncing Trump in Wake of Helsinki.” The Republicans loved him in Helsinki. “Denver Post Runs Letter to Editor Suggesting Trump Should Be Executed.” “Two-Thirds of Democrats Say ‘Trump Treason’ Charge Is Sincere.” They keep stepping in it, thinking that they are someday gonna separate you from your support for Trump. They’re not even getting close.

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