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RUSH: The New York Daily News has treated President Trump with pure hatred.

They’re a tabloid. The front page has called the president the “Anti-Christ,” “Pee Brain,” “Lord of the Pigs,” “Ass Clown,” “Mad Man,” and accused him of committing treason. Those are the ones I can mention. Others are so graphic and filled with expletives that I don’t even want to describe them for you.

Turns out, the Daily News has other problems besides their hatred of President Trump. This week their parent company cut the Daily News newsroom staff nearly in half.

And that worries Politico. In a very long article, they complained that with so many Daily News journalists getting pink slips, that New York City will suffer. Coverage of the courts, cops, and local communities will be hurt, the Politico says.

Well, maybe the Daily News should have focused on those things in the first place. The Daily Trump Hate might vent their liberal emotions, but it isn’t selling newspapers in a liberal mecca. Go figure. That’s supposed to be their business, selling newspapers, and hatred for Trump doesn’t work in New York? Come on, something’s wrong here.

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