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RUSH: There is a new law in the works in San Francisco taking aim at tech companies. The proposed law would ban businesses from having employee cafeterias.

The law is intended to force employees of companies like Twitter, Facebook, Uber, Google and Apple to go out for lunch in order to help local restaurants who complain that they cannot compete with these employee cafeterias.

Their problem is the tech companies don’t charge their employees for meals. Food is a perk.

To no one’s surprise, the proposed law has the backing of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association. Executive Director Gwyneth Borden says they simply can’t compete with “free.” We conservatives know that trying to deal with you people on the left. It’s about time you learned it.

Anyway, if these liberal lawmakers get their way, thousands of their liberal voters and employees of liberal tech companies will have to step over piles of human poop on San Francisco streets, risk getting mugged or worse, to dig into their own pockets to pay for their own food.

This could the first time in recorded history liberal politicians have gone on record against the concept of a free lunch for their own people. This is a big deal.

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