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RUSH: We also have this Facebook mess. I’m gonna put that in perspective and make an offer today. I really don’t think — and, by the way, I realize this offer is going to be rejected. It’s not even gonna be acknowledged, but I’m gonna make it anyway. It is abundantly clear — I just saw a picture of the two Facebook employees that are in charge of determining what’s permissible. They don’t even look like they’re eating solid foods yet. They still look like they’re on the Gerbers. They’re simply not old enough to have lived long enough to have any significant life experiences.

The future belongs to the young; we all know this. We were all young once and everything was about us. Advertising. I mean, every generation — the Millennials are having their turn at it now — you have 25 to 35, 25 to 40, the world is all about you. Everybody needs you, everybody wants you because they want you to establish your habits that you will then practice for the rest of your life that have to do with how you spend your money and how you live your life so that those patterns can be exploited for financial gain. It’s all good.

But once you get past the age of 50, they don’t care about you anymore. Because the next group of young people coming up is the focus. And that’s all well and good. We’ve all had our turn in the light. We’ve all had our share. The problem is — I was thinking about this the other day, and I think about it a lot. We’re coming up on 30 years of having done this program, and occasionally people will ask me, “Do you think the program’s gotten better, or do you think that it’s not as good as it used to be?”

I said, “That’s not the way to look at it. It depends how you want to define the terms.” But what I can tell you is this. I have never been more prepared to do this program every day than I am today. I’ve never had more knowledge to use in doing this program every day. I’ve continued to amass life experiences that I simply didn’t have 30 years ago when I was 37 years old starting this. Just not possible. When I was 37 I thought I knew enough, I thought I knew everything. And I did know enough to make it work and so forth.

My only point is that you keep growing and you keep learning, there’s no question that somebody who is in their sixties is far more knowledgeable and has lived far more to have many more practical life experiences than somebody in their twenties. Now, that’s not to say that person is smarter than somebody in their twenties; that’s a whole ‘nother thing too. You start adding things like arrogance and hubris, you think you’re great, you don’t need to learn anymore, you think everybody else is stupid.

There’s a new trend among Millennials — I’ve got it in the Stack — a number of 30-year-old Millennials are claiming they’re burned out and they can’t work anymore. They’re tired of having to work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They’re throwing away six figure jobs ’cause they can’t handle the pressure. They’re saying they get up in the morning and they think, “Is this my life? Oh, my God. I’m gonna doing this PR business and this sales representation for another 30 years. No way, man.”

And they’re quitting. And they’re taking what little money they have left and they’re going to beaches and they’re going to volcanoes and they’re just sitting there. Right or wrong, good or bad, they simply are refusing to fit into the multigenerational patterns.

I’ve always told you that every four or five generations one is gonna come along that’s simply gonna reject what it finds as status quo when it matures and becomes adults. And it looks like our Millennial generation is it. But I think some of these people at Facebook are clueless. They literally do not know what they don’t know. And that is a crucial thing. To not know what you don’t know. To think you know everything.

I’m looking at pictures, I’m looking at Zuckerberg, I’m looking at some of these people, they simply have led lives that have been way too sheltered. They all are socialists, but they’ve never lived under it. They’re all socialists, but they’ve never visited a socialist country. They’re all socialists and they love it but they’ve never actually ever seen it. They’ve never actually had it properly taught to them.

They have a totally skewed definition of what it is. Facebook… Mr. Snerdley, let me ask you. Do you think, for example, the website Infowars and the Fox News website are identical? Facebook does. The people that run Facebook think there’s no difference in an Alt-Right website or Fox News or Infowars because they have a warped, bigoted, and prejudicial opinion of conservatives and conservatism — and where have they gotten that? It has been taught to them. They haven’t lived it.

They clearly haven’t lived among any conservatives or they could not possibly believe what they believe. Now they see the Facebook stock tumbling, and there’s a whole lot of reasons for this. It’s not just due to one thing. But it is due to the fact that they don’t know what they’re doing! They have a customer base that could be the biggest in the world and they’re willing to write off half of it — stupidly and arrogantly — by claiming that conservatism is where fake news is, that conservatism is where hate speech and all that is.

So my offer… I know that Zuckerberg has had meetings with several so-called conservatives. But he hasn’t met with me, and I am offering right here. I will meet with Zuckerberg or anybody on the Facebook executive panel and explain conservatism to them. Now, they will not take me up on it. They will not even acknowledge that the offer has been made. I understand that. But it’s ridiculous. It is literally ridiculous to have an enterprise this big run by people who are so ignorant.

They think that they’re screening out hate.

They think they’re screening out racism and bigotry.

They are practicing it! They are practicing hate, they are practicing prejudice, and they are practicing bigotry, and it’s catching up to ’em. The greatest example, Cambridge Analytica. Everybody involved thinks that Facebook deserves to suffer because they got in bed with Cambridge Analytica. What’s Cambridge Analytica? Cambridge Analytica happens to be one of a gobsmack bunch of sites that tries to use social media to advance its political ideas. They just happen to have a relationship with the Mercers!

They just happen to relationship with conservative fundraisers. Is Facebook unaware of all of the left-wing bots that they are sponsoring and promoting that are destroying American businesses? Cambridge Analytica? But it’s like showing Dracula the cross. To every leftist Millennial in journalism, in tech, in the world, “Cambridge Analytica! That’s why Facebook deserves to die. That’s why Zuckerberg deserves to be canned by the board, Cambridge Analytica.”

Cambridge Analytica is no different than any other special interest group that tries to get space and use it on Facebook to influence or raise money or what have you. But because they happen to be tied to the Mercers — which means Breitbart, which means Bannon — that means Cambridge Analytica got in there and somehow fooled and tricked Facebook, and Facebook got used like a stupid bunch of tools by a conservative.

And while this is going on, all of the left-wing nonprofits, all the left-wing bot-generating phony baloney accounts are running wild sponsoring and promoting all of his bigotry, hate, prejudice and so forth, and nobody’s concerned and nobody cares. There’s a genuine ignorance — and maybe it’s not. Maybe I’m giving them too big a benefit. Maybe they know exactly what conservatism is and they just hate it and don’t want any part of it.

But I will still maintain they don’t know any conservatives. They couldn’t possibly! They couldn’t possibly have hung around any. They couldn’t possibly have gotten to know any. They couldn’t possibly have had any interaction with conservatives at all and have the opinion of conservatism that they do, and I don’t think they have. I think these people wall themselves off and not just Facebook, but everybody on the left does this. They hide behind walls.

They build cocoons. They live in them and they do not interact with people who make ’em feel threatened or challenged or what have you. So I’m volunteering. I’ll have a meeting. I’ll take the meeting for as long as it takes. I’ll answer any question about conservatism. But if these people think that some of these, you know, conspiracy-oriented websites are no different than Fox News — and they do. Obviously! You can read what these people are saying. They think there’s no difference.

Take your wildest conspiracy website that you know, and I’m telling you the people that run Facebook think it’s no different than Fox News and probably no different than this radio show. So… (sigh) Big, big, big plummeting loss of value. Zuckerberg himself on paper loss over $16 billion in an hour and a half, and it all happened after their earnings call yesterday when they… I mean, they finished the day up. They finished the day around $217 stock price and (chuckles) 90 minutes later after their quarterly conference call to report earnings they were down to a stock price around $173.

I mean, it was 24% loss of value, and it was all because of the content. It was because Facebook said, “Yeah, you know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna tighten down on our privacy. We’re gonna really get tough on privacy. This means we’re gonna lose about 2.5 million users.” Well, they’ve already got… Facebook at one time, one way or another, reached 2.5 billion people. How can a…? Can you imagine if this program had an audience of 2.5 billion? Can you imagine us reporting a loss? How do you do that? You reach 2.5 billion people, and you lose 24% of the value of your enterprise?


RUSH: And here’s the answer to the other question. You can’t say, “Is the Rush Limbaugh program today better than it was in 1988, 1995.” You know why? Because the program’s never the same. You cannot hear the same program twice on this show. You understand that? I mean, do you realize how incredibly profound that is, that you cannot hear the same program twice?

That’s how different it is each and every day. That’s why I’ve always said it takes new listeners at least six weeks of steady listening to understand what happens here, how it happens, and keep things in context. So it’s an impossible comparison to make because the program and I adapt.

Now, Facebook and Twitter. Facebook and Twitter were supposed to take down Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Facebook and Twitter are just two in a long line of organizations that have failed to do so. The FBI leadership was trying to take down and was supposed to. Barack Obama and his intelligence community was supposed to take down Donald Trump and thus the Republican Party with him.

The Department of Justice, certain people there, certain people at the FBI were supposed to take down Donald Trump and, with him, the Republican Party. They were supposed to deny Trump the Republican nomination. Then they were supposed to make sure that he did not win the presidency. After he won the presidency, they were supposed to then take him out and get rid of him within the first six months.

Facebook and Twitter were also part of the cabal — I’m not saying they’re part of the conspiracy, but they were part of this giant group of leftists that were devoting everything they could to getting rid of Donald Trump. Donald Trump has survived everything they’ve thrown at him. Donald Trump has survived the best and the brightest. He has survived honest attacks. He has survived cheating attacks.

He has survived some of the most outlandish schemes and plots that originate at the Obama DOJ, travel through the DNC, the Hillary Clinton campaign, to a law firm and then to a retired MI6 agent in the U.K., who then talks to Russian operatives. He writes up this phony dossier that was used to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. The man who signed off on the last FISA warrant renewal application is now the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, and he is in charge of the investigation against Trump! And even using a bogus piece of evidence in front of the FISA court!

They have been unable to get rid of Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is continuing to reassert the United States on the world stage. We are reassuming our position of dominance and leadership under the guise of being the good guys. We are the good guys. We are the solution to the world’s problems. Donald Trump is reasserting that prominence. He’s doing it against an opposition few Republican presidents have ever seen mounted against them. Facebook and Twitter were part of the cabal.

They had the best and the brightest that were writing algorithms and creating bots that would cleverly silence and impugn those who were supporting Donald Trump. They would ban them by the technique on Twitter of shadow banning. Facebook would simply close them off and not allow any of their posts to be seen or read by anybody. They did their part. But like all of these organizations that have pooled their resources to get Trump, it is they who end up suffering.

The Drive-By Media has lost audience. The Drive-By Media has lost subscribers. They’ve lost circulation. If it weren’t for forced monopolistic viewing in airports, CNN would not have an audience much larger than a couple of phone booths. Everybody that takes Donald Trump on has bruises to show for it.

So whether it’s Facebook’s skewed news feeds where they claim they’re getting rid of fake news or whether it’s Twitter’s shadow banning, these social media giants were on a mission with the American deep state to pick America’s winners and losers because that’s what the left considers power to be. You get to pick the winners and losers, not the American people.

A funny thing happened on the way to the high-tech extermination of Trump and the right, both Twitter and Facebook were taken to the woodshed for past sins. Their algorithmic bigotry now has to take a backseat for the time being. Even at this, I’m willing to offer myself to help out Facebook.


RUSH: Just a couple of more things on this. There’s a bunch of people, an outfit trying to fire Zuckerberg or break up his role as chairman and CEO. Facebook “[s]hareholders are trying to fire Mark Zuckerberg as chairman of Facebook because of the social media giant’s ‘mishandling’ of recent scandals, including the Cambridge Analytica data saga, Russian meddling in the U.S. election and fake news.

“Investment company Trillium Asset Management, who has about $11 million in Facebook stock, filed a proposal on Wednesday to break up Zuckerberg’s role as both chairman and CEO, Business Insider reports.” It’s a bunch of cliches! This is just astounding to me. “‘[M]ishandling’ of recent scandals … Cambridge Analytica.” It’s not a scandal to anybody except a bunch of nincompoops on the left. See, these people think Cambridge Analytica was part of the Russians stealing the election.

Combined with “Russian meddling in the election and fake news.” So all these people claiming that Zuckerberg didn’t do enough to keep the Russians off and to keep the other colluders off, and he didn’t do enough to keep the fake news outlets away. (chuckles) Yet every leftist news organization whose news reports make up the Facebook news feed is the fake news! They haven’t the slightest idea. I just find it amazing how cliches and Zuckerberg’s failure to stop all these imaginary devils is causing all this, and the picture I was talking about…

You know, I’m not gonna put the picture up on the Dittocam because I don’t want single these two out, but what I’m looking at is the head of global creative strategy and the vice president of video at Facebook. I’m telling you, these two people don’t look any older than the high school students who went marching across the country for gun control this past spring. They literally look like they’re still eating Gerber’s.

They are the president of video (what gets on and what doesn’t) and the head of global creative strategy, and neither one of them are anywhere near old enough to have any kind of life experience to properly judge what might be interesting to people or not. It does matter. As I say, I know life is for the young; don’t misunderstand. I’m not some old guy on the front lawn shaking my fist at the sky about this. Because I, ladies and gentlemen, am still young at heart.

You’re as young as you feel, and that is the honest-to-God truth. Here, from Entertainment Weekly: “Facebook Executives Defend Having Fox News … Infowars on Platform.” Facebook admits it limits distribution of conservative sites, though it defines those sites as those that a fact-checker has told them “is probably not true or a lot of our audience is telling us is not true.” When you get right down to it, is it any surprise that Facebook plummeted to the extent of 24% of itself lost yesterday after a little meeting with the media?

Anybody who thinks that some of these extreme conspiracy sites and Fox News are the same is just ignorant, a complete idiot. Anyway, that’s that. I remind you of my offer which I am fully aware will not even be acknowledged, much less accepted. And let me add something to it. I’m not proposing that this be done in public. This is not a publicity stunt in any way, shape, manner, or form. I am sick and tired of all these so-called smart people not having slightest idea who I really am and who anybody else on the right really is.

I’m sick and tired of it. It’s not as though you need a password to listen to this program. You can find out who we are; you just don’t want to. You haven’t made the effort to because you’re too arrogant to believe that you don’t know. I’m sick and tired of having everybody I respect and love be mischaracterized and portrayed as something that they’re not in a defamatory, way and then it’s doubly frustrating to see the people doing all that not even curious enough to know whether or not they’re right or wrong.

Don’t make… I’m not naive. I know exactly better than anybody else how this is happening and why it’s happening, and that’s why my offer will not be accepted here. This is not for publicity. I don’t need it. I’m already more famous than I need to be. I’m so famous I can’t do a lot of stuff anymore. I’m too famous. I don’t need to be showing up at Facebook HQ in public. I don’t need anybody to know that the meeting takes place. I don’t need anybody to know that the meeting has taken place. I want to make sure that aspect of it is understood.

I’m the last person in the media who does anything to draw attention to myself because I don’t need to.


RUSH: Here is Phil in Hobbs, New Mexico. We start on the phones. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi there. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to speak to you today.

RUSH: Well, thank you.

CALLER: I was calling as follow-up on your Facebook comments. As a small business we sell folding pocketknives that are for industry use. So like agriculture, electricians’ knives, search-and-rescue, things like that. And I have a problem with Facebook because they won’t let me advertise on Facebook because I sell weapons supposedly.

I’ve gone round and round with them, and simply because they’re knives, they are therefore weapons and therefore I cannot advertise. So that’s gotta be hurting their revenue as well, and if they’re cutting off people like me and losing even more market. And plus they’re showing their ignorance of even how the world works, if they can’t understand the difference between a tool and a weapon.

RUSH: Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it?


RUSH: I mean, they’re led by a bunch of young people who have been propagandized their whole lives. They’ve been propagandized with every liberal cliche that you can imagine, and they’ve taken it all to heart and now these are not cliches. They happen to be, as far as they’re concerned, world truths. You deal with knives, that means people die because of what you do. That’s the way to look at it.

CALLER: Oh, absolutely. I’ve gone back and forth with them and the most infamous response I got at one point when I explained these are not weapons, they’re tools, their response was, “Well, we understand that your weapons are tools,” which was just a complete non sequitur.

RUSH: You were trying to tell ’em that they are weapons, that they are tools, and they said no, we understand how your weapons can be used as tools.

CALLER: That’s exactly right.

RUSH: Right. You can’t get more either ignorant, dumb, or prejudicial or a combination of all three than that. Thanks for that call.

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