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RUSH: After almost twenty years in Congress, New York Democrat Joe Crowley recently lost his primary to the young socialist star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And I guess that he’s decided to go out with a big bang.

Crowley is now demanding federal handouts to families who were separated at the border while illegally entering America.

Joe Crowley says separating families is one of the most reprehensible things he has seen as a congressman, and he wants the family units compensated for what the Trump Administration did to them.

Now, I don’t recall New York Democrat Joe Crowley ever demanding compensation for American families permanently separated from loved ones by illegal immigrants who killed them. Illegal immigrants who, in some cases, had been deported multiple times, but had returned to Democrat-run sanctuary cities.

And I don’t recall New York Democrat Joe Crowley complaining about the families separated under Barack Obama. Apparently, when it was the Obama Regime separating illegal immigrant families, liberals like out-of-work Joe Crowley didn’t think it was reprehensible at all. Now all of a sudden a chance to spend money, and he’s not even running for re-election, so what’s he really trying to accomplish here?

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