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RUSH: Here is the latest from our buddies at the website Campus Reform, and here is the headline. “Professor Calls On Art Teachers To Reject The ‘Geometry Of Whiteness.'” Now, I will maintain to you that after you hear this, these are the kind of students that Facebook has hired and that Twitter has hired. This is the kind of stuff they’ve been taught.

You’re gonna hear this, and you’re gonna laugh, or you’re gonna have some kind of reaction that, folks, you don’t believe in it, it’s incredible, how stupid. But you have to understand that there are students all over the country being taught this literal crap, and they’re buying into it. You know, white privilege is an ongoing, big deal among white college students. It’s the latest way in which white college students are being guilted into supporting all kinds of things for minorities, from immigration to any other number of social justice causes.

“In a chapter for a new ‘Handbook of Race and Arts in Education,’ a University of North Texas art education professor argues that K-12 teachers should work to combat ‘geometries of whiteness.'” This is an art teacher, Handbook of Race and Arts. Tyson Lewis is the professor. He teaches classes on critical pedagogy and aesthetic theory. He says that “‘whiteness is a kind of one-dimensional way of being in the world,’ suggesting that educators incorporate ‘critical whiteness studies’ to advance the ‘social justice agenda’ of art education.”

He is a professor at the University of North Texas urging his fellow educators to use social justice themed art classes to fight geometries of whiteness. I want to read to you one of the things that this guy — again, his name is Tyson Lewis, this is what he believes.

“Because whiteness and maleness are geometric styles, aesthetic questions are intrinsically political and political questions are inherently aesthetic.” Now, does anybody know what that means just by virtue of me reading it? Does anybody have any idea what that means? Hang on. Got a notification my watch. What is this? Okay, fine. Take care of it. I’ll get back to you shortly after four.

“Because whiteness and maleness are geometric styles, aesthetic questions are intrinsically political and political questions are inherently aesthetic.” Now, how do people like this get PhDs? How does this guy become a Ph.D.? See, that’s the scam. All of this is a scam. Scam university, scam education, scam professors give scam social justice degrees to scam human beings who scam their way through grad school. This is what we end up teaching our kids in these vaunted institutions of higher learning. And this one, this is a very expensive scam on mostly white American parents and their young kids who then move to American cities and make laws that put people in jail for straws. This is how this happens.

Yeah, use a plastic straw in San Francisco, six months in jail, maybe a thousand-dollar fine, unless of course you’re an illegal immigrant. Using the straw to fire a spitball at an ICE agent, then of course they’ll give you a reward and maybe a bonus. But this is dead serious, teaching that whiteness is a myopically destructive form of living that fundamentally denies the multiple dimensions of experience beyond or in contradictions with whiteness.

Now, what that means, white males are a pox on civilization, and we need to deemphasize them, including in art class. And we need to start from the premise that whiteness has geometric lines that can be studied and drawn and then obliterated. PhD. Got a picture of the guy here. He looks like Barney Fife. Whiteness is a myopically destructive form of living.

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