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RUSH: We have a great roster of callers lined up. I’m begging all of you to hang on. I’ll get to you as quick as I can. Some of these… You know, I love the opportunity to demonstrate my expertise outside of politics. See, this is why I’ve always got questions that have nothing to do with all of this. I’m eager for them and we got a bunch of them coming up. So first, we’ll start with John in Denver. He’s not outside of the area of politics; don’t misunderstand. John, welcome. Great to have you on the program. How are you doing?

CALLER: Hi, Rush. As a federal agent, I’m getting really hacked off the more I read of this Gregg Jarrett book, and the reason why is we’re living this chicanery that happened a couple years ago, up to the election and past, beyond it. It is impeding our ability to do our job. Two cases in point. We now have an email retention policy that keeps our emails for the next 20 years. Think about that. You write an email today, 20 years from now it’s viewed in the context of 2038 and how your language today would it be interpreted in even more politically correct times then. And then on top of this, as a result of that, every time I construct an email to my manager, it takes me 15 minutes to write two flipping sentences because I am sitting there with that in the back of my mind, and —

RUSH: Okay. Well, wait, wait, wait. Hang on just a second. Let’s jump back a minute.


RUSH: You’re a federal agent, you’re reading the Gregg Jarrett book


RUSH: — and the timeline of the investigation is really ticking you off. Why? What about the timeline?

CALLER: Well, as you see it’s with the emails that were related to a former presidential candidate, okay? I’ve seen the progression of the regulations that kind of couch in our job — or box in our job — tighten and tighten and tighten as a result of that. And I’ve just gotten about a quarter of the way through the book and I just almost wanted to throw my computer across the room just because of the frustration that we experience on a daily basis. So it impedes our ability. Looking at that, we live it out every day. It impedes our ability, because we rely upon the individuals that we interview in the course of working our cases to be open and honest. How can they be if they’re sitting there looking at evidence like this, looking at this book and the other book that you mentioned a few weeks back and realizing what they’re saying could be construed one day as perjury —

RUSH: I finally see what you’re getting at. It took… Now, sadly, I’m out of time. I’ve gotta go, but I got it now. Sorry.

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