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Jul 27, 2018


“The only way Open Line Friday differs is callers can talk about whatever. It doesn’t have to be about politics. It doesn’t have to be things that I’m interested in. Monday through Thursday, it has to be that, but on Friday it doesn’t. So it’s just an opportunity for you to go anywhere you want to go, ask whatever question you have, make any comment.”

“If you’ve got 55% of brain-dead Democrats believing that the Russians tampered with the votes and that’s why Hillary lost, then how far is the next step to, ‘These elections have been so corrupted, we have got to change it, we’ve got to cancel ’em, we’ve got to do something else’? Do not doubt me.”

“Throughout my entire lifetime, the Democrat Party has been sympathetic to Soviet communism.”

National Review: Why Trump Will Survive the Cohen Tape – Rich Lowry
CNN: Cohen Claims Trump Knew in Advance of 2016 Trump Tower Meeting
CNN: Trump Sounds Normal in Private. It’s All an Act – Julian Zelizer
UKDM: Trump Denies Knowing Anything About 2016 Meeting that Included Don Jr., Jared and Infamous Russian Lawyer as He Claims Michael Cohen is ‘Trying to Make Up Stories’ to Hurt Him
CNBC: Trump Triumphant: ‘We’re Going to Go a Lot Higher’ than 4.1% GDP Growth
CNBC: Second-Quarter GDP Jumps 4.1% for Best Pace in Nearly Four Years
New York Times: Why Friday’s G.D.P. Number May Be a Size Too Big
New York Times: Europe Averts a Trade War With Trump. But Can It Trust Him?
New York Times: How a 9-Year-Old Boy’s Statistic Shaped a Debate on Straws
American Council on Science and Health: Asia, Africa Cause 90% Of Plastic Pollution In World’s Oceans
Breitbart: Report: Chinese Are ‘Awed’ by Trump’s ‘Skill as a Strategist and Tactician’
HotAir: NYT, AP: Give Us The E-Mail Records Of Kavanaugh’s … Wife?
Daily Caller: Poll: Majority Of Democrats Believe A Straight-Up Conspiracy Theory
Daily Beast: Russian Hackers’ New Target: a Vulnerable Democratic Senator
FOXNews: California City OKs Jail Time for Defying Plastic Straw Ban
CNN: Trump Promises 4% Growth. Economists Say No Way – 10.11.16
New York Times: Third-Quarter G.D.P. Rose 3.5%, Lifting Hopes for U.S. Economy – 10.30.14
Cigar Aficionado: The Fat Cigar Trend
Campus Reform: Do Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Supporters Understand Socialism?


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