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RUSH: Ah, Rudy. I don’t know what’s going on with Rudy. You know what? Every time I’ve looked up today, Rudy Giuliani’s on TV somewhere. Every time I’ve looked up, and he seems to be saying something different — earlier today he was talking about, “Yeah. I think… I think we’re getting close to where the president will sit down, have an interview with Mueller and may even permit some questions on obstruction.”

And then just now Rudy’s on TV. “There is no way. There is no way that Trump is ever gonna sit down and have an interview with Mueller.” And Trump’s out there tweeting everything left and right about all of Mueller’s conflicts and when’s anybody gonna say anything about it, and one of the things that’s got people curious is Trump is referring to a “business deal” that he and Mueller had that nobody knows about. Everybody said, “What the hell is that and why are we only hearing about this now?”

And then there’s another aspect that Trump is saying (summarized), “You know, I almost hired this guy to be FBI director, but I turned him down. The next day he’s named special counsel. Comey, who I had every right to fire is his best friend and asked a special counsel; now we’ve got one. And then Trump points out that 13 of the 13 lawyers on Mueller’s team hate Trump and they love Hillary and they’re Hillary donors.” Now, it is clear what’s going on here. We’ve seen this before. We saw this with the way the Clintons treated Ken Starr.

But with the way the Clintons treated Ken Starr, it… I mean, what’s being done this time around is nothing. Do you have that parody that you just played in the break with James Carville and Starr on the Larry King show, Mike? Can you grab that? Let me know when you have that ready to go. We did a parody of this. You had Carville, and you had Stephanopoulos. They’re running around every day. They’re accusing Ken Starr of being a sex pervert. They’re accusing Ken Starr of having no interest in justice.

They did everything they could to destroy Ken Starr. I mean, these people, the Clinton team, they established the standard on this. Trump is going after Mueller much like it’s been done before by the Clintons. I remember when the Clintons were doing it there were a lot of hand wringers out there saying, “This is very, very bad. They shouldn’t be treating officers of the court like Judge Starr this way; this is not good.” But the Clinton said, “The hell with this. If I’m gonna sit here and be railroaded by these Republicans.

“I’m not gonna be impeached! I’m not gonna be thrown out. Who the hell…? Everybody has sex just ’cause I had sex with interns, big deal. They do too. I’m not paying a price for this.” They went out, they literally… I mean, they were camped outside Ken Starr’s house every day. They had camera’s on Ken Starr as he came out of his house, and they had camera’s following Ken Starr in his car on the way to work. I mean, and I’m not kidding. They were portraying this guy as a lawyer for the tobacco industry, wanted to kill your kids with tobacco.

And then he was trying to ruin the most moral president in history, Bill Clinton, and he was a sex pervert, and that’s the only reason he cared about the case. At least what Trump is doing with Mueller is pointing out some actual conflicts. Now, this business deal that he and Mueller had, the only reference that I have seen to anything is a little line about a dispute over fees at the Trump National golf course in Virginia.

Now, I happened to play this golf course about three weeks… (interruption) There’s Rudy again! Now he’s up there, he’s on CNN: “Colluding with Russians is not even a crime.” Wait a minute. Trump has said he didn’t clued. What’s Rudy you doing here? Giuliani: “Not Sure Colluding with Russians Is Even a Crime.” (laughs) Well, it better not be because the position of the Trump team is that there was no collusion in the first place. This is what I mean.

I look up and there’s Rudy everywhere today. I mean, they are flooding the zone. We’ve got the Manafort trial starting tomorrow. The Manafort trial isn’t even about collusion. The Manafort trial isn’t even about Russia. Do you know what the Manafort trial is about? It’s about how he got rich representing a bunch of people that work in the Ukraine and so forth. It’s about his lavish lifestyle. The trial of Manafort has got nothing to do with anything that happened after 2016, and some people are saying, “What the hell is this?

“We’re gonna ruin this guy?” Manafort obviously hasn’t flipped. Yet. I don’t know if he’s going to. But the Manafort trial literally has nothing to do with why everybody thinks Mueller has a job and has to investigate Trump campaign collusion with Putin and the Russians. Trial’s not even about that. Here’s Rudy up there: Collusion with Russians, he’s not even sure it’s a crime. Well, it better not be because your position has been from the get-go there wasn’t any colluding. Anyway, the dispute this golf course — and it’s a private course.

Like Trump has a public course, a couple of them. One of them a public course, Rancho Palos Verdes down in southern California — and it’s beautiful. We shot an episode of The Haney Project there with my good friend Al Michaels, ABC Sunday Night Football. We had a blast in that episode. It’s way, way down. But it’s public. The Trump National course in Sterling, Virginia, is about 20 minutes from Dulles International Airport, and it’s private.

I guess that Mueller wanted to join, and there was a dispute over fees, would be the membership fees, the initiation and all that. I don’t know whether Mueller was rejected or whether he joined and paid full boat; I have no idea. I didn’t even know until yesterday when I was reading about all this. But there clear Mueller conflicts. I mean, the people he’s put on his investigative people literally love Hillary Clinton and hate Trump. And the guy leading them, Andrew Weissmann, has his own history of railroading people in the DOJ starting with the Enron task force and the Ted Stevens trial.

He wasn’t directly involved with that, but proteges of his were. And then Comey, Comey is Mueller’s, one of his best buds — and Comey engineered the selection of a special counsel and Mueller. Anyway, they’re flooding the zone with this now, and it just… It reminds me of the way the Clintons dealt with this. (interruption) Yeah, I know. I know. You’ve got it. I’m still… I’m thinking verbally here. I’m trying to figure out what could the strategy be here. With Rudy all over. The engineer is saying, ” I’ve got it. Can I play it?” Okay. The engineer wants to play it. Let’s play it…

“LARRY”: Good evening, and welcome to Larry King Alive. Our topic tonight, “Is Ken Starr Out of Control?” In our Little Rock studio, special counsel Ken Starr.

“STARR”: Good evening, Larry.

“LARRY”: And in our Washington studios, Clinton advisor and former campaign manager, James Carville.

“CARVILLE”: Hi, Larry.

RUSH: When an engineer wants to do something, you’d better do it. They’re just like the intel guys. If you speak up against ’em they can make your life miserable in ways that you can’t possibly understand.

“CARVILLE”: Hi, Larry. I’m just glad you gave me a chance to show America what a madman vicious dog Ken Starr really is. He’s a twisted, evil man, Larry, and I know what the American people —

“LARRY”: Thank you, James. But let’s hear from Ken Starr first. Ken, are you a madman?

“STARR”: Larry, let me just say that I only want to —

“CARVILLE”: — to destroy the president, ’cause he’s crazy! He’s so crazy with tobacco money, he’s lost his mind. You can hear it in his voice. He not only wants to destroy the president, he wants to kill all your children. He wants your babies dead. He’s been giving cartoons of cigarettes to every kindergartener in America, and he ain’t gonna stop ’til all your babies are smoking like Joe Camel!

“LARRY”: Ken, why would you give cigarettes to 5-year-olds?

“STARR”: Larry, I never would —

“CARVILLE”: You see? He just said he “never” didn’t give no cigarettes to your babies. And he’s also been around showing your babies how to play with matches, ’cause he’s been taking all kind of money from them (Cajun) Bic Zippo lighter match people ’cause he’s a madman, Larry, a killer who wants the president and all your babies dead! And you know what else? Ken Starr’s a space alien. He ain’t even a real man! He’s from Mars. That’s right. A madman from Mars, and they’re invading the planet. He flies around a space ship handing out cigarettes made by little green men to kill your babies and destroy our president.

“LARRY”: Pretty serious charges, Ken Starr? Are you an alien?

“STARR”: Honestly, Larry, I —

“CARVILLE”: Larry, you can’t trust a man mad Martian out to kill your babies with cigarettes and matches and destroy our president, the most moral man in America! It’s a war, Larry! It’s a war! Bill Clinton against the invaders from Mars trying to kill you through secondhand smoke of kindergarteners, trying to burn down your house with matches and lighters as Ken Starr flies around in a spaceship. That’s it Larry! That’s the plan to get us and our president!

“LARRY”: Quite a compelling argument. Well, we’re out of time. Now, tomorrow night our show will feature a completely different subject: A psychic who says Ken Starr is using mental vibrations to keep Susan McDougal awake at night. See you then.

RUSH: Okay; so that’s the parody we did, and that was, you know, the midpoint here when they were out there trying to destroy Ken Starr. You’ve got Trump, I mean, tweeting nonstop and now Rudy all over TV and they’re hammering Cohen and any number of things here. Look, there are some pretty educated guesses that you and I could make over what the express purpose here is. But, I mean, the very, very base minimum they’re trying to create doubt about whatever Mueller ends up saying.

There’s no question about that. What that gives rise to is, “Are they worried about what Mueller has or what Mueller’s gonna say?” Because up to now, it has been fairly easy to conclude that Mueller doesn’t have anything that could lead to Trump’s impeachment because there’s nothing that’s gonna get 67 votes in the Senate to throw Trump out of the Oval Office, because there isn’t any collusion. So the best thing…

Let’s say if Mueller is actually on the establishment team trying to run this violent coup to get of Trump — if Mueller is actually on the establishment team, part of the deep state, that has as its objective to overturn the election results — that would mean getting rid of Trump. But then the way they’re doing this, the only way — ’cause they’re not gonna be able to do it with impeachment, folks.

They’re not gonna get 67 votes in the Senate regardless what happens in the November elections. They’re just not gonna do it. It’s never been done. There’s never been an impeachment conviction of a president in the United States Senate, and there’s not gonna be now. The only objective would be that if Mueller’s in on this is to drive Trump’s personal approval numbers down so low that Trump would lose all support on Capitol Hill, and then be forced to resign.

But I know Donald Trump. He’s not gonna resign if his approval ratings are at 10% ’cause he’s not gonna believe the polls. But I think it’s really… I don’t think it’s complicated. I think people can read into things. I think it’s very simple. Trump is fed up with being attacked. He’s fed up with his family being attacked. He’s fed up with fake news. Now he’s the fake news is whining to him, little A.J. Sulzberger (sobbing), “You’d better stop criticizing us ’cause it could lead to violence against journalism!”

Meanwhile, Steve Scalise got shot by a deranged Democrat at baseball practice! The bullets are flying all over the place, and here comes the media worried about violence against them, which isn’t happening. You know, if you people in the media want to stop all this, then stop making things up! Just start telling the truth, doing the news! It’s not hard. Just stop lying about all these things that you think Trump has done. Just stopping making up the news! Simple solution.

I think it’s no more complicated than Trump is fed up with being attacked, with lies, family being attacked, all these other people ancillary to him being attacked. He told me on this program during the campaign, you know, people were worried that he responded to every attack, whether it came from somebody he never heard of or a major outlet. He said, “It’s the way I’m wired, Rush. You attack me; I can’t let it stand. I’m gonna hit back. You come after me; I’m gonna return fire. I can’t let any of this lying stuff go unanswered.”

So it may be no more complicated than that. I also think this. I think they’re fed up with how there’s no end in sight to this thing. I think they’re fed up and they’re trying to do what they can to bring it to a close by discrediting whatever is going on, because they’ve been at this over a year… Well, before Mueller, even before that. Mueller’s been at it a little over a year. The deep state for a half year before that. So there’s been a 1-1/2 year minimum, maybe even longer if you count the campaign.

It’s a two-year effort, let’s say, to get rid of Donald Trump. Nobody’s produced a single bit of evidence that could do that. And yet nobody announces the end of the investigation. Nobody announces that we’re nearing the end of the investigation. I think they’re fed up and they want this stuff to end. But the fact is the Democrats and Mueller, they’re gonna extend this as close to the midterms as they can. So I think the battle has been joined.


RUSH: Now, Rudy’s out there saying (paraphrased), “They don’t have a damn thing. They don’t have a damn thing and collusion is not a crime anyway,” which everybody knows collusion is not a crime. Statutorily, collusion is not a crime. This has never been pursuit of a crime. This whole investigation, even Mueller’s has been a counterintelligence investigation. They don’t have a crime. In every case that’s mattered, Mueller has thrown it off to some other jurisdiction, U.S. district, Southern District New York or the national security division Justice Department.

The Manafort trial is the only one he’s doing, and there’s nothing there involving Trump campaign.


RUSH: In the last hour on Fox I saw a chyron graphic, a banner at the bottom of the screen about Giuliani, it’s a quote from Giuliani: “Of 183 recordings made by Trump fixer Michael Cohen, there are only 12 of those recordings of any substance, and most of them are with media figures.” Most of the recordings are not of Trump. Of the 12 Rudy says are of substance, most are with media people.

Now, you have to figure that if you’re a media person and that you’ve talked to this guy, now you’ve learned that he has recorded seemingly everybody he spoke to, whether you were a client or not. These media figures have to know that they are on tape or they were recorded on the guy’s iPhone. So you would think some of these media figures might be sitting there sweating bullets over this.

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