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RUSH: Folks, you remember that sad video of the starving polar bear? National Geographic posted it last December with the caption: “This Is What Climate Change Looks Like.”

It became their most-viewed web video, ever. The Drive-Bys picked up the story, calling it “gut-wrenching” and “soul-crushing,” and blaming Republicans for global warming, killing this poor bear. The video was ultimately shared with 2.5 billion people.

But nw the photographer, Cristina Mittermeier, says: Never mind.

In the upcoming issue of National Geographic, she says her team lost control of the narrative because people missed the “nuances.”

What nuances? Well, that she had no idea why the polar bear was on its last legs. In an editor’s note, National Geographic admits: There is no way to know for certain why this bear was on the verge of death.

Sounds familiar.

In fact, I found a similar quote: “Nobody knows why this bear didn’t make it. It could have been sick, which happens in nature. But we do know this: A ‘soul-crushing’ video blaming global warming is total BS.”

Who said that? Me, the day the video was released.

It didn’t take me seven months to figure it out. Which is why I tell you: DO NOT DOUBT ME! Just don’t.

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