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Jul 30, 2018


“No two shows are the same. You miss one, you can’t go anywhere else and get it — other than my website — and relive the brilliance. In fact, no single show is the same, because the content’s always changing.”

“The real racists today are Democrats, and they are racist against Republican blacks. The most vile invective, the most insulting racial epithets uttered in America today are uttered by black Democrats at black Republicans and conservatives.”

“If anybody is preaching propaganda and if anybody is treating their audience as a bunch of dummkopfs, it’s the Drive-By Media.”

CNN: What Trump’s Tweet Means for the Looming Government Shutdown Fight
Townhall: Rand Paul Has Made a Decision About Whether He Will Support Kavanaugh for SCOTUS
Politico: Inside Democrats’ Strategy to Defeat Kavanaugh
UK Guardian: Donald Trump, ‘Worst Politician Ever’, on Path to Re-Election, Thomas Frank says
Daily Wire: Top Tennessee Dem Official: Trump Voters ‘Idiots,’ Trump a ‘F***stick’
National Review: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on “Daily Show”: Fumbles Funding Questions
Daily Caller: Trevor Noah Asks Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez How She Plans To Pay For Her Agenda And Her Answer Was Typical
Daily Wire: Here’s How Much The Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez ‘Medicare For All’ Bill Would Cost
Wall Street Journal: Employers Eager to Hire Try a New Policy: ‘No Experience Necessary’
Daily Caller: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Republicans Are ‘Weak On Crime’
ABC: Study: ‘Medicare for All’ Projected to Cost $32.6 Trillion
NBC: Trump Hails Illinois Steel Mill as Economic Success Story
New York Times: New York Times Publisher and Trump Clash Over President’s Threats Against Journalism
New York Times: How Trump Lost Re-election in 2020 – David Leonhardt
CBS LA: More Drama, A Bloody Nose And Another Brawl At Donald Trump’s Walk Of Fame Star
Breitbart: Rap Sheet: ***538*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters
CNBC: Trump Repeatedly Denied Collusion. Now His Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Says: ‘Collusion is Not a Crime’
Axios: Rudy on Mueller Probe: “They Don’t Have a Goddamn Thing”


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