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Jul 31, 2018


“I don’t complain. I never complain. You know why? Because I don’t know how to deal with people who do. I have never known how to deal with people who complain.”

“Paul Krugman at the New York Times is a Nobel Prize winner for economics and the guy doesn’t know jack. This is the guy who predicted after Trump won the election, that we were guaranteed to have one of the deepest depressions the country has ever seen.”

“Whereas the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party have done everything they can to destroy the integrity, honor, and perceived validity of the U.S. electoral system, if they win the next election, I guarantee you there will be no problem with the American electoral system.”

CNN: LeBron: Trump is Using Sports to Divide Us
CNSNews: Trump Praises Rush Limbaugh, ‘Who Truly Gets It!’
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The Hill: Trump Stirs GOP Midterm Angst with Talk of Shutdown
Washington Examiner: After ’30 Days of Sh-t,’ GOP Midterm Elections Fear Rises – Byron York
New York Post: Facebook Uncovers Attempts to Influence Upcoming US Elections
Campus Reform: UGA Dean Attacked on Twitter for Having GOP Friend
Reuters: Ex-Trump aide Manafort faces charges in first trial of Russia probe
ABC: Prosecutors Advise Witnesses in Manafort Trial: Avoid the T-word (Trump)
HotAir: Jonathan Turley: Let’s Face It, We’re One Witness Away From A Total Legal And Political Clusterfark On Russiagate
Townhall: Liberals Called Trump Mentally Unfit, Now They’re Being Treated for ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’
Nature: Higher temperatures increase suicide rates in the United States and Mexico
Bloomberg: U.S., China Seek to Restart Talks to Defuse Trade War, Sources Say
New York Times: U.S., China Seek to Restart Talks to Defuse Trade War, Sources Say – Paul Krugman
CNBC: Dimon Says Trump’s Tax Cut and Deregulation Have ‘Accelerated Growth’
MarketWatch: Worker Pay and Benefits Climbing at Fastest Pace in 10 Years, ECI Finds
New York Post: Dems Admit to Buying Web Addresses Implying US Senators Were ‘For Sale’
Outnumbered Overtime: Facebook Finds New Attempts to Influence Midterm Elections – Harris Faulkner


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