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RUSH: Now look at this. Facebook says that they have discovered attempts to monkey around with their systems that are similar to what the Russians did in 2016. This is an absolute crock! I don’t believe it for a minute! Facebook had the bottom fall out earlier this week. This is so transparent, it’s sickening!


RUSH: I think Facebook is already starting to make excuses for losing in November. Why else report this stuff? You know, the whole American electoral system, do you realize how corrupted it has been now by the Democrat Party and the media? The perceived integrity and the honesty, the validity of the American electoral process has been destroyed by these people and this mindless pursuit of the Russians tampering with the outcome of the election, which there has been no evidence for and there will not be any evidence for because it is not possible to do.

I want to remind everybody Rod Rosenstein — when he announced the indictment a couple Fridays ago against the latest round of Russians — made it plain. He didn’t make it plain. This is the problem. It came near the tail end of his prepared remarks. He made it clear, although… Well, no, he didn’t make it clear. He buried it. But he nevertheless said that these indictments do not mean and they do not contain information that one vote was changed, nor was the outcome of any election affected by what these Russians did.

Yet the Democrat Party and the media have been for a year and a half now doing everything they can to convince as many Americans as possible that election was rigged, that it was stolen by Trump and the Russians. And you can’t blame a bunch of people that don’t pay attention to the news every day for believing it because they’ve had it pounded into them four and five times a day every day for a year and a half. The power of suggestion is very strong, and if it’s consistent and it never wavers and there’s a lot of passion behind it, then people are already beginning to doubt the outcome of the next elections.

I maintain to you that the Democrats will never, ever lead anybody to think that an election they win is illegitimate. So with Facebook now warning everybody that they have already spotted similar conniving attempts to pollute our elections in November that they saw in the 2016 election, it tells me that there’s one and maybe two things going on: The bottom fell out of Facebook last week when they announced their quarterly report for the second quarter. They lost — I don’t know — a percentage of the value of the business. But the market cap plunged.

They went from stock price of 217 down to under 170 at some point this morning. I mean, it just took a bath. Some people say they engineered that on purpose because they had to flush out a bunch of fake members and fake users, the numbers that never met reality. But I think Facebook realizes that… Like everybody else in liberalism, they understand that image and style count much more than substance. You know, the perception of Facebook doing great, the perception that Facebook is kicking butt versus the reality that it’s dying?

They would much rather have people believe, of course, that it’s doing great when it isn’t — and maybe most people would. But it’s not reality. So I think Facebook is doing two things. They’re trying to buy back the goodwill that they seem to have lost with people on the left over this silly Cambridge Analytica thing. The left is mad at Facebook because Facebook let the Russians cheat! The left is mad at Facebook because Facebook didn’t do enough to stop these silly right-wing conspiracy sites, and they didn’t do enough to stop the Russians. So Zuckerberg and Sheryl what’s-her-name, Sandberg, running this company now think they gotta get back in the good graces of the left.

So here comes an announcement. “The social media giant said some fake account activity consistent with Russian actions around 2016 has been found.” (Gasp!) I’m here to tell you, Facebook is doing this for a second reason, and that is they’re already beginning to set the table, make excuses for Democrats losing the next election. Folks, do not doubt me on this. Whereas the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party has done everything they can to destroy the integrity, honor, and the perceived validity of the U.S. electoral system, if they win the next election, I guarantee you there will be no problem with the American electoral system.

It will have been said to be fixed. When the Democrats win, the accompanying news stories will be, “Ways were found to defeat the Russians’ attempt to elect Republicans!” “Working with our partners,” the Democrats will say, “We found a way to make the Russian attempts to steal our elections fruitless and worthless!” Because no election they win will ever be said to be tainted by their media or enough their activist groups. Only elections they lose. So with Facebook now saying, “Hey, guess what? We have found… We have found the same kind of bad stuff the Russians were doing in 2016! We found it here, and we’re gonna start getting rid of it.”

There’s no reason to mention this, unless you’re trying to buy back goodwill between your buddies on the left who are blaming you for letting the Russians steal the election. “Facebook says they have removed 32 more accounts for inauthentic behavior. Some fake account activity is consistent with Russian actions in 2016.” Hey, the Russian activity in 2016 took place after the election, folks. All of the Russian phony ad buys took place after the election when they shifted to trying to destabilize Trump because he had won!

“Facebook says they haven’t identified who is behind the new fake accounts.” (chuckling) Oh-ho-ho. They haven’t? (laughing) No, they just waiting to pin the charge on whoever it works best against. It’s either gonna be the Republicans or Russians that Facebook is going to discover tampering with the upcoming elections. “Facebook says that those behind these new fake accounts went to great lengths to obscure their identities.” Yeah, the Russians are really, really good at that. So are the Republicans.

“Facebook says the fake accounts coordinated activity before planned protests in the U.S. next week…” Really? That could only be the Russians, you see? But the way I see it… “Facebook says it has disabled event page for the planned protests next week.” I maintain to you they’re worried. I don’t think these Democrats think that they’re winning the House back is a slam dunk. I think they’re out there saying so. They got their media out there saying so, and they’ve convinced a bunch of conservatives, I guess, or Republicans that it’s the case.

But I’m not yet ready to buy into it.


RUSH: By the way, get this, folks. The Associated Press just accidentally, accidentally caught the Democrats — the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee — buying internet domains and renaming them Senate Republican candidate “is for sale.” The AP accidentally runs into this. The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee has been buying email domains, internet domains, and they’ve named them like “Mitch McConnell is for sale” or “Rand Paul is for sale.” They are Republicans running for reelection, Republican senators running for reelection.

Now, when the AP ran across this, they initially thought that it was the Russians that were doing this, because they’re so brain-dead. They have been reporting on this, “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!” hoax for so long, they’ve begun to believe it themselves. The Democrats did this to 27 Republicans. The AP first thought it was the Russians. It turned out to be the Democrats — and when the AP found out it was the Democrats, they dropped the story. They didn’t make a big deal about it, it did run, and they had some pictures of these senators and so forth. But this is how it’s done.

You lay the groundwork for the fact that our elections are unjust, they’re illegal, they’re tampered with. You can’t trust ’em because of the Russians. Then you, the Democrats, senatorial campaign finance reform go out and buy a bunch of internet domains saying “Republican X is for sale,” and you advertise it and put it out there as though that Republican is offering himself for bribes. Then you’re able to do a story, “Such-and-such Republican,” 27 of them, “are actually seeking bribes.” It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not.

You just get the headline. Now, the AP thought that it was the Russians doing it before they found out it was the Democrats. When they found out it was the Democrats, it’s time to forget the story. But the Democrats are doing this to capitalize on what they are hoping has happened, and that is that more and more people distrust upcoming elections. I’m gonna tell you again: If they’re setting the table here in late July…

If they are setting tables and the expectation for the Russians again tampering with this election, they’ve gotta be doing this thinking they’re gonna lose. Because I’m here to tell you they would never take action at any time that would cast doubt on their victory. They simply wouldn’t do it. Unless they’ve got some grand scheme to say, “The Russians did it! The Russians are out there trying to screw us, but we found a way to beat ’em back. We Democrats outsmarted ’em. You can trust us to keep the Russians out of our elections.” Maybe they can do that. I wouldn’t put it past ’em.

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