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RUSH: Grab sound bites 14 and 15. I want to replay something I said yesterday on the program. I was talking about the Republican Party support for Trump and how it’s not fringe populist and nationalist, that the Republican base is now the Trump base — which is a crucially important thing in politics for the Republican Party to realize.

If the Republican Party thinks that Trump is a one-off and that his audience is — his voters are — a one-off, they’re making a huge mistake. If they’re thinking that Trump’s audience is made up of independents and toothless people that drink beer all the time and have never voted before and will go away when Trump goes away, they’re missing the boat entirely, and it dovetails with a point that Byron York made last night on Tucker Carlson. So here is reliving what I said yesterday first…


RUSH: This little stat that 85 to 92% of Republican voters support and love Trump? (chuckles) Believe me, that was not supposed to happen. Trump coalition was supposed to remain some odd collection of oddballs, kooks and freaks who don’t vote, usually. Remember that aspect of it, too? If you think back to the campaign, the media tried to tell us that the Trump coalition was made up of people who never voted before, or hadn’t voted in a long time, because they’re so fed up. “They’re malcontents! They’re fed up. They feel left out. They feel like America has no place for them.”

That was all said mocking them and making fun of them. The point was that the Trump voters are really nothing more than a bunch of fringe kook balls and nut burgers who had been united by a fellow fringe kook nut burger, Donald Trump, but that when Trump went away, so would that coalition. Now they’re looking at these numbers, and that’s not gonna happen. The Republicans are looking at, if they want to keep this base, they’re gonna have to heed to the Trump agenda, which not many of them apparently want to do.


RUSH: That’s the key, and it’s so important in talking about immigration and building the wall and keeping control of the House, and the idea that the Republican Party, the establishment side of the Republican Party is not excited about the Trump agenda. Here’s Byron York talking about that very thing on Tucker Carlson last night. Question: “Byron, it seems to be a huge disconnect between what the president says he wants and what the Congress is willing to provide. Why is that?”

YORK: I think the Speaker of the House — uh, who is leaving Congress at the end of this year — simply doesn’t want to do it. The majority leader of the Senate doesn’t seem to care all that much one way, uh, or the other. The other problem, of course, is the president — who did make this showcase promise of his 2016 campaign — has not pushed as hard with as much focus as he could have to get this through Congress.

RUSH: That’s a discussion about the wall and immigration. But the point of that is remember when Trump was first inaugurated and went through the first six months, and they’re trying to repeal Obamacare, and the Republicans in Congress are not interested? Well, it turned out that the reason they weren’t interested is they were buying into this Russia garbage! They were afraid to commit to Trump because they thought Trump was gonna be sent packin’ in six months. They thought the deep state was gonna get him.

They thought that he had colluded with Russia, and they believed what they were reading in the media that there was evidence for it and it was just momentarily forthcoming. Then as time went on and they realized that that wasn’t gonna happen, then they began to soften. They gave Trump tax cut reform, and they supported other aspects of the agenda. But when it comes to immigration, they’ve never been with him. Because as the truth is known, we know that the Republican establishment wants amnesty as much as the Democrats do, albeit for different reasons.

Byron York’s making the point that Trump should have been muscling this through much more energetically for the past year and a half because it was the No. 1 promise and the reason why he got elected. Now he’s talking about a government shutdown in order to get the wall built, and then he told me today that he’d be willing to wait ’til after the midterms to do that. Well, after the midterms if Republicans don’t hold the House, it ain’t gonna matter what you do.

You’re just gonna be under investigation. The president’s gonna be under constant oversight investigation if the Democrats win the House. So whatever is gonna have to happen before that. But then this whole idea of it seems axiomatic in the deep state, in the Washington establishment, in the media, among several of the Republican intellectual intelligentsia. It seems like the House is already lost, that the Democrats are gonna win it. The only question is by how much. I think that’s so much caca. I think it’s wrong, and I think it’s wrong to even be thinking that way right now.

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