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RUSH: One of the things that’s frightening… I want you to grab audio sound bite No. 1. I saw this on TV last night, and you see more and more of this — more and more leftist candidates, Democrat candidates running for office who are just plain stupid. I mean, there’s no other explanation! Yeah, they may be partisan and they may be biased but they’re stupid. They’re just downright dumb, and it’s painfully obvious to me to see how this has been made possible.

We’re looking at a generation of people — predominantly leftist young people, Democrat-oriented Millennials — who really ought to be suing somebody to get their education money back. It is astounding, the stupidity. Like we pointed out with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she got an economics degree at Boston University and she can’t converse in two sentences intelligently about economics. She got a degree in it! She thinks she’s an expert and she hasn’t the slightest idea.

She doesn’t even really know what socialism is.

She’s never been to a country where there is socialism.

This one is the closest she’s ever been. They still look at Venezuela and say, “Well, there’s some things that went wrong down there, yeah, but primarily lack of money.” Yeah, well, how did that happen? How did the lack of money lead to lack of food? They have oil. They’re an oil-rich nation! How did it happen? “Well, the wrong people were in charge.” They have the same stock answers, but the answers come from a baseline of literal ignorance. The problem is, they think they are chosen-one experts.

So this sound bite is Zephyr Teachout.

Somebody named their child “Zephyr.”

We have a Zephyr here. We have a Zephyr gadget. This program goes through a Zephyr. That’s one of the first things our signal goes through before it then reaches our satellite broadcast downlink/uplink that eventually finds its way to your radio receiver. That’s what our Zephyr is. We would never think of naming… But someone did. Zephyr Teachout. She is running for New York state attorney general, and her primary platform is to call for the abolition of ICE. She made a video! She’s so proud of herself and so proud of her position and so certain that she’s right about this, she made a video.

This is a woman seeking the power to put people in jail!

TEACHOUT: (melodramatic music) ICE has to be abolished — and as attorney general, I will continue to speak out against ICE. I will prosecute ICE for their criminal acts. We have stories of consistent abuse within ICE. The idea that we could call this “law enforcement” is a real offense to the idea of law itself.

RUSH: It’s a what? It’s a real “off-fense”? “The idea that we could call ICE law enforcement is a real offense to the idea of law itself.” Now, where did this business of ICE being corrupt get started? It got started in the sanctuary cities movement and the anti-borders movement, the open-borders movement. So basically any law enforcement agency designed to protect the border of the United States and to keep people out of the country seeking to come here illegally — including drug cartel members, gang members — they have to be abolished.

This is just… It’s downright stupid! It’s no different than saying we need to abolish the police, and then we need to abolish the FBI. If somebody started talking about that, everybody would think that they’re just blithering idiots. But this woman believes it, and she thinks that she’s brilliant! You can hear it in her voice. She thinks that she’s right on the money and she’s got the right answer. It’s scary how much stupidity and hate has been taught to the younger generations of our country.


RUSH: Also, a little more here on Zephyr Rain Teachout. That’s her middle name: Zephyr Rain Teachout. This is the 28-year-old female candidate for attorney general in New York who wants to abolish ICE because they just cause too much “off-fence.” They do too much offense, and we have to get rid of them. She says, “There’s so much wrong with ICE that goes to its very structure. … The idea that people are illegal, the idea that we should see immigrants as a national security threat and that ICE should be placed under the Department of Homeland Security…”

So you see where this all starts. “There’s so much wrong with ICE that goes to its very structure. … The idea that people are illegal…” Her real problem here — and I think a lot of people’s. If she really has a beef with this, her beef is with whom? Not ICE! Congress created ICE. Congress created immigration laws. ICE is simply a law enforcement agency charged with enforcing those laws, which include defending and protecting the borders, our people and the Constitution of the United States.

But this woman has been conditioned to look at ICE itself as some kind of rogue police unit. (impression) “It’s out there targeting poor, innocent, thirsty and hungry people — and then insulting everybody! (sobbing) We’re calling them bad names! We’re calling them ‘illegals.’ There’s no human being that’s illegal!” How do you get through to a clogged-up mind like that? Of course, these people have also been taught how brilliant and special they are, so you cannot challenge them.

They’re not interested in what anybody else thinks anyway, and they’re not interested in learning. They think they know it all already at age 28, and she doesn’t have the slightest idea. She’s too young to remember that ICE was created after 9/11. There didn’t used to be an ICE. It was just Customs. We had Customs and Border Patrol. We combined all these efforts after 9/11 because all of the 19 hijackers were allowed into the country on temporary visas. Four of them had overstayed their visas and were illegal aliens at the time of the attacks.

She’s too young to remember that the day after the 9/11 attacks we were able to assemble dossiers on all 19. Meaning we knew who they were before 9/11. We knew where they were in many cases. We just hadn’t put it all together. That’s one of the things… Going back to 9/11/2001 and then 9/12/2001, I was stunned looking at all the data we had on all 19 of those hijackers — profiles, photos, locations, schools they had attended. It was all there, scrolling on every television channel that you watched.

I’m asking myself, “How in the world do we know this already? These people blew up themselves! They perished in these plane crashes. How do we know?” Well, we do. We obviously knew. We weren’t able to use it. We weren’t able to combine the information. We had a wall, if you remember, that was built during the Clinton administration, that prevented, for example, the FBI and the CIA sharing such information.

Because the Clinton administration had decided that they were going to treat terrorists as not enemy combatants but as people guilty of crimes who would be indicted. So once we’re going to indict them, that means they have protections under the Constitution like anybody else would be accused by the U.S. government. Rather than treating them as enemy combatants in a war or soldiers in a war, the Clinton administration wanted all these terrorists — not just 9/11, but even before.

They wanted them treated as average ordinary people breaking the law that you would indict. To protect their privacy, we couldn’t share any data. But after it happened, we knew everything. We knew where they went to flight school. We knew that they only wanted to learn how to take off; that they had no desire to learn how to land. We were unable to put it all together. Now, I doubt that Zephyr Rain Teachout knows any of this. No, what Zephyr Rain Teachout and her generation have been taught is that there’s no such thing as a guilty or illegitimate or illegal human being, because we’re all equal.

We’re all the same.

We’re not allowed to be any different.

So she righteously is offended by the very idea that we would call anybody “illegal,” that we would call anybody an “alien.” So we’ve got to get rid of the law enforcement agency that does this. She’s literally clueless about what ICE is, how it came to be, and where she’s not even interested. Now she’s out there campaigning on getting rid of this, which isn’t going to happen. But it’s going to get her some votes, probably. I have no idea how her primary is going to turn out or even her election.

But these are the same people… To show you the contradictory nature of their own existence, these are the same people that joined Black Lives Matter and wanted to get rid of the cops. When you get right down to it they wanted to get rid of police departments. Because they, too, were enforcing the law, but it was thought that they were only enforcing it against African-Americans and other minorities. Black Lives Matter was all about getting rid of police departments.

That’s what the left has become, getting rid of all law enforcement because we’re all bad people or we’re all good people and it’s not right to call somebody illegal. It’s not right to say that somebody is a national security threat. Well, four of them were, in fact, national security threats — and the number of gang members that ICE has arrested just in the past couple of years is 5,000 people, off the streets in New York City.

I’m harping on this because to me it’s a growing problem, just the general stupidity of people. That is the result of our education system. Now, you could say it’s ignorance, too, but I think stupidity is part of it. I used to say it was just ignorance because I wanted to be very careful not to insult somebody’s legitimate IQ. I mean, if you haven’t been taught something and you don’t know it, you’re literally ignorant. But it goes beyond that now, and it’s spreading like wildfire — and I think there’s a purpose and an objective behind it.


RUSH: By the way, ladies and gentlemen, Zephyr Rain Teachout is a professor. She is an associate professor of law at Fordham. She attended Yale, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1993. She got two additional simultaneous degrees from Duke in 1999, a J.D. summa cum laude (which is sum cum laude) and a Master of Arts in political science. This is my point. She is doing the teaching! She’s got all of this education, and you can’t tell. It’s not evident.


RUSH: You know what I’ll bet? I’ll betcha… What do you think the odds are that Zephyr Rain Teachout…? When it comes to 9/11, what do you bet that she was taught that part of it was the United States’ fault? I don’t have any doubt about that. Do you remember what happened right after 9/11? Shortly after 9/11 the State Department — and this is the George W. Bush administration. The State Department convened a massive number of forums and seminars, the title of which: Why do they hate us so much?

It was a series of forums and seminars look at why do Islamists or Muslims hate us so much. The premise being that it must be somewhat our fault that they hijacked three airplanes, killed 3,000 people, destroyed the World Trade Center, damaged the Pentagon and a field out in western Pennsylvania. I thought I had seen everything, and that’s what I meant yesterday by every day I learn something new. Every day I discover something I didn’t know.

I discover a thought process, a fact, historical event, something I didn’t know. Back in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, we were not unified in this country. We didn’t come together like in World War II. We had an inordinate number of people back then who thought we deserved it, and I’m not talking about the conspiracy kookballs that were out. I’m talking about mainstream, inside-the-Beltway people in Washington, D.C.

And you know they were all over America’s universities because to them the United States is guilty. Didn’t we elect Obama who believes things like this, that the United States is not the solution to the world’s problem; we are the world’s problem? Because we’re too big, we’re too wealthy, we’re too prosperous — and we don’t share enough and we’ve stolen what we have. You know the drill. This is what young people have been taught. These are the things young people are being taught.

If you’re too young to remember exactly what happened with 9/11 — but there are people in academia and in the feeder system from the Ivy League to the State Department and the Pentagon and other federal bureaucracies who believe we were culpable in 9/11… And that maybe we should have seen it coming and that maybe we ought to understand their rage and maybe we ought to understand that we have some blame.

What do you think the odds are that that’s part of what people like Zephyr Rain Teachout have been taught? So after a foundational education with things that exist along the lines of the United States is guilty, the United States is culpable, the United States is not the solution to the world’s problem. After being inundated with all that through middle school, high school and college, then we get to this charged political era with Donald Trump, who they despise and hate.

They can’t see straight because of Donald Trump, and here comes Donald Trump who wants to close the border, build a wall, save a distinct American culture that they’ve been taught is corrupt and indecent. So they lash out and blame the law enforcement agency that is charged with obeying the law and enforcing the law. But the way they see it, they see ICE as the secret police of Donald Trump. So their belief… Whatever their belief of Trump is, is what then informs the rest of their political ideology.

So if you started out hating Trump, and if Trump is Hitler and if ICE is the Gestapo (or the equivalent), then anything that ICE does — including calling people trying to get into our wonderful country “illegal.” If your baseline education is the United States is culpable and the United States is to blame and the United States has a little coming to it, the United States… Then in a sad way, it would make sense that you get people like Zephyr Rain Teachout with three different college degrees. (chuckling) Wasted, literally wasting all that money and all that time spent. Look at the rotgut that’s been taught — and people like that, when they’re confronted with patriotism, that offends them.

A parade with the American flag?

It offends them, and that offends them because that offends other people.


RUSH: By the way, correction. The news story I have on Zephyr Rain Teachout says she’s 28. Apparently, that’s wrong. Apparently, she’s 46 (chuckles), which, believe me, doesn’t help. She’d have more of an excuse if she was 28. But she’s 46. So it makes it even… It’s even more depressing. And we’re going to go to the phones. We have Richard in Cary, North Carolina. Richard, before you speak or start talking, this is the last chance you’re going to have to hear me.


RUSH: I have a phone system where you cannot hear me when you are talking, and that’s not good, because sometimes when callers say things that provoke me, I want to ask you to expand on it but you can’t hear me.


RUSH: So we need a new policy here, and I’m going to use as the guinea pig for the new policy. I want you to try — and if you fail at this, don’t worry, because it’s the first effort. It’s going to take a while to get it down pat. If you can just think to pause every ten seconds — say, every two sentences pause — and allow me to say something to you or continue. If I say, “Continue,” you keep talking.


RUSH: Otherwise, you can talk from now until 5:00, and if you don’t stop you will not hear me.


RUSH: Okay?


RUSH: So start — and just remember, every ten seconds — every two sentences, whatever — when it’s convenient, just pause for a couple of seconds. I’ll know where you’re pausing. I have great instincts. I’ll either say, “Continue,” or ask you a question based on what you’ve just said. Are you ready?



CALLER: Okay. I just want to make an observation about liberals. You talk about how they are the way they are, because they’re raised that way or they’re stupid and ignorant — and that’s all true. But the real foundation of it is that they’re so dishonest. The way you pursue the truth, they pursue deception.

RUSH: Continue.

CALLER: Well, you know, they’re liars to the core. And they hate the truth, and they hate anything that represents the truth. So anything that they’re faced with that is true, they hate it. So whether it’s a person or a situation or a story or anything, they’re going to hate it if it doesn’t represent what they love, which is deception.

RUSH: Pause.

CALLER: Which is why they become actors, because acting is nothing more than just making people believe that you’re something that you’re not.

RUSH: Okay. Stop! Question: Are you saying that they really know that they’re wrong and that they really know they’re adopting positions which are at great variance with the truth, but they don’t care because they’re not interested in truth as much as they are in whatever they think and the way it makes them feel?

CALLER: Yes, it’s the end’s justify the mans. They don’t care about the truth, they hate the truth, because it doesn’t allow them to do whatever they want unfettered.

RUSH: So a woman who says, “Get rid of ICE! Get rid of ICE! We need to get rid of ICE,” she doesn’t really mean it. She’s just saying it because she wants others who also think it to know she’s on their side. She’s trying to make herself feel better, but she doesn’t really mean it?

CALLER: She may believe it, but the reason why she’s saying it is probably because of what they stand for, not so much who they are.

RUSH: Ah-ha! Well, this is an interesting point that you’ve made. They’re not stupid or dumb. They’re just dishonest. That means that they are… I could not lie to myself this way. I could not be this dishonest with myself. I could not look at something I know to be true and say that it isn’t. How do they do that?

CALLER: Well, you know, some people are willing to blind themselves to the truth and willing to just… You know, it’s like somebody who would kill another person in a robbery or anything. They have to push that part of themselves that tells them not to do it so deep that they can’t hear that voice anymore and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish that thing. It’s like yin and yang. It’s light and dark. People who love the truth wouldn’t do a thing, but people who hate the truth, will ignore it to the point they’re capable of doing anything.

RUSH: Okay, so, here what we have are a bunch of people who are devoted to one premise, and that’s getting Trump. Getting rid of Donald Trump and anything to do with Donald Trump. So anything in service of that — including something like banning his secret police force ICE — is perfectly permitted even though it’s wrong, untrue and stupid?

CALLER: Right. Well, Obama sent a bunch of weapons to Mexico to drug dealers and stuff in order to accomplish something. I mean, if that’s not messed up enough as an example of what they’re capable of, then what is?

RUSH: See, was that smart or dumb? He’s talking about Fast and Furious. They actually engendered the sale of American guns — guns purchased from American stores — that ended up purposely in the hands of drug dealers in Mexico. Those guns were supposed to be used for mass murders and crimes and be traced back to America. It was their way of enraging the public to the point of the public supporting gun control and getting rid of the Second Amendment. Now, was that smart? Was it deceptive? Was it dumb? You could make the argument for all of them, but what it was was deceitful and dishonest.


RUSH: I got an email here, folks. “Dear, Rush… You are forgetting something that you have taught us. Zephyr Rain Teachout is an old, highly educated, privileged white woman. Socialists are not into old, white, privileged women.” Well, I don’t know. How would you describe Hillary Clinton? Whether she’s wearing a tablecloth or a muumuu, she’s still a white, old, privileged woman — and they apparently love her.

But then, she has a lifetime of history of articulating things that people on her wavelength want to hear. The person who sent me the email says, “Socialists are not into old, white, privileged white women, so she has to come out against ICE because that’s what they hate.” So she’s being strategic here. She has all these strikes against her. She wants to be the New York attorney general. But she’s white, educated, privileged. They probably instinctively would hate her.

You know what I just want? Maybe there’s something to that. It really does boil down to that: Do they really mean this? See, I maintain that they do. I maintain that it’s tough. It’s tough. Where do you draw the line? You have the liberal, left-wing, socialist hierarchy. You’ve got the leaders and the thought/opinion leaders and so forth, and you’ve got the rank and file, which are average, ordinary voters. They’re people not in any official leadership position.

They’re just a bunch of followers. Now, where in that hierarchy do you draw the line? Where in that hierarchy are the people who know that they’re lying, who know that they’re misleading, who know that they are just fibbing to people to get them motivated to do what the leaders want them to do? Where is that line? Below that line are the stupid idiots that actually believe it all — and I think the line goes pretty high.

I think… I’ve had this opinion for a while now. I think some of the most outrageously insane, lunatic stuff that you’re hearing from governors and gubernatorial candidates, I think they really believe it, because I think they have been led straight down the path of pure hatred. I think they’ve been poisoned with it. I think it’s been a central part of their education. They have hatred for so much and they have hatred for so many.

Their hatred is general and it’s individualistic and it’s the foundation. It’s the building blocks. They create the hatred and the resentment, and then they pile on the so-called facts. So I can totally believe that a New York attorney general candidate would actually believe that in the entire problem we are facing with illegal immigration, ICE is the problem! I can also believe that she would think she has to say that because that’s what most of the people that are going to elect her think and so she has to reflect it. But it’s not just there.

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