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RUSH: I have to take just a brief moment here to extend sincere thanks to Sean Hannity. I was told, “You’re going to want to watch Sean’s monologue tonight.” It was a note from somebody working on his staff. “You’re going to want to watch this tonight.” So I turned to it and I was floored. I was. Did you all see it last night? (interruption) Honestly, it was so strange, I’ve never… I don’t want to make too big a deal of it. I’ve never had any…

Well, I’ve never had all that stuff ever said about me or this program, and it just was over-the-top exceptionally well-done. I was dabbing at my eyes while this was going on, because it was so heartfelt in the way Sean spoke of this program and of me and our friendship, and I will always remember it.

It was… I don’t know how else to say it. It was unlike anything that has ever been said in ways of describing this program and me, and when you’re not accustomed…

I imagine that people on the left are accustomed to that kind of treatment all the time and it becomes something that they expect and don’t appreciate. But, man, for me? People on our side of the aisle, we never get anything like that, and I just have to… I sent Sean a note privately and thanked him, but I wanted to acknowledge it here on the program today, too, because it was… It was just great and deeply meaningful.

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