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RUSH: The annual Nutroots Nation Conference was held in New Orleans over the weekend. It gives the Democrat presidential wannabes a chance to showcase their so-called “talents.”

California senator Kamala Harris promised she won’t be shut up by those who criticize identity politics. She doesn’t understand that nobody on our side wants her to shut up. We want her to keep talking!

Then Massachusetts senator Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren spoke with forked tongue. After telling Democrats to embrace a “politics of unity,” she attacked America’s judicial system, calling it “racist all the way, front to back.”

Next came New Jersey senator Cory Booker, who was photographed holding an anti-Israel sign, which he later claimed he didn’t read. He told the Nutroots crowd that if America hasn’t broken your heart, you don’t love her enough. What? America is supposed to break your heart? What the hell is this! Well, it’s because things are “savagely” wrong in this country, and you deserve to have your heart broken as bad as America is.

Look, it’s not just Kamala. I don’t want any of these Democrats to shut up! I want ’em to keep talking, keep expressing themselves, and keep on telling us what they think about America. All the way through the 2020 elections! Keep talking, you people!

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