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RUSH: While Facebook is out there banning conservatives, Twitter is doing the same, how about this headline: “Facebook is asked to change rules for journalists and scholars.” New York Times. Facebook is being asked to change rules that restrict how journalists and scholars conduct research. In other words, they want to be exempted from any fake news, Facebook rules, because they are scholars and they are journalists just doing research.


RUSH: New York Times: “Facebook is being asked to change rules that restrict how journalists and scholars conduct research on [Facebook] — a request that raises unresolved issues about how the First Amendment applies to the social media era.” Let me synthesize this down for you. Facebook and Twitter are in the process of doing what they can to ban, to shadow ban, to disqualify, to limit or to even remove conservative content from their sites, from their operations.

And this is being applauded. It’s being applauded by Democrat senators. It’s being applauded by the Drive-By Media, who think this is great. They think it’s great that Facebook and Twitter and others are forcing certain people off of these platforms. Now, these are private businesses, and they can do it. It’s not the U.S. government. They can do it, folks. They have every right to do it and deal with the results. If there’s anger, if there’s support, they can do it. Whether it’s a wise business move or not is another thing.

The fact that elected Democrats are applauding it is the red flag. And they are. They are applauding and they’re encouraging it. And in fact, Facebook and Twitter and Apple are being told, “You can’t just rid of that one site. You gotta get rid of more than that. That’s not even… That’s just the tip of the iceberg! You’re not even making a difference. You’ve gotta get rid of more of ’em and more of ’em,” and there’s no end in sight. Once this starts, where does it end?

But, anyway, the New York Times is asking Facebook for an exemption from these rules. The New York Times is asking to be exempted from things that would disqualify them so that they can continue their scholarly research into fake news. That’s what this story is. “Facebook Asked to Change Rules for Journalists and Scholars.” They don’t want to be thrown off when they do fake news. They don’t want to be banned. They don’t want to be facing time-outs. They don’t want to be canceled. They’re purposely asking, expressly asking Facebook to grant them exemptions.

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