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RUSH: Do you know how many…? The latest numbers here are from the Department of Homeland Security. Do you know how many overstays there are in this country, the number of illegal immigrants who have overstayed their visas?

The Department of Homeland Security announced it. It’s about 700,000. There are still 700,000 illegal aliens in the country who are here on expired visas, above and beyond whatever the number everybody uses — 15 million, 12 million — of illegals in the country. It’s just another bit of evidence of how lax the enforcement of immigration law has been over the years.


RUSH: By the way, that 700,000 overstays is just one year, folks. The number is in the millions of illegal aliens who’ve overstayed their visas. That’s just one year. That was announced by Kirstjen Nielsen, who is the director of Homeland Security.

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