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RUSH: Rudy says that the Mueller case isn’t gonna fizzle out, it’s gonna blow up, it’s gonna blow up on Mueller. They got all kinds of stuff they’re holding back. They can’t wait ’til it all comes out. And I think we all have a — well, I don’t know about you, but I think I’ve got a pretty good idea the kind of stuff Giuliani’s talking about here.

He says we want to wrap this up by September. If this isn’t wrapped up by September 1, we’re gonna have a serious problem. I think they’re gonna have a serious problem. I think Mueller intends to wrap this up by September 1. The Manafort trial, I mean, there’s another one starting in September in the district.


RUSH: Rudolph “Rudy” Giuliani was on Fox last night, and he said that this whole investigation is not gonna fizzle. It is going to blow up. “The real story here is not that this case isn’t going to fizzle. It’s going to blow up on them. The real question is what we talked about before. There’s a lot more to what they did that nobody knows about yet.” To the audio sound bites we go. Start here at number 4. It’s on Sean Hannity’s show last night.

Question: “The Constitution is on the president’s side. If he wants a fight –” This is all about whether he should sit for his interview with Mueller or not. And they flatly refused an interview over collusion or obstruction. And they finally admitted it’s a perjury trap that Mueller wants to set, and they’re not gonna walk into it. This has all been smoke and mirrors anyway. Trump was never gonna sit for an interview that would lead to a possible perjury trap. The idea that he might, I’m telling you, all of this is politics.

You’ve got to look at this entire thing with Mueller now not as a matter of law, even though he’s a lawyer, it’s a special counsel investigation, this is pure politics. And the reason it is is because the president’s not gonna be indicted. The Department of Justice has guidelines since 1973. Presidents cannot be indicted. And Trump’s not gonna be impeached and removed from office, no matter what happens in the November elections. There will never be the votes to do that.

So the only possible way they can get rid of Trump here is via politics, and that’s to drive his approval numbers down so that Republicans in Congress have no reason to support him. If Republicans in Congress — the House and Senate — could be forced to abandon their support for Trump, as happened to Nixon, then he would have to go. I don’t know if Trump would play ball even in that scenario like Nixon did. I think Trump would dare them to impeach him and try to remove him. I don’t think Trump’s gonna play ball the way the establishment thinks.

But that’s the only avenue here. The point is it’s politics. And everybody’s upset with Rudy, “Rudy’s not acting as a good lawyer.” Rudy’s not acting as a lawyer, period. Rudy is conducting a political barroom fight. And they’re also at the same time, they’re trying to drive Mueller’s approval numbers down precisely because this is a political battle, not legal. So Hannity’s question: “The Constitution’s on the president’s side,” meaning he doesn’t have to answer a subpoena, he doesn’t have to talk to Mueller. He says if he wants a fight, there’s gonna be a fight.

GIULIANI: The real story here is not that this case isn’t going to fizzle. It’s going to blow up on them. The real question is what we talked about before. There’s a lot more to what they did that nobody knows about yet. A lot more to the obstruction of justice, to the collusion, to the fake dossier.

HANNITY: Oh, I know a lot.

GIULIANI: To try to bring Steele back in when he was completely discredited. And Mueller is going to have a lot to answer for. I said a long time ago the investigation here has to be on the investigators. Because we can’t let this happen again in American history.

RUSH: Rudy could have said this at any time in this investigation, because this is exactly right. And I’ve maintained that, you know, my opinion, this investigation is really nothing but an elaborate cover-up of the efforts that were undertaken to exonerate Hillary Clinton. And, remember, this is also, I think to me, something I keep in mind at all times when I think about this entire scenario of the dossier and Clinton opposition research and the supposed idea that Trump colluded with Russia and the election’s illegitimate.

What really, really drove all of this is the knowledge on the part of the deep state that their candidate, Hillary Clinton, was statutorily guilty as sin. And if she was ever prosecuted and found guilty, the Democrat presidential candidate would be sent to jail for years. There are already people in jail for less than what she has done just with trafficking in classified data on an unsecured server.

Well, they have known this. They were trafficking on that server with her. Everybody in this hierarchy, the Democrat National Committee, the Obama Department of Justice which ran this whole show, the Obama Department of Justice which let the Russians do whatever they did, made no effort to stop it, everybody here knew that Hillary Clinton was guilty, everybody knew that she had committed crimes, above and beyond.

The Clinton Foundation, the soliciting of donations from around the world. That was the essence of selling policy, selling her office in advance of her winning. Everybody there knew it! What they had to do was exonerate her. They had to take steps to make sure she would never be prosecuted. They had to take steps to ensure she would never be charged. It simply wouldn’t do. They could not permit the Democrat Party’s presidential nominee to even appear to be under a legal cloud.

And so they took steps to exonerate Hillary Clinton and I believe at the same time, in order to cover up what they were really doing, they started this whole game that Trump was illegal, that Trump was corrupt, and that Trump was colluding with the Russians, the Russians were meddling with Trump.

And then when Hillary lost the election after they had gone to great lengths to exonerate her and they had put their professional reputations on the line, all of these lawyers, all of these professional people had looked the other way when Hillary Clinton and her husband were committing actual statutory crimes.

Had she won, no problem, nobody would ever know any of that happened. Nobody would know 90% of what we know now. But she went and blew it by losing. They had to hustle. They had to begin a cover-up of what had happened, everything that they had done to exonerate her in advance.

And that’s what all of this is. The made-up dossier, the made-up allegation of collusion and meddling, the planting of spies in the Trump campaign… Whereas they tell Dianne Feinstein they found a spy in her campaign, they plant the spies in the Trump campaign — and even with planted spies, they don’t get any evidence that Trump is colluding! So they have to make it up. They have to manufacture it as news stories with anonymous sources from all over the intelligence community.

They get their buddies at Cambridge and Oxford and MI5 and MI6 in the U.K. to join in this effort. They get the Australian ambassador. They put together a worldwide network of intelligence agency allies to construct this massive fraud that the Russians meddled with the election, helping Donald Trump win, all of that to cover up what they did in setting the stage for Hillary Clinton to evade the law, evade capture, and evade charges.

Now, the Mueller investigation is a continuation of that cover-up. It’s a deception campaign. It’s designed to take everybody’s eyes off the ball. It’s the same way magicians do it. They focus your attention away from the illusion, away from the so-called trick, where you don’t see what’s actually happening ’cause they’ve got your attention diverted. That’s what Rudy’s talking about here, and they know much more than what has been reported.

I think we all do. I think we know the various kinds of things Rudy is alluding to. They would be the relationships between Strzok Smirk and Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr and his wife and all of the relationships they had to Fusion GPS and the Perkins Coie law firm with the Clinton campaign and the DNC that is not being investigated — and it’s not being investigated because this is being done to cover all of that up.

That was never gonna be known anyway, and they can’t afford for it to become known now — and at the top of the heap, at the top the list of people that must be shielded is Barack Obama, because all of this took place while he was president. It all took place under the auspices of his administration, his Department of Justice, his FBI, his authorization, his knowledge. Obama’s already on the record as having told a falsehood that he didn’t know Hillary Clinton was using an illegal server until he read about it in the news.

We know it’s a lie because he was using it himself. He was trafficking in classified data with her on her unsecure server. That’s what Rudy is referring to. There may be some things that we don’t know, but it’s gonna be related to all of this. And then there is the final ploy — the coup de grace, the piece de resistance — and that is if Trump ever decides to declassify every file, every document in this file relating to the investigation of the Trump campaign and Russian meddling and how it started. Because all the answers are there. Congress wants them; the DOJ is not furnishing them.

There is a fascinating story. This was in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. I have not seen any… I purposely didn’t do this. It happened at 5:30 in the morning yesterday when it was posted. I haven’t seen this discussed anywhere. I wanted to give it a day to see if it would be discussed, and I still haven’t seen it. Now, I don’t watch a lot of cable TV anymore, cable news; so it may have been reported, but I haven’t seen it.

Wall Street Journal headline: “‘It’s Fantastic!’ Trump Warms to Rosenstein.” Subhead: “Nearly fired by the president, the No. 2 Justice official — the man in charge of the Mueller probe –builds a rapport. Before President Trump headed to meet Vladimir Putin last month, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein requested a meeting in the Oval Office. He was ready to indict Russian officials for election hacking and wanted to know if the president wanted the Justice Department to announce the charges before or after the trip.

“Mr. Trump told Mr. Rosenstein to issue the statement as soon as possible, adding that it would strengthen his position in talks with Moscow, according to people familiar with the exchange. The moment was the latest indication of a significant change in the rapport between [Trump and Rosenstein]. As the Russia investigation unfolds and some House Republicans mount an effort to impeach him, Mr. Rosenstein has steadily developed a stable relationship with the president that suggests he has more staying power than either his supporters or detractors suspect. …

“‘It’s fantastic,’ Mr. Trump said about his rapport with Mr. Rosenstein when a spokesman told him The Wall Street Journal was seeking a comment. ‘We have a great relationship. Make sure you tell them that.'” He told his spokesman to make sure you tell the Journal that Rosenstein and I have a great relationship. Now, what’s going on here? Anybody have a theory? Well, I, of course, do because I’m host. It’s my job to have not just theories but answers. I have both.

How could this possibly happen? How can Trump warm up to Rosenstein? Rosenstein, on the surface, appears to be the guy that will not rein Mueller in! Rosenstein’s the guy that will not release the info that Devin Nunes and the gang on the House Intel Committee want! Rosenstein’s the guy from the swamp that appears all this time to have been subverting Jeff Sessions, who has recused himself! Rosenstein appears to be buddy-buddy with… What is going on here?


You have an answer?


You don’t have a single idea?


Well, let me take a brief time-out and I’ll come back and we’ll tell you what I think is going on.


RUSH: If this Journal story is true — and that’s a capital IF. If Trump and Rosenstein are now having a relationship that’s absent any tension, there can only be one explanation for it, and that is that the Mueller investigation really doesn’t have anything and isn’t gonna get anywhere going after Trump, and that Rosenstein knows and that Trump knows it. It’d be the only thing that would explain this. But it’s all based on if this report happens to be true.

I’ll tell you, after we watched Rosenstein testify before Congress not long ago where a bunch of Republicans really went after him — Trey Gowdy was among those and Ted Cruz and so forth — I got the impression then that Rosenstein knows this thing isn’t gonna nail Trump. If Trump thinks that’s the case, if Trump is now convinced that there’s nothing here that they’ve got…

And he would know because he didn’t do anything, but that doesn’t prevent them making it up. Remember, this has now become a pure political exercise. But if it’s not that, I can’t explain why there would be this thaw in relations.


RUSH: I checked the email during the break. “Rush, be more specific. What do you think Rudy’s talking about when he says they know ‘a whole lot more’ that’s gonna blow up?” Well, I’ll tell you one thing I think it is, and it’s just something that we have learned recently, and I don’t know for sure. But it’s possible that Rudy is referring to the news that Bruce Ohr in the FBI and Christopher Steele were colluding even before the dossier.

It’s recently come out that Ohr was working with Steele long before the dossier and that he continued to work with Steele after Steele was cut off by the FBI, and I think that’s what Rudy meant when he says that they’re bringing back Steele. To try to bring back Steele, to try to bring Steele back in when he’s completely discredited has to be what he’s talking about. Let me briefly recap.

The FBI loved Steele, even when they knew he was making it up. They were telling people — they told the FISA judge — that he was entirely credible, even when they knew that he was making things up. Where Steele ran afoul of the FBI was he started leaking some of this stuff to the media. The FBI didn’t want anybody to know what Steele was doing, obviously. They knew what was Steele was up to. They knew. The people in the FBI knew.

We’re talking about McCabe and Strzok Smirk and Comey, some of these other people. They knew what Steele was doing, and they knew how they were using Steele — and as long as Steele kept quiet, everything was fine. But Steele was starting to get a taste of the limelight. So the FBI eventually cut him loose when they found out he was violating an agreement with them and he was talking to individual reporters.

So he was giving individual reporters additional information the FBI had not leaked or reported, and that’s when they decided to sever ties. Well, after they severed ties, Steele kept talking to Bruce Ohr in the FBI, whose wife was working at Fusion GPS, which is who contracted Steele in the first place to do the dossier. Hillary hires Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS hires Steele. They use the law firm Perkins Coie to pay Steele.

They’re the cutout so that the money is not traced back to Hillary or the DNC. Then after all of that, Steele… Well, even before that the FBI had been using Steele as a source for things unrelated to Trump. When this stuff all started to happen, they kept using Steele — even after it was known that his dossier was full of excrement — and they kept assuring people he was totally trustworthy, totally credible.

But they had instructed him, they told him not to talk to anybody in the media, and he did. He kept talking to people in the media, so they fired him. But he then kept talking to Ohr in the FBI and Ohr’s wife. So this is, I think, what Rudy is referring to when he said, “Bring back Steele after he had been totally discredited.” Bruce Ohr is part of the McCabe-Strzok team that ended up helping inform Mueller in the early days of his investigation.

So that’s one thing, and it’s a pretty big thing because by that time, by the time Ohr and Steele were continuing their… The work they were doing was continuing to discredit Trump. Steele hated Trump. Steele publicly said he was devoted making sure Trump was never elected. But Steele burned himself, as I say. Once it became known that the dossier was made up and nothing more than Clinton oppo research — and that it had been used to secure a FISA warrant — the FBI washed their hands.

But not with Bruce Ohr, and Bruce Ohr was still part of the team. So while the FBI thought they’d gotten rid of Steele, Steele is still doing work which some of them claim not to know about. That, I think, is what Rudy’s talking about, pure and simple. Look, on this division stuff, I think the way we have to look at… You know, we had a call, the leftists playing the long game and all we do is get up every day and play defense.

How do we join ’em on the field for the long game? The problem is that our objectives are so entirely different. We’re not in an argument here with people over how to improve America, and I think this is actually an important point that a lot of people don’t get. I think a lot of people who are not policy wonks or… Well, I’m not, either. But we are interested in this stuff every day.

You’re here because you are, and I’m hosting it because I am. Of course, my range of interests is far, far beyond this. But when I get into those things I start hearing caustic comments from the Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd. When it comes to this stuff, a lot of people really think that the argument is between Republicans and Democrats over how to improve America, and we’re so far past that. That’s not what’s going on. The left is not in an argument with us over how to improve America.

They may think that’s what they’re doing, but they don’t want to improve America; they want to tear it. They want to destroy it, transform it. So we are in an argument. We’re in a war. We’re trying to defend what we hold dear and sacred and they’re trying to destroy it — and the media has chosen sides. The media is propping up and advancing and supporting the people who are trying to tear down the country.

And they’re trying to tear down the country again on the basis of our differences, our superficial differences — skin color, sexual orientation, sexual preference, and that kind of stuff. And they’re turning as many people into victims as they can, victims of America. They’re polluting the entire idea of elections, claiming every election is corrupt; you can’t trust it now. This is hideous, hideous stuff — and they are ruining people’s lives!

They are literally ruining the lives of countless young people! You cannot… You simply cannot have a healthy society when the influencing and the propagandizing of people is purely, totally negative, pessimistic, and destructive. You simply cannot. You don’t raise your kids that way. Well, some of you might; I don’t know. But most people don’t raise their kids around 100% pessimism. You might try to toughen ’em up with tough love and hard discipline.

But you want a better life for ’em, and you want ’em to be able to acquire it on their own. You want them to be able to provide for themselves. You want ’em to be able to attack life. You try to be upbeat, loving, and positive — where these people we’re talking about don’t experience any of that. They are surrounded by hate. They have hatred promoted. It’s a virtue. They are encouraged towards it. They are inspired to violence.

They’re told they have every right to be livid and angry. That’s why I’ve said for the longest time there isn’t any overlap here of things that we have in common. And the idea that we’re in the midst of a great debate over how to make America better, we’re so far beyond that. It would be great if that’s what was happening. And when I was growing up, that’s what it was.

The arguments between left and right, Democrat-Republican were policy, what policy is best, what policy’s best for the most people. And that’s where the arguments — way back then, the argument was very simple. You can’t have government doing more and more. You’re short-changing people. People need to be taught to provide for, to defend, to be themselves. It’s the only way people genuinely prosper is when they do it themselves. And that’s where the old time-honored hard work, pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

That’s not what we’re doing anymore. We’re not in that kind of an argument. Our side of the argument was, no, Big Government gets in the way. Big Government providing for, Big Government shielding, Big Government choosing winners and losers. That’s not good. We want a great nation, we need great citizens, great people. Conservatives were all about individual liberty, freedom and prosperity. The greatest country in the world with more opportunity than anywhere else in the world, go out and attack it, don’t let people tell you you can’t do it.

We could win that argument every day if that’s what it was, but that’s not the argument anymore. The argument is America sucks versus, no, it doesn’t. And the reason America sucks is because white people founded it and run it. How do you defend that when so many white people, “Oh, no, no, I’m not racist! I’ll vote for Obama to show you. No, I’m not racist. I’ll support open borders.” How do you win the argument when so many on our side are trying to disprove these baseless, false allegations about them?

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