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RUSH: I was reading an NFL website. Doesn’t matter what it is. I read a comment from a reader of this website about the ongoing controversy the NFL is having over what to do about the national anthem and the players taking a knee. And, you know, there is a massive boycott for the NFL games planned on Veterans Day, November 12th. Have you heard about this?

A bunch of fans are trying to organize a massive boycott of the NFL on that one day. I don’t know how successful they’re gonna be, but it’s all rooted in the fact that they are protesting the flag and protesting the military when they are rich beyond most people’s wildest imaginations for playing a game, you know, you’ve heard the drill from people that make this argument. Didn’t have to go to college, well, they had to go, but didn’t have to attend class, had private tutors. As star athletes, the red carpet’s been rolled out for them. Who are they to complain. Especially when their protests insult the very people who are paying all the money that makes them wealthy. That would be the fans.

I don’t know how successful it’s gonna be. But in reading a bunch of various NFL websites, I’m always fascinated to read the comments. Because you find left-wing insanity on full display there too. And, folks, I’m telling you, it is all around us. It has been building. It is being amplified. And it’s being presented as normal. It’s being presented, discussed, reported upon as quite normal, this madness and insanity.

So I want to read an idea that a fan one of these websites had. As I read this, I want you to imagine yourself watching an NFL game on television or you are there, you are at an NFL stadium. Here is the fan’s idea. What if, before the national anthem at every game, before the national anthem the stadium public address announcer observed a moment of silence for social injustice.

The PA announcer could read something like this: Ladies and gentlemen, the National Football League and the home team strongly believe in equality and social justice. As Americans and human beings, we should all strive to be kind to each other. And we should all treat each other with dignity and respect regardless of race, color, gender, creed, religion, or sexual orientation while in this stadium today and after we leave and go about our lives. We will now observe a moment of silence to reflect on those who have suffered injustice in our society. Thank you.

And then during that moment of silence for social injustice is when the players could kneel or raise a fist or lock arms. But when the anthem was played, all that had to end and everybody had to stand with their hand over their heart and all that. Now, imagine yourself at a stadium where that is blared out over the PA system, especially as Americans and human beings, we should all strive to be kind to each other, and we should all treat each other with dignity and respect, what’s gonna happen on the field in mere moments?

They’re gonna try to kill each other, sheer brutality, organized brutality is gonna be occurring on that field mere seconds after the moment of silence for victims of social injustice. The fan here I’m sure is dead serious. And, by the way, the piece de resistance, he had a lot of fans agreeing with him thinking this is a great compromise.

Can you imagine yourself showing up at an NFL stadium and having to stand for a moment of silence before the anthem? Folks, this is more than just your average cultural evolution. This is more than just one generation being different than next or than its predecessor. The radicalization, the dumbing down — you know, what we hope is that every succeeding generation gets smarter, gets more productive, becomes wiser. That is not happening here.

We are witnessing before our eyes the dumbing down of our population. We see it in the absolute worthlessness of college degrees, not just the choices you can make in majors, but even if you take a traditional major, you don’t know anything in it when you get your degree.

You’ve been taught a bunch of social justice garbage, you’ve been taught a bunch of multiculturalism, you have been taught a whole bunch of identity politics stuff, but you don’t know, for example, if your degree is economics, you don’t know it! You don’t know anything about it. I find it worrisome because it’s being done and it’s happening here on purpose.


RUSH: I got a call here I want to take from Doug in Omaha. Doug, welcome. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush.

RUSH: How you doing, sir?

CALLER: Oh, not too bad. And yourself?

RUSH: Very well. Great to have you with us today.

CALLER: I have a comment on what you were saying about the NFL on protesting.

RUSH: It wasn’t me. I was reading the comment from a fan at a sports website.

CALLER: I see. I think that’s a brilliant idea.

RUSH: Okay. It’s classic, it’s what I was talking about earlier. I just did this 10 minutes ago and now I can’t find it. So I gotta reconstruct this from memory. It was a comment, it was a solution, a compromise for all the players taking a knee and showing disrespect during the anthem.

The idea is that the PA announcer will have a moment of silence prior to the anthem, with the players on the field, where everybody will have a moment of silence for all of the social injustice that has taken place in America and that we should recognize that we should try to get along. Everybody should treat each other with love, dignity, and respect and good vibes and all this other stuff.

And during that moment of silence, players could kneel, they could wave their fists around the, they could protest, whatever, but then after that the anthem would come and everybody would have to then stand and show respect. You think that’s a good idea?

CALLER: I think so.

RUSH: Why?

CALLER: Well, I think the players could handle that. And I think a majority of the people would understand that, too.

RUSH: Understand what? You think people going to a football game to have a moment of silence for all of the unspecified social injustice that has happened in America either totally or that week or maybe the night before, whatever, you think that’s —

CALLER: I think so.

RUSH: Would you stop and not take a sip of beer during the moment of silence? Would it mean that much to you?

CALLER: Sure. I mean, at the moment. I mean, you know, it’s not gonna hurt anybody.

RUSH: Would you put down the roach?

CALLER: (laughing) Yes.

RUSH: Okay So there you go. . Well, then obviously it has deep meaning here with this fan.


RUSH: So let me ask you, did you guys hear the guy that called from Nebraska and thought that the idea of a moment of silence for social injustice, the victims of social injustice, where people could acknowledge that we’re all human and that we should be nice to each other, treat each other with dignity and respect, nonviolence and all that, before the national anthem at an NFL game, every NFL game. He thought it was a brilliant idea.

Was he serious or was he putting me on, do you think? Snerdley thinks he was dead serious. You don’t think he was a seminar caller or somebody having fun? Well, anyway, if any of you out there, whenever we get to you on the phones, whatever else you want to talk about, if you want to weigh in on that, have at it.

Telephone number is 800-282-2882.

I’m actually looking for the — it was a comment on a sports website that I was reading, the NFL website, from a reader of the website. And it’s got to be here. I mean, even in the little cardboard box I use as a trash can here, it’s gotta be here. I just can’t find it at the at the moment. There’s other stuff I have to do and I have to get to. But that’s basically the nub of it.

I’m trying to imagine myself at an NFL game and the PA announcer, “All rise for a moment of silence for the victims in the United States of all the social injustices that have happened. Moment of silence, we should now acknowledge that we’re all in it together, we’re all human, we all have feelings, and that we treat each other with dignity and respect and love.”

And during this period the players can protest, they can take a knee, they can raise their fist, they can do whatever, but after that and they play the anthem, everybody’s gotta stand, everybody, no protesting, no fists, no kneeling. It was presented as a compromise. I find it interesting that that would happen before the anthem in this scenario. (interruption) The question, “Is TV gonna televise that?” No. Well, I take it back. If something like that happened, that would be made to order for Drive-By Media, made to order.

But ESPN’s already announced that they’re not, on Monday Night Football this year, they’re not gonna televise the anthem. And if you don’t televise the anthem, you don’t give the protesters any kind of platform whatsoever. I mean, it doesn’t mean they’re gonna stop protesting, but nobody’s gonna see it. Well, that’s not true. Because the Drive-By Media will be there and videotape it, will show it. But it will not be televised live, at least on ESPN. And that is one of the solutions to the problem.

Another solution, keep the players in a locker room. Just acknowledge the new reality, and that is that these players don’t like the country much, just keep ’em in the locker room during the anthem. And that way, whatever protesting is not seen. That solution has been proposed too. So he we’ll just have to wait and see. I’m more frustrated I can’t find the damn thing. I want to be able to read it to you verbatim. I’ll come up with it.

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