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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, you know, I’ve come to realize here that every day doing this program we, just by virtue of collecting things that are happening to talk to you about, by doing show prep, that it is actually becoming very easy and becoming a very regular thing to chronicle the descent into real insanity, real madness — I’m not using figures of speech — real insanity, literal madness on the part of people on the left.

And I have three examples today. One of them I mentioned yesterday at the end of the program. Grab audio sound bite number 16. I didn’t have a chance to get to this yesterday because I only — oh. Oh. Yeah. There’s one more thing. You know, folks, I went home yesterday, I was beating myself up all last night. I was just livid! And I told myself, I’ve got to change the way I do this. Yesterday I had on the sound bite roster, I had that audio of Phil Mudd going bonkers on CNN, which Trump has been tweeting about.

Phil Mudd is on with Paris Dennard, who is an African-American conservative, and just loses it, I mean just literally loses his composure. He’s a CIA guy. He’s one of these swamp intelligence rats that makes up the deep state that just despises Trump. And he’s lost his marbles. They all are losing their marbles! And they’re doing it in public. In one sense, it’s very helpful to Trump, if you ask me. He goes out and describes these people as Looney Tunes and then they go on TV and act it out. So in that sense, it’s helpful.

But this guy is supposedly one of our most respected intelligence analysts. He’s one of the men that we’ve been relying on for years. He’s one of the men that we trust. The guy’s losing his marbles on TV! He’s talking to an African-American who’s a Trump supporter. He can’t believe it. He can’t process it. He actually told Paris Dennard to get the hell off the set! Anyway, I had it yesterday. And I forgot that it was there. I said there’s gotta be a better way. Right now — well, I don’t want to burden you with this. It’s not your problem. But I just forgot that it was there. It’s like having to remember I’ve got 75 things here. And I forgot it. I was all prepared.

It could have been a near exclusive yesterday and then I go home and I see Trump tweeting about it and I was just mad at myself like you can’t believe. So that’s one of the things we’re gonna get to earlier. I intended to get to that first, but then this stuff came up. The Manafort trial and my desire to document the fact that right before our very eyes the left, which everybody thinks is gonna sweep back into power in a massive blue wave landslide, is literally losing its mind. They are literally going insane! Three examples. Here’s the first. I mentioned yesterday afternoon Stevie Wonder on CBS This Morning.

WONDER: I just feel that all these various diseases that we have and all these things that are happening in the world, in part, is because there are those who don’t believe in global warming, don’t believe that what we do affects the world, what we eat affects the world, affects us.

And I just hope that people will grow up and grow out of the foolishness and know that we all, by how we think, how we do, how we treat others, we will never unlock the key until we truly let go the hatred, the bigotry, the evilness, the selfishness. When we do that, then we can unlock some of those things that keep us in this place.

RUSH: Well, I’m sorry. The bite doesn’t contain what I thought it contained. But it may be one of those days. The story is that Stevie Wonder blames global warming for Aretha Franklin’s cancer. He was spreading the conspiracy theory that global warming is linked to cancer.

He said all the things that you heard him say here, and he thinks that the lack of belief in it, that people not believing in climate change, and not believing in global warming, is causing way too many people to eat the wrong things and not conserve in the right way and creating a bunch of carcinogens out there that happened to catch up with Aretha.

That if you and me had only believed in climate change and had been living our lives as though the way we live affects climate change and therefore change the way we lived, if we had all voted Democrat and if we had all believed in Big Government and sent as much money as we could to government, then Aretha would never have gotten cancer. And he means it. He means it.

Now, folks, how else would you categorize this? This is dumb; it’s stupid. The thing is, he believes it. That’s what makes this stuff dangerous. He really believes this stuff. Here’s the next example. “Oprah Winfrey Promotes ‘Shout Your Abortion’ Movement Where Women Brag About Their Abortions.” She’s promoting this. “Oprah Winfrey waded deeper into political waters this summer by promoting the ‘Shout Your Abortion’ movement and its attempts to normalize
abortion,” which is what?

See, I’m gonna tell you what abortion is, and I’m gonna be the one controversial. Oprah can run around and tell women to run around and start shouting and bragging about ’em, and she’s normal! If I describe what abortion actually is, I am the problem.

“The July issue of the O magazine –” that’s The Oprah’s magazine “– featured ‘Shout Your Abortion’ founder Amelia Bonow in its ‘Inspiration’ section. Bonow, who began the campaign to urge women to brag about aborting their unborn babies, soon will be coming out with a new book by the same title, according to the report.

“She told the magazine how it all began in 2015: ‘[W]hen I found out that the House of Representatives had voted to defund Planned Parenthood. I kind of unraveled. I opened Facebook and, without thinking, wrote, “Like a year ago, I had an abortion at Planned Parenthood…and I remember this experience with a nearly inexpressible level of gratitude.” I hit Post 153 words later, and everything changed.

“Bonow said the campaign really took off when a friend shared her post on Twitter with the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion. … She blamed the pro-life movement for trying to silence women who have had abortions.”

Notice we’re trying to silence Brennan by taking away his security clearance when nobody’s doing anything of the sort. We’re not trying to silence anybody. That’s not what we do. They always accuse us of doing what they’re actually doing. So there’s The Oprah who signed on now with the Shout Your Abortion movement, promoting it, urging it, bragging about it.

But now, my friends, the piece de resistance, Exhibit 3 of the left’s descent into utter insanity and madness. Our subject: the LGBTQIA — lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, and I’m lost at QIA. It doesn’t matter. They know what it means, and that’s enough. We’re here today to discuss the LGBTQIA safe sex guide. And at the root of the need for the LGBTQIA safe sex guide is an anger.

The people at the LGBTQIA are livid that a bunch of old white guys named human body parts. They don’t like the fact that they have to call their vagina a vagina. It doesn’t fulfill their destiny. It limits their capability. They need a new term for “vagina” to encompass all that they do in the land of LGBTQIA. I’m not making this up. Going forward the vagina will now be called the front hole. And the anus will be called the back hole. The mouth will be called the upper hole in LGBTQIA safe sex literature.

So this means my friends that, for example, those pussy hats — I’m sorry — pussai hats, those will now be called front hole hats, right? I just want to make sure I’m learning. See, I don’t want to offend the LGBTQIA members. So from now on, the pussai hats will be front hole hats.

Now, Lewinskys. We all know what a Lewinsky is. People that get a Lewinsky is a sex act. But we’re not gonna need to label — the mouth is the upper front hole to describe in detail — this is why they want to do this. But I’m not kidding, they really resent the fact that a bunch of old people — scientists, primarily white people — named human body parts and organs and functions and did not get anywhere near inclusive enough. Can we dumb down the population any more than this? The penis, ladies and gentlemen, shall be called the front stick.


RUSH: YBy the way, a companion story that I meant to along with the LGBQ… LGBTQIA. Let me just read to you, by the way, a paragraph utterance the explanation of why they’re doing this. “Traditional safe sex guides are often structured in a way that presumes everyone’s gender … is the same as the sex they were assigned at birth…” Of course. By the way, do you think you were “assigned” your sex? Is that how you look at it?

Snerdley, were you assigned a male gender? Where did the assignation happen? When you were in the womb, do you recall going before a review board in heaven or wherever and somebody in a flowing white robe and a big, white beard “assigned” you to be male? And that you didn’t want to be male but you had no choice at that point? So if you survived your birth — which is a questionable thing in the American left.

If you survived your birth, now you can challenge your assignation. Is that how you look at it? Did anybody that you grew up with in your demographic group or age group look at their sexuality that way, that somebody somewhere had assigned them their sex and…? (interruption) Okay. Me either. I have never looked at my gender as an assignation. But these people clearly believe it. “Traditional safe sex guides are often structured in a way that presumes…” Right there you have prejudice, when somebody “presumes that everyone’s gender,” and here the possibilities they mention: “male/female/nonbinary/trans.”

Okay, male, female. What do you think nonbinary is? See, I don’t know what… Binary would mean you go both ways? You got both…? (interruption) Nonbinary means you got nothing, that somebody forgot to assign you? That can’t be what it means — or else, trans. Anyway, “Traditional safe sex guides are often structured in a way that presumes everyone’s gender (male/female/nonbinary/trans) is the same as the sex they were assigned at birth (male/female/intersex or differences in sexual development).”

So it’s because some people were mis-assigned. A bunch of people were assigned a sexuality they wanted no part of. But, of course, in the womb they had no voice ’cause the world was discriminating against them even then, you see.


RUSH: Now, President Trump. President Trump, this was a tweet from last night. “Just watched former Intelligence Official Phillip Mudd become totally unglued and weird while debating wonderful @PARISDENNARD over Brennan’s Security Clearance. Dennard destroyed him but Mudd is in no mental condition to have such a Clearance. Should be REVOKED?”

I saw that tweet last night, and I just started beating myself up like you can’t believe. I really get mad when I find out that I had gold in the Stack of Stuff and just forgot it. I’ve gotta find a different way of organizing, ’cause I’ve got sometimes eight different Stacks of Stuff here, and after the first 30 minutes they’re all intermingled, and I don’t know what’s where. It’s impossible to use the computer or iPad for this. They’re just not fast enough access. I forgot that this was there. But I want to go back and play it now, because it is outrageous.

And what it illustrates is Trump is driving these people crazy. This is actually another example of the left genuinely going insane. And they’re doing it in public, they’re doing it on TV. And it’s this kind of stuff they think is gonna be attracting majority numbers of voters? All it’s doing is convincing people that all of us talking about a deep state, a cabal, a bunch of people trying to overflow Trump, is real. These people are making it obvious that they exist.

So let’s go to the audio sound bites here, two of them here. This was Friday night, and it was on Anderson Cooper’s show. Jim Sciutto was sitting in for Anderson Cooper. And he had Philip Mudd, the former deputy director of the CIA counterterrorist center. The guy’s a big lib. He’s a fabulous leftist. He’s constantly angry. He’s got a very superiorist attitude in general. He is an arrogant, condescending guy.

He just can’t abide the fact that Donald Trump is in office, that Donald Trump won, and he really can’t believe that there are African-Americans who like Donald Trump and support him. Which, by the way, if I may make a brief departure, have you seen the latest approval numbers, African-Americans for Trump? In some places it’s above 30%. How does that not translate to Trump having a general overall approval number of 50 at least? How does this not happen?

Republican presidents generally have approval numbers from African-Americans in the what, 10%, 12%? This is a record number! Thirty percent approval from the African-American population. And the unemployment numbers are at a record low in the African-American population and community. How can you have that high approval in the African-American community and still be, in some of these approval numbers, at 40 or 44%? And on the basis of that you then next predict a gigantic blue wave of Democrats taking over the House. And then if you start digging deep, you find out that in a number of states that Trump did well, so are Republican candidates for the House, for the Senate, for governor.

And then you find out in some states that the early voting, the Republicans are participating at a greater rate than Democrats. And then you find out that in some of these states, Republican registration is higher than Democrat. But yet we’re told that all the enthusiasm’s on the left. The Republicans are complacent, they’re sitting at home. It just doesn’t make any sense!

Trump voters are among the most actively engaged in American politics day to day that I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing complacent about them. The average Trump voter’s not sitting at home not thinking his vote isn’t needed anymore. Who believes this stuff? Well, the Drive-Bys are trying to tell us that that’s the profile of your average Republican midterm election voter. That they don’t think their vote’s needed. They won in 2016 and it’s over; so they can sit at home and they can relax.

And that, once again, is insulting to Republican voters who know full well what is at stake here. And it’s the same people telling us this that told us Hillary was gonna win by six or seven points in 2016, that Trump barely had a 7 or 8% chance of winning. It’s the same people telling us the same stuff, using the same data, when none of it makes much sense.

It’s never made sense to me that the people who elected Donald Trump, the people that voted for Donald Trump — and there’s some 62, 63 million of ’em — are complacent and don’t care about the midterms and don’t realize what’s at stake? How can anybody think that? Well, you would think it if you go statistically, if you follow the stats of midterm election turnout versus presidential election turnout.

So if you want to believe all of the stats from all of the previous elections, and if you want to assign a Trump presidency as no different than any previous presidency, then you’ll agree with the premise that it’s an off-year election, which means the president’s party’s gonna automatically lose 15 seats. I mean, that’s just in the stats. That’s the average. And then you factor in that everybody hates Trump, well, that’s another five points. Then you factor in the Democrat enthusiasm. Then you factor in the Republican laziness. Why, the Republicans may as well stay home because they’ve got no chance. That’s what they’re telling us.

But none of that makes any sense. The Trump presidency can’t be plugged into that model of all presidencies prior to his. Neither can Trump voters. That’s why I’m not buying this blue wave business. But especially when you hear people like Phil Mudd, you hear about Oprah out there shouting your abortion and bragging about it, Stevie Wonder, climate change caused Aretha to get pancreatic cancer, those are just today’s examples of the literal madness and insanity that represents the opposition to Trump.

Here she is, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now suggesting the media can never show prep at her events so that people can feel safe. The media threatens her attendees. What? Well, there’s a lesson there about how socialists and authoritarians actually view the media.

And then, of course, have you heard about Camera Hogg? Have you heard the latest about this guy? Camera Hogg is just livid that Pelosi will not just get the F out. She’s too old, she’s too wrinkled, she’s causing everybody on the Democrat side to lose, it’s time for her to just get the F out and let the young people take over. This is David Camera Hogg.

Wait ’til somebody tells him that the central fundraising arm of the Democrats this season is gonna be Hillary Clinton. Well, she should get the F out too. She’s another old hag just like Pelosi is. And the guy is livid. The guy is angry. He wants Pelosi gone. He wants everybody over 30 out of the Democrat Party.

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