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RUSH: Now, it has not been that long since I warned you that the real casualty of this entire Russian collusion investigation is the damage being done to the integrity of American elections. And as each day passes, I become more convinced that this is going to be a serious problem going forward. I think it already has become one. I think the evidence is out there each and every day for it. And in saying this, I think that this Russia investigation, the anti-Trumpers and even the conservative Never Trumpers who join the other side for whatever really lazy reasons, are helping further the notion that the 2016 election was not legitimate, that the Russians actually had something to do with it, which, you know, when the pedal has hit the metal, when it’s come time to open everything up and tell us what they’ve got, they have not gone there.

Remember Mueller’s latest indictments of the 12 Russians that he claims were tampering and hacking and doing all this other stuff, remember when Rosenstein announced those indictments at a ceremony, a press conference at the Department of Justice, he made a point of saying way into his announcement — it was missed; it was not highlighted; it was not headlined. But it should have been the lead. It should have been the only thing that Rosenstein actually made a big deal of.

He said none of these indictments, nothing that has come from the special counsel investigation to date, nothing — zip, zero, nada — there is nothing in these documents or anywhere in this investigation that says the Russians affected the outcome of a single election. There is no evidence, the special counsel has developed no evidence that the Russians even changed one vote! That’s it. That’s book. That is open and shut. That’s the end of it. That’s pedal to the metal. That’s the rubber meeting the road and the whole premise of Russian meddling has been blown to smithereens by Rod Rosenstein!

And nobody is focusing on it. Nobody made mention of it. It was not featured in any news reports. The only thing that was featured, naturally, was the indictments of the 12 Russians who will never see a U.S. courtroom. And Mueller, this man of impeccable integrity, engaging in nothing but PR indictments so that he can make it look like his investigations found Russians somewhere. But Rosenstein made a point of saying not one vote has been changed, no evidence to suggest even a single vote has been changed, no evidence to suggest an election outcome has been affected.

So isn’t all the rest of this moot? Doesn’t all the rest of this basically mean nothing, then? Because isn’t that the premise under which this all started? That the Russians had tampered, that the Russians had meddled, that the Russians working with Trump may have stolen the election. So after a year and after all the indictments, Mueller still has no evidence that any of that ever happened. That was not the lead. It was buried in every report and not mentioned in most.

And yet look. In every discussion of elections coming up, the Russians and potential hacking is a major, major factor. Yesterday we got a story from Microsoft. You ready for this? “Microsoft Uncovers More Russian Attacks Ahead of the Midterms.” Wait a minute! There isn’t any evidence that the Russians changed a single vote. There isn’t any evidence that the Russians’ efforts changed a single election outcome. But yet Microsoft uncovers more Russian attacks ahead of the midterms.

Now, these are fascinating. “Microsoft has uncovered new Russian hacking efforts targeting U.S. political groups ahead of the midterm elections. The company said Tuesday that a group tied to the Russian government created fake websites that appeared to spoof two American conservative organizations: the Hudson Institute and the International Republican Institute.”

Now, wait a minute. Wait just a minute here. Russian hackers are targeting anti-Trump Republicans? That’s what we are supposed believe. The Russian military that supposedly hacked the Democrat Party before 2016 has begun to target conservative think tanks that are anti-Donald Trump. What does this mean? It means that a gigantic lie that has been around for two years is continuing to be spread.

What this Microsoft story really means is that Trump and Russia are colluding to take action and harm anti-Trump Republican and conservative organizations. Microsoft’s point in pointing out that the two groups that were targeted by Russians happened to be conservative Republican Never Trumpers is meant to convey the big lie that Trump and the Russians are colluding against anybody that’s anti-Trump!

As I said yesterday, I’ve run out of words to describe the outrageousness of this. The idea that the Russians had anything to do with the 2016 election has been denied by Rod Rosenstein as recently as the last indictments being announced. Besides that, there isn’t any evidence whatsoever that the Russians had anything to do with the Trump side of the election. The evidence is that the Russians and Hillary and the DNC were colluding against Trump. But there isn’t any evidence that whatever the Russians did affected a single election!

And yet look. The upcoming elections are already tainted. Every one of them being discussed under the auspices of potential Russian hacking. And bingo. Here we go: The Russians are already at it again. And this time they’re hacking Never Trumper conservative sites. That’s meant to tell readers that the Russians and Trump are still aligned, the Russians and Trump are still working together, or at least the Russians love Trump and the Russians are trying to help Trump.

This is so fraudulently outrageous. And the Drive-By Media is carrying all the water and trying to pollute everybody’s minds about the upcoming elections. Grab audio sound bite number 6. Jonathan Martin, our old buddy. I used to be a source for the guy. Not a blind source, but he used to ask my opinion on stuff back when he was at Politico. He was on CNN’s New Day today with John Berman.

Question: “It is glaring to wake up two months before the 2018 midterms to find out that the Russian intelligence services are back at it trying to hack the 2018 election.” This is the Microsoft story. The Russians are moving on conservative anti-Trump think tanks! It’s bogus! Anyway, here’s Jonathan Martin who’s now at the New York Times reacting.

MARTIN: Well, and they’re gonna keep doing this and they’re gonna try to do the same thing in 2020. And the question is will the country be prepared, and, by the way, not just the federal government, but for those of us, John, who every Tuesday night cover a primary of some kind across this country, we know that the election system in this country is a patchwork system that is basically done on the county and that some of these localities have a difficult time, John, counting votes on election night, let alone protecting themselves from a cyber attack. So I think that should be alarming to all Americans.

RUSH: See? So there you have it today on CNN, a New York Times reporter warning everybody it would be easy for the Russians to do this at the county level. Everybody be on the lookout. So here we have now officially the tainting of the 2018 midterms. And it all started with a Microsoft story that they’ve discovered the Russians hacking the websites and networks of Never Trumper conservative organizations.


RUSH: There it was on CNN, conservative group targeted by Russians. The guy that runs the group — I don’t know his name — is on with Wolf Blitzer on CNN talking about how bad the Russians attacking them is. Jeez. We’re surrounded by utter, abject stupidity everywhere.

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