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RUSH: You know, some days it’s frustrating to go check the emails. Other days it’s inspiring. I found a couple emails. One yesterday, one today. “Why do you keep harping on the fact that Mueller is ignoring the Hillary side and going after Trump and it means something about his integrity?” Because, folks, the investigation cannot have any credibility if it ignores the other side of this!

This investigation is absent of all credibility because it specifically ignores what happened on the Hillary side! Without what happened on the Hillary side, they would not have an investigation of Trump. That’s why! There is a dossier — and, by the way, do you know why Cohen’s caught up in this? The dossier mentions Cohen! The dossier, this phony, unprovable piece of Hillary Clinton opposition research also mentions Cohen. That’s how he gets lassoed into this.

But the fact is that that dossier and the Hillary Clinton campaign, without that, there is no investigation. And that stuff is fraudulent. That stuff is not what it’s purported to be. Mueller is using that stuff as though it is the product of legitimate intel, when it isn’t. It’s campaign opposition research. This entire investigation is unjustified. The entire investigation is bogus.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Well, Rush get off that, because it’s way too late for that. The investigation’s underway.” I know. That’s the point. It’s been underway for a year now, but I’m sorry, folks. I can’t get past that this is such a hoax, it is one of the biggest hoaxes. Trump says it’s a witch hunt, and they say these allegations and convictions of Manafort and Cohen prove that it’s not a witch hunt. No, they don’t! In no way do they prove this is not a witch hunt. In fact, they go, I think, further to establishing that it is.

Paul Manafort would not have ever been pursued by anybody had he not worked for Trump. Paul Manafort would not be on anybody’s radar, certainly not Mueller’s, if he hadn’t worked for Trump! You’re never gonna talk me out of thinking this is bogus, and you’re never gonna talk me out of thinking and believing that it has zero credibility, because actual criminality, actual violation, serious violations of law, serious damage to our electoral system, serious collusion, the Democrat National Committee colluded with Hillary to deny Bernie Sanders the Democrat nomination.

I mean, I don’t mean to sound like spilt milk over it, but it’s so outrageous and it is so egregious that I don’t want to fall into the trap of just accepting this as, “Well, Rush, it’s an investigation, and you can’t tamper with the investigation.” It’s an illegitimate investigation. It should have never happen. It should have never begun. It should never have taken place as it is. And if they’re gonna do it, they cannot, they cannot ignore and exonerate fully half or more of this entire episode, which is the Clinton Democrat side. Which they have done.

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