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Aug 22, 2018


“What is actually happening now is the losers of the election attempting to steal it back.”

“There is a dual system of justice in this country. If you’re a Democrat you’re gonna be exonerated or given one hell of a benefit of the doubt. If you’re Republican, you’re gonna be presumed guilty, and a never-ending pursuit to get you will then commence.”

“They’re asking us to believe that Donald Trump represents the clearest present danger to the United States of America. Yep, Donald Trump, the guy whose administration has brought forth an economy that is booming in ways that retailers say they don’t remember.”

“Hypocrisy: It has been shown to be completely ineffective in shaming the left or in stopping them.”

National Review: Paul Manafort’s Conviction, Michael Cohen’s Plea & the Implications for Trump – Andrew McCarthy
Daily Wire: Trump Breaks Silence Over Cohen Guilty Plea With Trolling Tweet
San Francisco Chronicle: Omarosa Manigault Newman’s Neighbors Sue Her Husband Over This Property Problem
The Hill: Manafort Guilty Verdicts Raise Chances of Pardon by Trump
Mediaite: Megyn Kelly Audience Boos and Laughs at Lanny Davis For Seeking Donations For Michael Cohen
New York Post: Cohen Willing to Tell Mueller About ‘Conspiracy to Collude’: Lawyer
Wall Street Journal: Target Posts Biggest Sales Growth in 13 Years
CNBC: Cramer: Wall Street Cares More About the ‘Strongest Consumer Ever’ than Trump Legal Fallout
HotAir: Shocker: U.S. Leading All Paris Accord Signatories In Emissions Reduction
Newsbusters: MSNBC Guest: Tibbetts Is ‘A Girl in Iowa’ ‘Fox News Is Talking About’
Politico: Obama 2008 campaign fined $375,000 – 01.04.13
The Hill: Cohen’s Plea Deal is Prosecutor’s Attempt to Set Up Trump – Mark Penn
National Review: Sen. Warren on Mollie Tibbets Murder: Let’s Tackle ‘Real Problems’ Like Family Separation
USA Today: Miami Hurricanes Will Wear Uniforms and Cleats Made from Ocean Garbage
Breitbart: Study: More ‘Ecosexual’ Professors Are Having Sex with Trees
Campus Reform: Millennials Say America was ‘Never That Great’
Federalist: CNN Just Sued The Government To Get The Names And Addresses Of Manafort Jurors
FOXNews: Trump Avoids Mention of Cohen, Manafort at West Virginia Rally


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