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RUSH: My friends, there’s a nationwide strike going on right now that you probably haven’t heard about because it’s happening behind bars.

In jails and prisons all across the fruited plain, inmates are protesting what they call the “prison-industrial slave complex.”

Put together by the “Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee” and “Jailhouse Lawyers Speak,” the strike started on Tuesday, August 22. It goes until September 9, the anniversary of the 1971 Attica, New York, prison riot.

Now, the striking inmates have demands galore. They demand to be paid the prevailing state wage for any work they do. They demand Pell Grant money for college and access to rehab services. They demand an end to life sentences, and to sentences without the possibility of parole. They demand never to be denied parole “because the victim of the crime” – the crime they committed – “was white.”

And of course, they demand that they retain their Democrat Party voting rig… Ah! I mean, voting rights. I shouldn’t have said “Democrat Party,” even though it’s true.

Obviously, these striking inmates want to make the prison experience great again. So why shouldn’t they have it all, folks? I mean, they’re being discriminated against. Many of them are minorities. They’re being discriminated against.

It all fits!

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