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RUSH: Over the weekend, 400 members of the Democrat National Committee voted to disempower the superdelegates. Those are the Democrat Party bigwigs and elected officials who actually chose the Democrat nominee. Until now.

From here on in, or until the DNC changes the rules again, superdelegates will not be allowed to vote during the first ballot at a convention. Theoretically, this will give the underdogs, the non-establishment candidates, a fair shot.

This rule change is being celebrated as a sign the Democrat Party is finally giving the next generation a seat at the table. Older radical socialists are making way for the younger radical socialists. It’s supposed to mend the hurt feelings from Hillary Clinton stomping all over Crazy Bernie.

But a word of caution for you young, idealistic, progressive radicals who believe that you’ve won something big here.

The establishment Democrats who run your Party are not about to willingly give up their power to you, or anybody else. They are already figuring out workarounds for this new rule. They are a ruthless bunch. As you’ll soon find out. And unlike you, they know that the global warming thing is a hoax. They’re just better at faking it than you are.

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