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RUSH: Despite Lanny Davis lying his butt off on every network, claiming that Michael Cohen had information that Trump had prior knowledge that Russia hacked the DNC… Have you heard about this? Have you heard about the two big lies Lanny Davis told? He went on cable news and told everybody that Cohen had proof that Trump knew about the Trump Tower meeting and encouraged it, and he said he had evidence/information that Trump had prior knowledge that Russia hacked the DNC emails.

Lanny Davis said that Trump knew about the emails, the Podesta emails that WikiLeaks published before they were published, and both have been demonstrated to be false. And they both were made possible and facilitated by CNN. There’s a reporter at CNN, Jim Sciutto. Not to be confused with Jim Acosta. This is Jim Sciutto, S-c-i-u-t-t-o, who I think came from the Obama administration, and he spread two knowingly false, fake news stories (as did Lanny Davis) about Cohen’s knowledge of Trump and Trump’s supposed to knowledge of all these things the Russians were doing before we knew about it.

And they’ve been demonstrated now to be false. They were lies. And despite this — despite the blizzard of media lies, despite the wild speculation designed to drive Donald Trump out of office — Trump’s support remains solid. And why? Because a sizable number of Americans do not trust the media anymore. They do not trust polling data anymore. A sizable number of Americans love the United States, and they are benefiting profoundly from the revitalized economy.

A sizable number of Americans know that Robert Mueller is running a phony collusion, Democrat opposition-research operation designed to cover up the crimes and corruption of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton! A sizable number of Americans know all of these things. “NBC News / WSJ Poll: Trump Approval ‘Remarkably Stable’ After a Stormy Week of Bad News.” The Drive-By Media just can’t learn.

I predicted last week that these scandals would not upset Trump’s approval numbers on balance, just like I knew that the Access Hollywood video wouldn’t. You know why I knew that? Because I know the Trump voter, and I know the Trump voter is fed up with a bunch of things being leaked into a campaign like late in October, the October Surprise.

They’re fed up with things like that affecting the outcome of elections, particularly when they don’t care. When it comes to Donald Trump, they don’t care about any of that, and they never have. Because Donald Trump in their minds is the only thing standing in the way of their lives being changed forever by virtue of the Washington establishment continuing to transform this country into something it was not founded to be.

Donald Trump’s the guy. They’re not going to get rid of him, they’re not gonna abandon him, and they’re not gonna sit idled by while other people try to destroy him. NBC News. Listen to this. “President Trump’s job approval remains ‘virtually unchanged’ after a bruising week of headlines that saw his former campaign chairman convicted on eight counts of fraud and his former lawyer plead guilty to felony campaign finance charges, NBC News reports.”

They can’t believe it.

They just can’t believe it!

Because I’m here to tell you and remind you again, the real focal point of all of these attacks on Trump has been to drive down this number. This is the only way they’re gonna able to force Trump out of office. They can’t indict a sitting president. They’re not gonna ever have two-thirds of the Senate vote to convict him if he’s impeached. Oh! Speaking of which, the Democrats have a new policy. Their new policy is to not talk about impeachment. Once again, the Democrats want to hide from voters their real intentions. But something might have happened to screw it all up.

There’s this California Democrat. All the cable networks love this guy. Fox puts him on three times a week. CNN may as well give him a camera in his office. His name is Swalwell, Eric Swalwell. He’s a nice guy; don’t misunderstand. But he is a raging leftist, and he has just admitted yesterday — I think it was on one of the Sunday shows, ABC — they don’t have anywhere near enough evidence to impeach Trump. They don’t have any! They haven’t seen anything yet! Despite all that we’ve seen in the news for a year and a half.

Now, is he just executing a Democrat strategy of trying to talk everybody out of thinking they want to impeach or not?

I don’t know.

But it manifests itself as very fascinating to me.

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