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RUSH: Last week, ICE agents went into the Sacramento Superior Court with a warrant. They slapped handcuffs on an illegal immigrant.

The man’s lawyer was outraged and asked Superior Court Judge Lawrence Brown to intervene. At first, it looked like the judge might do it.

He ordered the illegal immigrant to a holding area where defendants normally await court action. But after finishing his other cases, Judge Brown allowed the ICE agents to complete their arrest.

Liberals went into a meltdown. How dare ICE agents arrest an illegal alien inside a courtroom! That will have a “chilling effect” across the whole state, they said. They’re calling the judge weak, because he let federal agents operate in his own courtroom.

Amidst all the hysteria, Judge Brown reminded everybody that judges are not in the business of preventing lawful arrests, including in a courtroom.

So even in their self-proclaimed sanctuary states, liberals are slowly getting the message that immigration law is real and it can be enforced. Well, at least some of the time. But this, this is big. Nobody expected this in California.

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