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Aug 29, 2018


“The Drive-By Media each and every day keeps the Republican base fired up, motivated, inspired, and even angry, far more than they know.”

“The media and the Democrat Party firmly believe that Trump’s voters are a bunch of idiots because conservative voters are idiots. Trump voters are even bigger idiots because who could not be an idiot to vote for Trump? They’ve never taken the time to learn who Trump voters are; they’ve never spent any time with them; they’re not curious; they don’t care.”


Things I meant to get to at some point, but there’s never enough time.

“Ann Coulter, it needs to be said, remains the fearless warrior that she’s always been. She has always been courageous, and part of her modus operandi has been to descend into the belly of the leftist beast, primarily on college campuses, but anywhere else too. And she continues to fight the good fight and the good cause.”


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show:





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