Why Aren’t Obama and Hillary Denying the ChiComs Hacked Her Server?

by Rush Limbaugh - Aug 29,2018

RUSH: Here’s another question. Has anybody seen Barack Hussein O or Hillary Clinton on TV denying the news story that the Chinese government had real-time hacked access to Hillary Clinton’s computer, her home-brew server and network when she was secretary of state? I haven’t seen that. Has anybody seen Obama and Hillary indignant? Has anybody seen them on television flat-out refusing, denying, saying this is absurd? Anybody seen that? You haven’t.

Why not? Do you realize what a hellacious charge this is? While everybody’s thinking the Russians have — by the way, I think that all these people at the FBI, I mean, well, the McCabes, the Strzok Smirks, the Pages, the Bruce Ohrs, Comey, I think they all knew that the ChiComs — what it is, folks, it’s real-time access to her computer. Not to mention the spy that was on Dianne Feinstein’s staff for 20 years.

The ChiComs essentially had a screen sharing app real time. They simply could watch Hillary Clinton do whatever she did on her computer. And if she got an email from Obama, they could read it as she opened it. Real-time screen sharing is essentially what the nature of the hack was. And they’re not denying it. I would think that if this wasn’t true, why, we would have flat-out denials. Instead, they’re hoping that the media not reporting means nobody will see it.


RUSH: By the way, I’m serious. A real media would be camped outside Hillary’s house and Obama’s house and demanding to know what the hell was going on with the Chinese government having real-time hacked her computer, her home brew server, while she was secretary of state. A real media would be. And the fact that nobody is reacting to it and they’re not out there denying this, they’re not even breaking a sweat over it. But they will.

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