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Aug 30, 2018


“I am Rush Limbaugh, the 800-pound gorilla right here in the studio monkeying around executing broadcast excellence and calling a spade a spade consistently for 30 years. When I see it, I proclaim it.”

“Andrew Cuomo is obviously scared to death by the candidacy of Cynthia Nixon and is doing everything he can to move as far left as he can. It’s hilarious.”

“It would be virtually impossible for anybody to rig the presidential election, and a modicum of common sense would tell you this. But the daily drumbeat of news media reporting, combined with the incredulity they have over having lost the election, they have bought this. They’re totally, totally devoted to it, to the premise. I don’t think they’re any longer even hoping. They know it happened.”

“You gotta understand who these people are. To get rid of Donald Trump, I’m telling you, there is nothing that justifies not doing it, as far as they’re concerned, no matter what other damage is caused.”

“People say, ‘I don’t know how you do it, three hours with no guests.’ For me it’s not enough.”

WGME: PETA Hopes to Build Memorial Where Lobsters Died in Maine Crash
Daily Wire: Trump Hammers CNN Again After Network Calls Him A Liar, Accuses NBC Of ‘Fudging My Russia Tape’
The Week: Trump Tweets Out Early-Morning Attacks on CNN, Books, Baselessly Claims NBC News ‘Fudged’ His Comey Interview
New York Times: Cuomo-Nixon Debate: Six Takeaways
Mediaite: War on Media: Trump Tweets About Firing ‘Enemy of the People’ Jeff Zucker and Andy Lack
The Hill: Trump Heightens Attacks Against CNN, Watergate Reporter Carl Bernstein Over Trump Tower Story
Axios: Trump Rages Against Fake Everything
National Review: The Truth Will Set Us All Free – Victor Davis Hanson
HotAir: Robert Reich: If Mueller Finds Evidence Of Collusion, Trump Not Only Must Impeached — He Must Be Annulled
FOXNews: CNN Fires Back at Trump, Stands by Controversial Story: ‘CNN Does Not Lie’
Newsweek: If Trump Is Guilty, His Presidency Must Be Annulled – Robert Reich
Washington Examiner: Bruce Ohr Names Andrew McCabe, FBI Officials Tied to Peter Strzok Among His Trump Dossier Contacts: Reports
The Hill: House Republicans Say Ohr Interview Escalates Surveillance Concerns
USAToday: Russian Collusion Isn’t the Scandal to Worry About, It’s Donald Trump – Christian Schneider
Breitbart: Sarah Palin, Loyal Running Mate, Excluded from John McCain’s Funeral
Breitbart: Barack Obama in 2008: Both Parties ‘Have Monkeyed Around With Elections’
FOXNews: The Red Wave is Growing – Newt Gingrich
Daily Wire: Cynthia Nixon Just Owned Andrew Cuomo In Debate … Or Rather, He Just Owned Himself
Politico: Haunted by FBI Investigation, Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee Faces Tough Climb
RawStory: CNN Panel Reveals How Joe Biden’s Eulogy for John McCain Destroyed Donald Trump Without Even Mentioning His Name


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