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RUSH: Hey, folks, a brief little mention here before we get started on the next break. You know by now that, after many requests from all of you, we updated the Rush Limbaugh Show Store. I keep saying, it is great, and it’s become something all of us are really, really proud of.

We canvassed the country for the best products at the price point we thought would be best for each item. And we find the best material, the best quality, the best manufacturing, we found the best products for the price point that we thought was fair to charge for people who were demanding new gear in the Rush Limbaugh Store.

So now everything in the store is high quality. Everything in it is the epitome of style and professionalism in terms of build quality and design. Everything arrives to you in fantastic gold and white packaging. Some people say the shipping container is worth it alone. You wouldn’t believe the number of comments we get. Somebody will make an order at 1:30 and they’ll get a shipping notice before the program ends and what they’ve ordered will be there in a couple of days.

We get more positive customer service response than we have ever had since we opened this new store. We even use some of your design suggestions on the T-shirts and the hats. And speaking of the T-shirts, we got Labor Day coming up. In honor of that and the official last week of summer, we’ve decided to offer a little special here, a special deal on T-shirts in the Rush Limbaugh Show Store.

Here’s what you do. Go to the Rush Limbaugh Show Store, get there at RushLimbaugh.com, you can find it, it’s a tab on the Rush Limbaugh show app on your iPhone. Simply go to the show store and pick the T-shirts you like the best. And then enter the promo code RUSH.

Yes, we’re doing our own little promo code, and it’s my name, it’s simple to remember. Enter the promo code RUSH at checkout and you’ll get one half off. You buy one T-shirt, you get one 50% off. Now, this is until midnight Eastern Time on September 3rd.

Sometimes the people that fulfill these orders get to feeling in a really giving mood and they’ll throw in a bag of golf tees. You just never know what might be in your order, in addition to what you’ve asked for. But the deal is T-shirts, pick the one you like the best, enter the promo code RUSH at checkout, and get one half off. This is good through midnight Eastern Time on September 3rd. And always remember a portion of proceeds from the Rush Limbaugh Show Store benefit the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, a phenomenal organization that provides financial and medical assistance to the children of Marines killed in action.

You can find the RushLimbaugh.com store, again, at RushLimbaugh.com, the website or on the app, and you will see the special little deal we’ve got going here, promo code RUSH, half off on the T-shirts that you buy between now and midnight Eastern Time on September 3rd.

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