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RUSH: We go to Athens, New York. Pat, welcome. Great to have you.

CALLER: I’m a big fan. I’ve been listening to you since you were on TV. And I think I might have a theory about why the deep state is so nervous about President Trump. I think they saw the thousands and thousands of people at his rallies and how they were chanting to lock Hillary up and also his promise to drain the swamp. And I think maybe that just made their hair stand up.

RUSH: Well, yeah. I mean, I agree with all that. But what I’m saying today is I think it’s more. Because some of this stuff, some of this stuff had to have started even before the rallies. I think the rallies, since you bring them up, I don’t think the rallies scare them. I think the rallies just make ’em mad as hell. And I think those rallies add to the contempt they have for the American people.

They start out hating Donald Trump because he has the audacity to challenge them. But then when people love the guy, well, that just infuriates, just infuriates. These people don’t spend a moment of their day appealing to the American people. Something you have to realize here, folks, and this is the great danger posed by the deep state.

They don’t need your support to do what they do. They don’t have to campaign for your support. Most of them are never elected. Most of them you never heard of and you don’t know, never will know what they do. And that’s just the way they like it. They don’t think you are a qualified to know what they do. They don’t think you’re capable of being smart enough to even vote on it. That’d scare the hell out of them if they had to be elected to do what they do as well.

So they see all of that, and it just confirms for them that this country can’t be left to the American people to decide who leads it. That’s what they see with the rallies. I’m convinced that the reaction they have to Trump is personal and visceral, sheer, raw hatred. And not for anything specific. Just because Trump is Trump and just because he’s confident and just because he’ll call ’em out and just because he’s gregarious and enjoying the hell out of what he’s doing and bringing people along with him.

Somebody like that will constitute a threat. Remember, these people that I’m talking about in the deep state, and they are intelligence people, staff people, the State Department, and they’re not all in intelligence. Don’t misunderstand. But these are people that live and work in offices you don’t even know exist. And they really do think that the voting public ought to have no input whatsoever in what they do or who should be doing it.

And so they look at Trump and they realize that he is not somebody they can dominate when he’s in office. They’re not gonna be able to intimidate him. And on the campaign trail, he’s promising to blow up and undo much of what their lives have been devoted to.

But the thing to take away from this is that they’re not worried when they see you out there supporting Trump, and they’re not concerned when they hear you shout “lock her up.” They are livid. Who the hell do you think you are, is what they say. And their instinct is gonna be to do anything to make sure you people have no say in what’s going on. Well, that meant, among other things, get rid of Trump. But that would happen even before you get involved in it by attending a rally or showing your support.

It’s pure, unadulterated, visceral hate. And they’re admitting it now, folks. The Never Trumpers on our side, same thing. They can’t stand the way he talks. Everything that comes out of his mouth has disqualified him since he got elected. “Everything, every tweet, everything he says offends us!” We’re dealing with the biggest bunch of arrogant, effete snobs you can imagine!

Here’s Bob in Chicago. Bob, I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Happy 30th.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: You’re an awesome guy. Thank you and keep pushing back against the false narrative and all this Russian stuff that’s really — it’s old, actually. I turn the channels on the news. You know, they all say the same stuff. I’d like to know, I was standing in line on Election Day, I was in an Italian area, there’s two older Italian men, I heard ’em whispering, “I wonder how he’s gonna vote.” I turn around, I go, “Are you talking to me?”

They go, “Oh, we’re sorry, we’re sorry, we’re just wondering, looking at people, how they would vote.” I go, “Who do you think I would look like I would vote for?” They go, “Ah, ah.” I go, “I’ll give you hint, it starts with a capital T.” And they both screamed in unison, “Trump!”

They were lifelong Democrats, they said, and they had enough of it, and they voted for Trump. That’s how Trump got in. And another thing. My wife’s from Guatemala, legally, legally, capital L. And we got her sister-in-law in here legally, and her mother. Hey, liberals, guess who they voted for? They voted for Trump too. Big capital T.

RUSH: The point that you’re making is that Trump has a lot of crossover voters from areas that people would not think would support him?

CALLER: Exactly. They don’t know what’s really going on. Every day when I get home from work and I sit with my family, the news is; so what are they saying negative about Trump today? I go, who cares? It’s all the same thing. They just want to get rid of him because they don’t like him.

RUSH: Exactly. Look, don’t take this the wrong way, folks, but don’t flatter yourselves. They don’t care what you think except to learn where you stand. And where you stand will determine how they’re gonna treat you and how they’re gonna react to you. They don’t care how you think. You either are somebody with them or somebody that needs to be nullified. You’re with them or somebody that needs to be discounted, destroyed, what have you.

See, this is another thing that’s amazed me from the beginning of this. If you’re a Republican or Democrat consultant, if your job is to get candidates elected, look with great interest at how uninterested these people are in finding out who Trump voters are. They don’t care. They’re just not gonna let this happen again. They really don’t care. They don’t care to find out why you voted for Trump. They’ll assign stupidity. They’ll assign conspiracy theories. They’ll assign anger. They’ll assign irrationality. They will assign everything but the real reasons that you voted for him. They don’t care.

Their only objective is to disqualify the outcome, to make sure that Trump’s victory doesn’t end up meaning anything, meaning he doesn’t get to implement much of his agenda. And they’re failing at a lot of it! And that explains why their anger is continuing to ratchet up. They can’t stop the guy! They can’t get rid of the guy! In their minds, they’re a zillion times smarter, they’re a zillion times more sophisticated.

They’re supposed to be able to shape public opinion, and they fail, and they fail, and they can’t succeed whatsoever when it comes to stopping Trump. So if they were really as smart as they are, they would be doing everything they can to find out who you are, to learn how to beat you. But they’re not. They’re so obstinate and they are so stubborn that that doesn’t interest them. In effect, you don’t exist.

They watch these Trump rallies, and they’re not impressed, and they’re not scared, and they’re not this. They just assign it all to stupidity, stupidity they have to overcome, find a way around or what have you. I mean, there isn’t any respect extended to you and the people you vote for, not just Trump, whatsoever.


RUSH: Frank in Silver Bay, Minnesota. Great you waited, sir, you. Thank you so much.

CALLER: Oh, thank you, Rush. Pleasure to talk to you. I just wanted to weigh in on Robert Reichhhh’s comments. You know, our vote is more important than the presidency itself. They could use a little education in Washington. It carries more weight because by virtue of our votes and the tax dollars we spend, we’re all shareholders in this country.

And we put a guy in there to do what we would like him to do. And he would have to annul the Constitution in basic to annul his presidency. We put him there. These guys walking down the street, when they talk to a street sweeper or anybody, we are really their bosses. We call the shots.

RUSH: Well, let me let you in on something. You may look at it that way, but they don’t. And they haven’t in I can’t tell you how long a period of time. They don’t look at you as their boss. The people we’re talking about. They’re still people — I need to be very careful. There are still people who revere the Constitution, who revere the American public, in that sense, Trump is a throwback. There’s never been, since Ronald Reagan — folks, do not doubt me — there hasn’t been a presidential candidate who’s made a personal connection, built a personal bond with his voters like Donald Trump in my lifetime.

What there has been, there have been nominees and candidates who have been popular. But Hillary never had a bond, for example. Maybe with a few angry feminazi type women. But even then it was what Hillary represented more than Hillary herself. I think Bernie, strangely enough, had closest to a Trump kind of bond with many of his voters. I don’t think Mitt Romney ever had it. George W. Bush started out having a bit of a bond. You have to have some element to get elected president. But there’s nobody in Trump’s league.

Now, the people you’re talking about, many of them would be happy to nullify the Second Amendment. If they could, they’d erase it. It never existed. You gotta understand who these people are. To get rid of Donald Trump, I’m telling you, there is nothing that justifies not doing it, as far as they’re concerned, no matter what other damage is caused.

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