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RUSH: In the beginning, Barack Hussein Obama created a massive stimulus package and said it was good. But it was not. The economy dragged.

On the second day, Barack Hussein O created Obamacare, and said it was good. The economy sank even lower.

On the third day, Obama created pallets-of-cash to Iran; on the fourth day, the Paris Climate Accords; and on the fifth day, Obama opened the southern border to unaccompanied minors. He said it was all good. But it was not.

On the sixth day, Obama looked at all he had created, and saw high unemployment. Record food-stamp beneficiaries. Racial animosity and strife. High taxes. A stagnant economy. Obama saw all of that and smiled.

On the seventh day, after promising that Hillary would win and that Donald Trump would not, Obama rested.

It came to pass that President Trump won. He began dismantling all of Obama’s works, brick by brick, door jam by door jam. And it was so good, the economy boomed.

Now Obama has returned to claim that everything that’s good was his doing. His creation. His legacy.

But it was not. It never could be and never will be. Amen.

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