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RUSH: And look at this headline, ladies and gentlemen. “Small Business Optimism Surges to Highest Ever.” Higher even than during the administration of Ronaldus Magnus. “Small Business Optimism Surges to Highest Ever.” Now, what will it be if the Democrats take back the House? God forbid, take back the White House. Well, let me give you a spoiler alert, everything going great guns economically now will tank.

Democrats are bad for business. They created the need for the misery index. You Millennials don’t even know what the misery index is. The misery index is a statistic that was needed to calculate how bad things were between 1977 and 1980 during the presidency of Jimmy Carter, who even he will acknowledge, if you get him on the right day, that his presidency was bad and lousy. The misery index. We had inflation at 14%, unemployment at 12%, interest rates at 15%. It was a disaster. It was absolutely horrible. We needed a misery index to tabulate it all.

This is more evidence of economic news that is just unparalleled good in the lives of many Americans. Many Americans have never lived in an economy that is showing these signs of strength and growth.

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