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RUSH: The more this goes on, the more we lose sight of the real abomination that all of this is. This entire investigation that Mueller is conducting is bogus. It is predicated on nothing but a made-up allegation for which no evidence has ever been found or cited, and therefore the investigation should never have begun! If you ask me, we’re now two years into this investigation with Mueller’s phase of it at a year and a half or close to it — 16 months, something like that.

It is simply unacceptable. It ought not be tolerated that a 16-month investigation that itself is the result of the Obama DOJ and FBI planting evidence and creating false claims about people… We don’t know what this is about! What crimes is Donald Trump under investigation for committing? Can somebody tell me? What is the crime Trump’s being investigated for committing? There isn’t one, folks. There is no crime that has been mentioned as the reason for any of this investigation, even that which preceded Mueller starting.

After two years of investigating — when there was no crime to begin with — why does this continue? It has no basis in law to continue. It has no basis in evidence to continue. Exactly what is Robert Mueller investigating Donald Trump for doing? We’ve said this I don’t know how many times. Department of Justice regulations involving a special counsel demand a crime. They require. It isn’t a suggestion! There must have been, in order to appoint a special counsel — there must be — a crime, a crime alleged to have been occurred, and the special counsel is then given a charge, instructions, to investigate that crime.

When Mueller was appointed, no crime was specified. As such, what Mueller is conducting is not even a criminal investigation. We have a special counsel who has been allowed to be set up as essentially an ongoing check and balance on a daily basis of the president of the United States. What Mueller is doing is not mentioned in the Constitution. It’s not specified. It’s not referenced in any way. Our Constitution does not provide a fourth branch of government which does nothing but follow and pass judgment every day on the president of the United States.

He runs the executive branch, and there isn’t a single person in it who has any power over him. Yet Robert Mueller has been set up as the great overseer who has the guillotine, and he can drop it any day he wants and ruin the Trump presidency. Way too many people have accepted this premise. It is unconstitutional. It is extraconstitutional. There is no crime! Now, after two years of an investigation that does not have a crime in it, isn’t it time to shut it down? It never should have begun in the first place.

Every day it continues is a massive fraud. It’s a massive fraud, and it’s an assault on the Constitution — not to mention the Trump presidency and the executive branch — and it is being sponsored and energized and conducted by underlings in the executive branch at the Department of Justice primarily with friends and associates in the FBI working with accomplices in the mainstream media to continue the illusion that some vast crime has occurred here and we just need to keep looking to find it.

Well, that’s not how it works! No special counsel is given the job and told, “Go find a crime,” except this one, except Robert Mueller. It is not a criminal investigation. That’s why there will not be an impeachment. Well, I can’t say that. I mean, we’re talking politics here. There will not be an indictment of the president of the United States. There is no crime. (interruption) No, I know. No, there was an allegation that Trump colluded with Russia. Well, collusion isn’t a crime, and we’ve gone blue in the face saying so.

But that’s not even what is being looked at anymore, because if it were, we would have heard evidence ’cause nobody can stop leaking. We would have had all kinds of evidence and the media would be doing orgasm after orgasm after orgasm if there were really any proof that its happened. But it didn’t! So why is this continuing? It is continuing because it is what it is. It is a coup — and now with that New York Times op-ed, it’s not silent. It is an out-in-the-open, admitted-to coup to get rid of Donald Trump.

It proceeds without any legality. It proceeds without any substantial foundation to it. There’s no reason for the Mueller investigation. There is no justifiable reason for Robert Mueller to have an office and a team of anti-Trump investigators with an unlimited budget to go run around and keep ruining people’s lives and threatening to ruin the lives of others in order to get somebody to pop up and say, “Yeah, they know Trump cheated because he colluded with Russia.” They haven’t even been able to find anybody to do that yet.

There isn’t anybody willing to be paid enough to lie about it. The best they’ve got is Bob Woodward and Omarosa whatever her name is. They don’t have jack! But stop and think. We don’t even… There isn’t even an answer to a simple question: What is Trump being investigated for? Don’t tell me, “He’s being investigated for colluding with Russia,” because he’s not. They’re hoping to find evidence of that, but they haven’t been able to because it didn’t happen! There is no crime Donald Trump is alleged to have committed here!

Meanwhile, we have the Obama Justice Department and the FBI corrupting themselves left and right to try to create the illusion that some crime has taken place here. The thing is, this has been going on for so long that people just accept it. Despite the abomination that it is. Despite the illegality that surrounds it and defines it. Despite the literal unconstitutionality of it. Despite the pure bogus intent, which is to drive a president out of office and to overturn or nullify the results of the 2016 election. It’s been going on so long that people have ceased looking at it — if they ever did — for what it really is.

But nowhere in our Constitution does it say that we can appoint some guy to sit in daily, permanent judgment of a sitting president and to have at his disposal a guillotine to end that presidency. That’s what Robert Mueller is, and I keep hearkening back. We keep hearing, “Mueller is a man of deep integrity, unchallengeable honor.” I don’t believe it. If he were, none of this would have been happening, and he would have rejected it. If he really cared about the law? If all these people really cared about the law as the backbone of our society, our country and justice and the rule of law?

If they really believed it, this thing would have never gotten off the ground, and after it did, they would have shut it down. The fact that it continues is evidence that it is purely 1,000% political. It’s occurring outside the system of justice in this country. It is not warranted. It is not justified. But as I say, the longer it goes on, the less people become sensitive to what it really is and just end up accepting it. That’s why I think it’s horrible what’s happening. Mueller is just running roughshod right through the Constitution, right through the office of the presidency.

For a bunch of totalitarian authoritarians and those leaning that way like the Democrats are, a precedent like this whenever there’s a Republican president, they live and die for it. If you can get a special counsel appointed when there is no crime, then you can do it again the next time there’s a Republican president. It will never happen when there is a Democrat president. Even with clear-cut evidence that crimes are being or have been committed, it will never happen with a Democrat president. So we have a two-tiered system of justice which destroys our system of justice.


RUSH: Here’s Jim in Eagleswood, New Jersey. This is a good point, Jim. I’m glad you called to remind me of this. What’s up?

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, I know my time is limited but let me just tell you that next to the birth of my children, this is one of the biggest moments of my life. You are a true American. But I fear that you have fallen into a trap that has been perpetuated on most of the talk shows in this country —

RUSH: Ah, ah. Be very, very, very careful before you include me in that bunch.

CALLER: (laughing) I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

RUSH: Because what did I say when I introduced you? “I’m glad you called to remind me, because I myself have said what you’re gonna say.” I could have said, “I don’t need the call. I’ve already said it.” But you’ve been on hold a long time, and I wanted to reward you —

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: — by giving you the opportunity to say it. So say it.

CALLER: The trap is this. Bob Mueller has no intention whatsoever to ever try President Trump for anything because — you’ve talked about it all morning — there is nothing. There are no witnesses. There is no collusion. The only collusion exists between him and the news media to make us think that he’s going after Donald Trump. He is purely cleaning up the mess since the Clintons have basically been in office.

RUSH: Well, that’s 95% true. If they can find something in all this that they could use to send Trump packing, they would do it. But you’re right.

CALLER: There’s nothing there.

RUSH: What this really is — and I’ve said this. This is why I’m glad that you called. What this actually is is a cover-up of the exoneration of Hillary Clinton from real crimes that she committed. These people exonerated her in order to make sure she would remain the Democrat nominee. They did that so that she could get elected president and they would stay in their positions or gain others, and the whole point of this investigation is to cover up the crimes that Hillary committed was and exonerated for and these people’s participation and role in that.

CALLER: They’re cleaning up Obama’s mess. They’re cleaning up the Iranian billions. They’re cleaning up Russian uranium. They’re cleaning up… No, they’re cleaning up 20 years’ worth of crap, and that’s how long it takes Mueller… You think Hillary Clinton erased a lot of emails? Wait ’til you find out what Bob Mueller erased, because here’s the trick: They do not care that you know they’re guilty, they care what you can prove, and this is history since Arkansas. They don’t care that you know they’re criminals. They just care what you can and can’t prove, and that’s the uranium.

RUSH: I know that. Nothing has gotten past me. I was trying to illustrate all this by pointing out that there isn’t a crime that Trump has committed. There’s in justification for this whatsoever. But the longer it goes on, people just accept that it’s part of politics in Washington now, to have a guy like this who’s gonna be riding herd on Republican presidents each day — and Mueller is not going away, by the way, as long as Trump’s in office.

If Trump runs in 2020 and gets reelected — and if Mueller hasn’t been dispatched or fired or shut down — he’s still gonna be there, because the objective of this is to get rid of Donald Trump. Do not think that’s not part of this. This is a two-pronged effort. Get rid of Trump and to cover up what these people did, exonerating Hillary. That is so important in this, folks. Hillary Clinton committed real crimes, crimes for which others who’ve been convicted are in prison. They revolve around her illegal private server and the trafficking of classified, top-secret data.

And the president of the United States was doing so with her, knowingly, even though he has lied and said he didn’t know she was using a private server until he saw it on the news. But that’s not true because her email address did not have .gov on the end of it. It was a private email. He knew. They all knew. So it was time to get in gear. Whether it was Trump or anybody, they would still have done what they’re doing. They had to exonerate Hillary Clinton.

She was the Democrat nominee. That was preordained. Crazy Bernie was blowing against the wind here. No matter what he did, he wasn’t gonna get the nomination. She was it. She had committed crimes. All of them were on her team. They wanted to maintain their jobs or get promotions. She had to be cleared. She had to be exonerated by the highest authorities in the land, and they set out to do that. Comey officially made it happen on July 5th of 2016 and then reaffirmed it later on in October of that year.

So everything that was done to exonerate Hillary is being covered up in this investigation (so-called) of Trump for which there is no crime being pursued; there was no crime specified. Donald Trump has not committed a crime. Hillary Clinton committed many, and not just the server. The crimes that Hillary Clinton committed in dealing with Russians and Christopher Steele and collecting all this so-called opposition research on Trump, and the potential criminality of lying to FISA court judges in order to get warrants to spy on people who were not spies.

And then the question becomes… Everybody’s asking, “Why aren’t the FISA judges ticked off? They’ve been lied to! The FBI, these people went up there and lied to ’em.” What if the FISA judges are in on it? What if they don’t care? We’re talking about the Washington swamp. There’s a lot of things that don’t have any rational explanation. And when that happens, that’s when people start conjuring up weird stuff. In the real world, a judge who is lied to by any lawyer to get a search warrant or worse, that lawyer is in heap big trouble once the judge finds out he’s been lied to.

Well, these FISA judges were obviously lied to, and they may have taken action against these lawyers that we don’t know about. But because we don’t know it, if they have, we’re left to assume that everybody involved in this got away with it and continues to get away with it, and the Mueller investigation is to ensure that they do get away with it! So I have no doubt that that’s what this is about. But there’s also a large part of it that’s getting rid of Trump at the same time. It would be a twofer. But just because there’s no crime and just because there’s no this or that doesn’t mean that they’re not really trying to get rid of Donald Trump, because they most certainly are.


RUSH: Donald in Orange County, California. Quickly, how are you doing, sir?

CALLER: Hi, Trump! (laughing) I mean, hi, Rush. Hey. Listen. Hillary did not erase the emails. She kept copies of the incriminating emails that she has on everybody and that’s why they all are protecting her. It’s the only thing that make sense. Democrats, Republicans, DOJ, FBI. They have to protect her to keep her silent. She has the proof. She’s not stupid. She kept it. She did not erase it. That’s the point I want to make.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait. Proof of what?

CALLER: In other words, everybody going through that server. Every dirty deal that went down came through that server. They all thought she’d gonna get the reelected, nothing would ever come out. But when it didn’t and she did not erase it. She’s not stupid. She kept incriminating evidence from anybody and all the emails, all of the payoffs. Everything went through that server. So now it’s the only thing that makes sense. Why do they all…? Ray Charles can see that she committed crimes. They won’t do anything ’cause she has proof and she can put ’em all in jail. That’s what’s going on, I believe.

RUSH: I find this fascinating. What this is is a holdover. People of a certain age have this impression of the Clintons. When they were in office, there was this story that they had 500 FBI files on people. Members of Congress, Republicans, members of the media. They were blackmailing people left and right. That’s how they got away with everything. This sounds like a continuation of that.

They’ve moved on from 500 FBI files to every bit of dirt that anybody in the Obama administration ever did. Hillary’s got it in her emails. She didn’t erase ’em, and she can nail anybody any time she wants. So they’ve gotta go to the end of the earth to protect her. I don’t think that’s what’s going on. If it were, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I think there’s much more happening here than that.

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