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RUSH: On Sunday, Democrat Senate leader Chuck-You Schumer made a prediction. He said that Brett Kavanaugh will let President Trump “overreach” his presidential authority.

If he’s confirmed to the Supreme Court, Justice Kavanaugh will make sure President Trump will never be investigated or subpoenaed, says Schumer. Roe v. Wade will, of course, be overturned. Kavanaugh will “undo health care.”

He’s gonna do all that by himself.

In their wildest imaginations, the founders could have never guessed that a single Supreme Court justice would have that kind of power. 

You know why? (chuckles) They don’t!

During this confirmation process, Democrats have made total fools of themselves. We all saw the screeching protests inside the hearing room. We saw Democrat presidential hopeful Kamala Harris‘s constant senseless interruptions and Cory Booker’s declaration that he’s Spartacus.

None of the Democrats’ clown acts will stop this nomination. Nor will their stupid predictions that Kavanaugh’s confirmation will bring on Armageddon.

Chuck-You, if you’re looking for overreach, look no further than the nearest mirror!

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