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Sep 11, 2018


“We have exhaustive experience with hurricanes here at the Southern Command, and we have great empathy for anybody who is in the pathway of one of these things.”

“No matter what happens in the aftermath, Trump is going to be blamed for Hurricane Florence and its aftermath, and they’re gonna be calling it Trump’s Katrina — even, maybe, before it hits. You watch.”

“The mainstream media is complicit in the coup to get rid of Trump. The coup to get rid of Trump could not be happening if the media were not playing their role!”

“If everybody knows that Bob Woodward’s gonna manufacture stuff, why does every White House let him in there?”

“What Mueller is doing is not mentioned in the Constitution. It’s not specified. It’s not referenced in any way. Our Constitution does not provide a fourth branch of government which does nothing but follow and pass judgment every day on the president of the United States.”

“Hillsdale College really is a throwback. It’s what everybody used to think going off to college was. In fact, it may be what going off to college was but isn’t in a lot of places anymore.”

FOXNews: Hurricane Florence’s Path: Track the Storm Here
Breitbart: Donald Trump Honors 9/11 Flight 93 Heroes: ‘The Moment When America Fought Back’
New York Post: Mourners Gather at Ground Zero Memorial Site on 9/11 Anniversary
NewsBusters: Scarborough: Trump Greater ‘Threat’ to America Than 9/11 Terrorists
Washington Post: Trump is Harming the Dream of America More Than Any Foreign Adversary Ever Could
Breitbart: Bob Woodward Amps Up Scare Tactics to Hype Book
Daily Caller: FBI Officials Discussed ‘Media Leak Strategy’ Ahead Of Major Trump-Russia Revelation
FOXNews: Strzok-Page Texts on ‘Media Leak Strategy’ Fuel Trump Fury at DOJ: ‘Nothing is Being Done’
The Hill: Trump blasts FBI, DOJ Over Strzok-Page ‘Media Leak Strategy’
AP: Trump to Mark 17 Years Since Sept. 11 at Pennsylvania Field
Newark Star Ledger: Some Jersey City Muslims Did Celebrate 9/11, Cop and Residents Say
New York Post: Why These 9/11 Monsters Still Haven’t Faced a Trial
Bloomberg: Hurricane Risks Include Toxic Sludge and Lagoons of Pig Manure
AP: La. Works to Dispel Katrina Health Fears – 08.25.06
Washington Examiner: Carl Bernstein: It’s ‘Craven’ that the Anonymous NYT Op-Ed Writer Won’t Come Forward
FOXBusiness: Hurricane Florence Could Cause Record-High Insured Losses in Carolinas
FOXNews: Jason Chaffetz: President Obama tries to Re-Write History on Benghazi
American Greatness: Why We Should Never Forget Benghazi
CNBC: Small Business Optimism Surges to Highest Level Ever, Topping Previous Record Under Reagan
Reuters: Trump Administration Seeks to End Agreement on Child Migrant Detention
Reuters: Migrant Families Separated by U.S. are Refusing Reunification Over Dangers: ACLU
American Greatness: Pop Guns On the Left Don’t Hit Their Target – Conrad Black
Washington Post: When I Challenge the President, I Do It Directly. My Anonymous Colleague Should Have, Too – Nikki Haley
The Atlantic: Serena Williams’s U.S. Open Loss Was Humiliating—But Not for Her
NBC: McConnell Describes Senate Midterm Races as ‘Knife Fight’
CNN: It’s Not Just CNN’s Poll. All Polling Shows Trump’s Approval Rating Dropping


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