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RUSH: Folks, the big news today outside of all of this… This is really big news, and, like every other bit of big news, nobody is going to hear about it. You may have seen references to headlines about Peter Strzok Smirk and the paramour, Lisa Page. More texts have been discovered and released, and the texts indicate that Strzok Smirk and Lisa Page coordinated the leaking of news data to the media in order to get it reported so that that could then be used in a FISA warrant application to spy on Carter Page! I’ve looked at some of the stories.

They’re really kind of difficult to follow unless you are a seasoned, trained veteran like I am. So let me just nutshell tell you what this story is. The latest texts reveal that Strzok Smirk and Lisa Page were coordinating leaks to the Washington Post, leaks of investigative data that wasn’t true. Remember back 18 months ago, every day there was a news story, “Intelligence sources say,” blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, “collusion, Trump and Russia.” Everybody was led to believe that we’re getting close to the bombshell being delivered.

Well, it turns out all of those leaks from the so-called intelligence community were coming from the FBI! They were coming from Strzok Smirk and Lisa Page! The FBI was leaking that stuff supposedly from the intelligence community. They wanted to plant all of that, including the story of Carter Page and, “You have a Trump-Russia collusion,” so that they could then go to the FISA court and say, “Look, Judge! It’s even in the media! We need to look into this.” Well, they put it in the media! It’s no different than they put the idea in Papadopoulos’ head that the Russians had a bunch of Hillary emails.


RUSH: Now, I want to return to what I think is the big news of the day that actually hit last night. And it is encapsulated in this headline: “Strzok-Page Texts Reveal Coordinated FBI Leak Strategy to Harm Trump.” This is according to Representative Mark Meadows, Republican of North Carolina, and there are two or three different stories. There’s one by Catherine Herridge here at Fox, Sara Carter has another one out there, and even John Solomon has an opinion piece. You know, these people continue to churn this stuff out.

I know people right now who have books.

In many cases, it’s their first or second book.

They really thought their book was gonna make a big difference.

They really thought that their books were gonna open people’s eyes and blow up this anti-Trump conspiracy. I didn’t have the heart to tell ’em that that’s not gonna be the impact because I’ve seen it. But yet the authors of the books are all excited. They’ve done the research, they’ve got all the footnotes, they’ve got all the evidence of this coup that is being run against Trump. Their book comes out and they start doing interviews, and they don’t see one story in the mainstream media about their book, about their work.

Salena Zito! Salena Zito has the definitive book on who Trump voters are in the Rust Belt states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio. She’s talked to them for years. She knows why they voted for Trump, why they’re gonna continue to vote for Trump — or if they’re not, why — and she really thought that her book would help the mainstream media have its eyes opened about things they’re confused about, i.e., why is Trump so popular? Why can’t we drive a wedge between Trump and his voters?

And they don’t care! They don’t want to learn. They don’t care what’s in the book. They’re not the slightest bit interested because they’re not interested in facts. They’re not interested in anything about the agenda, the objective, which is to get rid of Trump. That’s what it started out as even in the campaign, and it hasn’t changed. They don’t want to understand Trump voters; they don’t want to relegate Trump voters to irrelevance. They don’t care why people vote for Trump; they just want the people that voted for Trump to not count anymore when they vote.

That’s all they care about. The people that have written books on this coup — the silent coup, the made-up plot, the Trump dossier or the Steele dossier, all of that — thought that it would open the eyes of the Drive-By Media. But the Drive-By Media doesn’t care, because the Drive-By Media is complicit in the coup! The mainstream media is complicit in the coup to get rid of Trump. The coup to get rid of Trump could not be happening if the media were not playing their role!

Which takes me to the story: “Strzok-Page Texts Reveal Coordinated FBI Leak Strategy to Harm Trump,” according to Mark Meadows. What I was gonna say is the stories written about this are so detailed that you can get lost. I just want to sum up what Meadows is saying here, and he says the documents prove it. They’ve got texts from Lisa Page to Peter Strzok that prove this. They want these texts made public and released and action taken on ’em.

In a nutshell, the latest texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page reveal, expose, demonstrate, whatever that Page and Peter Strzok were coordinating leaks to the Washington Post so as to plant the story of Carter Page and Trump-Russia collusion in the news. Do you remember going back to 2016 and ’17? You’d pick up the news (if you did) or you’d watch cable news and you would hear every day at least one (and usually more than one) story citing intelligence community sources — former U.S. government officials, whatever — claiming that they had seen evidence or they knew of evidence of Trump and Russia colluding to steal the election.

No story contained any evidence. No story had any evidence because there isn’t any evidence. It was all made up! Every story did contain a single line buried in the story, which said, “So far no evidence has yet been seen, but experts insist that Trump colluded with Russia; Russia colluded with Trump,” and this happened for a year and a half. Now at the outset of this whole year and a half of stories, there were stories about Carter Page being a spy, being on the Trump campaign team and going to Russia. It turns out the stories about Carter Page — and I think all of them.

But this deals with just Carter Page. It turns out that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were leaking made-up investigative news to the Washington Post to plant a story of Carter Page being a spy for Russia and working on the Trump campaign, thereby providing the link between Trump and Russia, the collusion link. Those news stories in the Washington Post — which essentially, to pare it down even simpler, the FBI planted false stories that Carter Page was spying for Russia as a member of the Trump campaign.

The Washington Post runs the stories. The FBI then took those Washington Post stories to the FISA court and said, “Look, Judge. It’s not just us saying it. The news media has found evidence that Carter Page is a Russian spy!” Well, the Washington Post only knew it because the FBI had planted it, and that’s what Meadows is asserting. They plant news in the newspaper, and then they go to the FISA court with their evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, and then they say, “Look! It’s not just us! The Washington Post also — apparently on their own — has confirmed that Carter Page a Russian spy.”

The FISA judge was eventually granted a warrant to spy on Carter Page! This is no different than the FBI using a couple of spies — Joseph Mifsud and Stefan Halper — to plant in the mind of George Papadopoulos that the Russians had 30,000 Hillary emails. Then Papadopoulos starts braggin’ about it. He’s been given inside dope. He starts telling the ambassador Australia, “Yeah. Yeah. We know that the Russians have a bunch of Hillary Clinton emails.”

So the Australian ambassador calls FBI. “Hey, I got a guy here in the Trump campaign says that…” Well, he didn’t know it ’til they told him! Apparently, this was a common feature. All of these so-called stories from “the intelligence community,” “former U.S. government officials” were planted by the FBI, the DOJ. If you want to say the intelligence community, you could throw them in there too. This is what Meadows says we have learned. Folks, this should blow the lid off of this for like the umpteenth time now!


RUSH: Andrew in Bloomington, how are you doing, sir?

CALLER: Not too bad. I’ll get right to the point regarding the whole FISA warrant and the whole, you know, scam going on. Something that I wanted to bring up is the fact that as every defense attorney out there has probably already figured out — if they haven’t already. I imagine they’re going through their clients’ files and are looking for the original warrant requests on their clients. Not just involving FISA warrants, but FBI warrants across the country. Because the FBI didn’t come up with this plan to take down Trump. They’ve been utilizing this technique, these means and methods for years if not decades. I think that’s the real story that the FBI’s scared about, the fact that there are probably hundreds if not thousands of cases out there that could be brought down once defense attorneys start looking for the word “media” in these original warrants.

RUSH: Oh, I see. You’re saying the FBI didn’t invent this to bring down Trump, that this has been a tactic, this circular intelligence. Plant stuff in the media and then act like the media came up with it on its own to go get a warrant to spy on somebody or surveil somebody. You think this is an age-old technique that many defense lawyers are already aware of, and if it’s learned that it’s commonplace, that there’d be hell to pay?

CALLER: Oh, absolutely. You look at the consequences. For example, if Strzok and Page —

RUSH: What consequences? That’s the whole…? I hate to interrupt. There aren’t any consequences! That’s the whole thing here. There aren’t any. I don’t mean to be shouting here. I am wildly gesticulating here, for those of you can’t see it. There aren’t any consequences! There haven’t been any real consequences for the 9/11 hijackers, as we have learned today. That’s what’s really wrong with all of this! They’re getting away with this with impunity!

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